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Daesh invaded Prague's Old Town Square

48 years after the Soviet-led invasion, it was thankfully just a prank

South Bohemian Entomologist Assoc Prof Martin Konvička, the boss of the defunct Bloc Against Islam and the current leader of the Initiative of Martin Konvička, was the caliph and the main star of a happening that his IMK organized on the 48th anniversary of the August 21st, 1968 Warsaw Pact invasion into Czechoslovakia.

Some observers, like myself, consider the event a bit infantile but entertaining, many others reacted rather hysterically. The event was okayed by the Prague city hall and coordinated with the police – although both of these official legs of the government now claim that different events than the previously announced ones took place. Some tourists were unable to figure out that it was a hoax and the tension grew so at some moment, before Daesh was supposed to cut the head of a hostage – probably fake President Zeman – the police ended the event.

The group had a hummer, a camel (Caliph and Supreme Prague Imam Abdullah Al Konvi on camel here), a goat named Aisha, and lots of (obviously) fake beards and fake guns. Caliph Konvička gave a speech to the infidels soon to be converted to Islam. The speech was a hybrid of the Islamic and Soviet propaganda. At least that's my interpretation. I don't really believe that such Islamic leaders would be giving similar P.R. talks – it's probably inconceivable for them to talk to the local citizens at all.

Some critics pointed out that the event could have looked authentic – and dangerous – to some tourists partly because Konvička himself enjoys some Middle Eastern appearance. A biological reason behind that is slightly less exotic; his mother was a Greek pro-communist refugee during the Greek Civil War.

You may see that lots of tourists enjoyed the happening as a creative Sunday entertainment. Others may have escaped to the pubs – and were injured while running (although we weren't told what these injuries were supposed to look like; all evidence indicates that the claim about injuries was just a plain lie invented by pro-Islamist journalist Filip Horký whose face may deserve to be injured a bit).

Around 2:20 of the video at the top, two or several far left bitches started to scream something in English. I only understood "xenophobe". I have a problem with aggressive tourists like that. Dear "lady" if I avoid the technical term "whore", it may be normal in your country to be this impolite in the public – and your aggressive exhibitions may be tolerated when you try to disrupt Trump rallies or something else – but this is not your country and you didn't have a permission to organize any rally on the Old Town Square yesterday.

Some of the reactions by various pro-Islamist folks are rather amazing. A Belgian tourist was often quoted as saying that the event was "dangerous" and he or she didn't believe that something like that could be allowed in Czechia. Imagine that. Someone arrives from a country whose capital is 25% Islamized and where religiously driven mass murders – real ones, not pranks – are common into an oasis of safety and humor and he or she preaches that our people's humor is "dangerous".

Around 0:47 in this video (where the caliph's speech is mostly about an invitation letter – a parody of the real communist letter[s] in 1968), it looks like some possibly Arab man wanted to fight with the performers. Several pro-Islamic English-speaking arrogant "ladies" have joined the resistance as well. A kind Czech guide informed these people, around 1:24: "You are here, in our country, just as a guest, f*ck you." You may see that the "ladies" who scream around 1:40 are the same ones that were seen in the first video I posted.

These are relatively innocent confrontations on the street but they help to define "who owns this public space". Again, sorry, "ladies", this is not how tourists are expected to behave in our country. You may support Islam against the opponents of Islam but you're not allowed to do such a thing in the form of a demonstration if such a demonstration weren't allowed by the city hall.

This is a country where public promotion of Islam isn't OK but the public humiliation of Islam is OK. Get used to it and/or f*ck off.

By the way, almost all the Czech and foreign "mainstream" media have claimed that there was a panic on the Old Town Square during the event. This video shot from the IMK's hummer proves that these journalists' claims are just plain lies; instead, one could be worried that too many people have ignored the happening altogether. In the video, Konvička and the official organizer of the event Martin Vítek praise the policemen for their professional and friendly behavior during the subsequent investigation. He claims that all cops agreed that the event was safe and a pure recession that people enjoyed.

On all the video shot by anyone, I could only find one place where two girls were apparently running away, around 0:22. I think that for a prankster to convince two gullible girls to run away isn't a crime.

All upvoted commenters under this (center right) article support the freedom of expression. The frontrunner wittily asks whether a real Arab who would scream "Allahu Akbar" would also face this scrutiny by the police. The articles generally admit that the usage of the replicas of guns employed in this "theater performance with soldiers-actors" was approved by the city hall and the police has verified them before the event. Even though many enemies of the freedom would love the reality to be different, an event like that simply couldn't have been banned in a country that respects basic political freedoms. The Slovak-born female Prague mayor said that she was against immigration but suggested that she will fire the official who gave the permission to the event. Many readers point out that she didn't see anything wrong about her leading a homosexual freak show just weeks ago, but a theater mocking Islam is bad, isn't it?

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