Wednesday, September 28, 2016

92% in unhealthy air? Another example of a boy who cries wolf

By Václav Klaus, Czech ex-president

Today in the morning, my smartphone beeped and informed me about the reports that "an overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of the planet, namely 92 percent, is living at places where the air pollution surpasses the limits defined by the World Health Organization".

These reports are absurd and stupid. They say nothing about the actual health or lack of health of the real people, not even those poor 92% of the mankind. They only convey some essential information about the limitless stupidity and blindedness of the WHO (World Health Organization) bureaucrats who have been infected by the environmentalism and their would-be expert advisers.

It is a practical example of the ongoing victorious crusade, the Rousseausque ideology based on the apotheosis of virgin Nature and dismissing the very existence of the mankind as its destroyer. According to these, I wish only innocent, dreamers, more likely "guilty" messengers of a new antihuman totalitarian ideology that wants to control all of us, cultivate us, and improve us, and that primarily wants to strip us of our freedom and the prosperity associated with it, the human being is a parasite that not only does everything incorrectly but has also reproduced too much.

The number 92% is merely the result of nonsensically adjusted healthcare-epidemiologist-hygienic-chemical and I don't know which other additional standards. 92% of the humans also eat meat which is wrong, 92% use sugar, also bad, 92% consume alcohol, which is very bad, 92% sleep on a bad mattress, 92% walk in shoes with a heel of a wrong size, and so on, and so on.

Let these people, more precisely us, do these things.

Václav Klaus, September 27th, 2016

RIP, Shimon Peres. Klaus has known Peres very well for two decades. It's sort of interesting to realize that I was just "two degrees of separation" from Peres, having talked to Klaus as privately as he did talk to Peres.

Apologies to Prof Klaus, I had to copy (translate) this apt reaction because I have experienced the same smartphone notification and I reacted basically in the same way. We're really flooding in similar "scientific" news reports, at least I am, and we often ignore them as irrelevant ones. But it's a good idea to respond to this garbage at least once.

Numbers such as the number 92% are being presented as some important holy truths about the real world itself, something canonical, and something that should determine how we behave as long as we are rational. In reality, the value of all such numbers is a man-made or social construct, a mere convention – something that crucially depends on dozens of arbitrary, petty, irrelevant, chosen-by-bureaucrats, and unknown to almost everyone in the world parameters and rules that have no importance in Nature itself and whose detailed form depends on a long sequence of historical and psychological accidents. The number 92% could be anything else between 0% and 100% if the parameters and rules defining what the number exactly quantifies were chosen differently.

The whole movement trying to promote numbers such as the number 92% to something "real and important" is a movement meant to brainwash and enslave the people, a movement trying to turn would-be experts who are actually controlled and paid for by power-thirsty bureaucrats into some kinds of gurus. The number 92% could have been anything in between 0% and 100% but it's not shocking that they actually picked and emphasized a value that is much closer to 100%. It was so simply because this is a more favorable range of values for some people with certain political and related goals.

The people who have produced e.g. the number 92% are no gurus in any sense that an intelligent person could consider meaningful. The enterprise producing such figures – and the emotional media hype dependent on it – is a pure politicized pseudoscience, regardless of the academic degrees that some people involved in this activity may have received.

Concerning the detailed statement, how many people in Pilsen were included into the 92%? I don't really care – I am sure that the air in virtually all places of Pilsen is just totally fine these days. The concentration of many chemicals or aerosols is an order (and sometimes two orders) of magnitude lower than it used to be 30 years ago. The values 30 years ago were unpleasant (Pilsen was one of the dirtiest places in Europe) but still not "quite deadly". Incidentally, my apartment is 50 meters from the crossing that was often quoted as the dirtiest place in Pilsen (Masarykova-Rokycanská). Only a superhighway around Pilsen plus "cleaner car engines" have changed since the 1980s.

We survived the "real, detectable pollution" decades ago so it's obvious that the current inhabitants may survive the "pollution" smaller by a factor of ten and all bureaucratic+media+political efforts to promote "air pollution" in our industrial city into a major problem are fraudulent.

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