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Hillary, pneumonia, and leftists' dishonesty and irresponsibility

Hillary fainted during an event commemorating the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 Muslim attacks on America (and my PhD defense). Soon afterwards, her doctor revealed that she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday. It's my feeling that the doctor had been asked to remain silent and she did something that the Hillary campaign didn't want.

For the first time, Hillary's health was acknowledged to be a serious issue. Her two-day trip to California was cancelled. And the leaders of the Democratic National Council have called for an emergency meeting that is already considering – right now – Hillary's replacement. The replacement hypothetically could be Sanders but probably won't be. Biden and Mooch (whoever the latter is supposed to be) are mentioned as serious contenders; Monica Lewinski is the most frequently mentioned replacement for Hillary among the pranksters.

She hasn't been replaced yet. But especially in combination with some previous pronouncements and events, the recent events are disturbing for numerous reasons.

Hillary and her folks lie, lie, and lie

People who have pointed out that her coughing looked serious and she apparently had a seizure etc. have been called nuts. Hillary told the world that she feels great, she is the world's healthiest excellent alpha-female in a top notch condition, and so on. Her coughing must have been just some allergy, most likely an allergy to Donald Trump.

Well, now we know that she suffers from pneumonia. Well, we don't really know it. Someone on her side made this claim. If this claim is inaccurate, the correct explanation of all the observations is probably a more serious one. Many people talk about Parkinson's disease. My paternal grandmother was a Parkinson sufferer. She was great but the job of the U.S. president may have been too much for her.

Pneumonia – in Czech, we simply call it the "inflammation of lungs" (well, using the individual Czech words) because that's what pneumonia is – may have many reasons. If a fungal infection is the reason, the pneumonia isn't contagious. Pneumonia is contagious in most cases, however. And it may be a complication of Parkinson's disease, too.

Irresponsibility threatening her, relatives', and public health

If she were really diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, it has many consequences. First, the two-day silence about the diagnosis may be considered a serious cover-up. Some anti-Hillary folks have been labeled conspiracy theorists etc. and some of them indeed are conspiracy theorists. But you know, conspiracies are sometimes real. And this one is a clear example.

There has probably been a conspiracy among many pro-Hillary people that allowed her pneumonia to be covered for two days. When you know that those people are willing to cheat in these serious ways, many other questions arise. Are they masking Parkinson's or another basically incurable disease? What else they are hiding? Is Hillary using a body double? Some people say that "a Hillary" people were shown when she "recovered" later yesterday was 10 years younger, had a different nose, less curly hair, was 20 kg thinner, and had the purse on the wrong side, among other things (I personally think it was Hillary).

While many of these questions may have sounded nutty a week ago, it seems clear to me that they have turned into very real questions that must be discussed very seriously. Leftists do lie and love to lie about many things all the time – humans are causing a dangerous climate change, the weather in New York was very hot yesterday (it wasn't, the maximum was around 28 °C), and so on – but all these lies are about some abstract issues. Here we are getting to personal issues that may be dangerous for her health and the health of people around her.

Once you know that people around these top establishment left-wing politicians are this dishonest, it is really hard to trust reports that Obama must have been born in the U.S. and other things.

Danger for her and public health

As I have mentioned, the other disturbing aspect of all the events is the irresponsibility with which her health and the health of the public was put at risk. Hillary is highly determined – a better word could be obsessively power-thirsty – so she is ready to campaign with a pneumonia if it is pneumonia. At some level, she may be admired for this courage.

However, I still find it likely that her husband and daughter were informed about the pneumonia diagnosis on Friday. I feel that they failed as family members if they haven't prevented Hillary from participating at the 9/11 event – although all these decisions are ultimately up to Hillary.

What shouldn't be "just" up to Hillary are decisions whether she may put other people's health (and lives) at risk. She has met many people. When she left her apartment yesterday, a little girl asked for a photo. I think that Hillary even hugged her etc. That shouldn't be allowed to patients with pneumonia. The epidemiological officials have failed in their job. If she is known to have this contagious disease, maybe special helicopters should have shot her from the air to save the lives of the people of New York.

Basket of deplorables

On Friday, the same day when she was diagnosed with pneumonia, she gave an offensive speech (transcript) in New York. Clearly, the most remarkable sentences were the following ones:

You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump's supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic – you name it.
She forgot to include the climate change deniers, supporters of a balanced budget or a small government, those who consider Vladimir Putin a more skillful politician serving his country than Barack Obama, and others. I am sorry, Hillary, but you have clearly misunderstood the meaning of the word "deplorable".
And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up.
Trump hasn't really lifted us up. Trump just isn't trampling on us.
He has given voice to their websites that used to only have 11,000 people – now 11 million.
He hasn't given voice to my website but the accumulated number of (unique, on a daily basis) visitors is some 15 million while there have been 25 million views. The daily visits don't reach even those 11,000 but they still safely exceed all the Internet traffic e.g. of the inventor of the Internet Al Gore. Note that this statistics page of TRF only counts the visits from the U.S. – people from other countries are counted under etc.

But there have been anti-Clinton websites that had well over 11 million long before Trump helped them. Most famously, Matt Drudge's already started in the late 1990s when Bill Clinton lied about his replacement for Hillary. It's had tens of millions of visits every day although I don't know what the recent numbers are.
He tweets and retweets their offensive hateful mean-spirited rhetoric. Now, some of those folks – they are irredeemable, but thankfully they are not America.
Incidentally, in the following part of her rant, she argued that the other 50% of Trump's voters are unsuccessful people who were left behind. So Trump's voters are supposed to be a coalition of deplorables and losers. How stupid someone has to be to take this left-wing propaganda seriously. Even the communists in Czechoslovakia were using a more friendly language for the dissidents, let alone for 50% of the population.

Also, one needs quite some chutzpah to say that Trump's voters' rhetoric is "hateful" and "mean-spirited" if she just labeled at least 1/4 of the U.S. electorates a "basket of deplorables". And does Hillary believe she is God to decide about people's redemption?

Most importantly, the people in the "basket" surely are America. They have founded America and they have built a majority of what makes America great. It is people like you, Hillary, who are just invaders and parasites trying to suck the blood from America and use this blood to spread sick things that simply don't belong to America or the enlightened Western civilization – such as reverse racism, feminism, homosexualism, Islamic apologism, germs of pneumonia, climate alarmism, and other forms of mass fraud, deceit, and assaults on the human freedom.

I wish you to recover, Hillary, but you suck as a politician and as a human being.

Concerning fresh videos of leaders' health, let me mention that the Austrian presidential candidate Norbert Hofer visited Czech president Miloš Zeman at the Prague Castle. They agreed to crystallize a union within the (European) Union that would be more careful about immigration etc. You may see that both men use a stick – two nice špacírštoks. One in his left hand, the other one in his right hand.

A difference is that Hofer has gotten it after a paragliding accident in 2003 while Zeman has gotten it because he drank too much last night. Oops, only the famous Czech remake starts with this verse. ;-) I only follow Zeman's health issues superficially but I think that he has it because of some deformed bone in a toe or something, and hints exist that it's deformed because of some gout probably related to his ethanol consumption.

This information – enhanced by some independent thinking – is less rigorous and reliable than that from his own physicians but probably more trustworthy than what you may get from an average journalist. I always laugh when I recall the Klaus-Zeman 2014 exchange at a party. Zeman said that he got a new stick from Prof XY MD last week. Klaus added that he really, but really played tennis against Prof XY MD last week. :-)

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