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My mathematics: an innocent song that wouldn't be PC in the U.S.

I was listening to some young Czech musicians' remakes of various songs.

One of the singing girls who impressed me as musicians was Naty [Natalia] Hrychová, with her three-year-old The Fifth (Pátá, a remake of Downtown – it sounds similar; the title means "Five O'Clock" and the song is about the moment when classes are finally over), created to match the key and rhythm of the same song by Zuzana Norisová from The Rebels, a retro-movie (yes, the actors star as much younger students). Naty attended a rural basic school in a village or town I've never heard of.

So I accidentally looked at her newer songs. And two weeks ago, she posted "My Mathematics" song two weeks ago – it has over 320,000 views (and over 1700 comments) by now.

I didn't instantly fall in love with the song (it got much better after a month!) but the lyrics is all about mathematics. More importantly, I want to convey the observation that despite all the pro-EU and climate-change and other politically correct brainwashing, often sponsored by the bureaucrats in the EU, certain things such as feminism haven't crippled the Czech schools yet.

The main reason why I say so is that the video clip shows a totally typical classroom where most students are female and all of them completely suck in mathematics. There's only one student who is good in mathematics, Matthew, and he is male, of course. He's also the guy whom Naty, the singer, has a crush on.

I believe that if this video were in English and not in Czech, it would be immediately attacked by the far left feminist whackos because it reinforces the stereotype – well, sane people would say the "well-known and obvious fact" – that an overwhelming majority of the students at similar schools who are good in mathematics are boys.

Well, let me write a translation of the clip. My motive is innocent – the hope that a few thousand feminists and other leftists in the English-speaking world will watch this video and suffer a heart attack. ;-)

Just to be sure, the song represents an ultimate apolitical mainstream in Czechia. No Czech would even have the idea to challenge the song for some political or ideological reasons. If I hadn't spent 10 years in the U.S., I wouldn't have this idea now, either. 90% of the votes are positive and I am sure that most of the negative ones have nothing to do with feminism or women in science, either.

My Mathematics

The first girl is supposed to simplify an equation\[

x\sqrt{3} - \frac{\pi\cdot 2x^2}{21} &+ \sqrt{ \frac{(x-1)^2}{7} : }\\
:\frac{2\pi}{x^3} &= \dots

\] The teacher asks: So who will help [clueless] Ms Vendula?

Vendula ignites an eye-contact with Naty, the singer in the eyeglasses. Naty whispers "I don't know".

Teacher: Nobody? OK, so Matthew.

Matthew writes zero behind \(=\). (Can you fix the equation to get this result? Do you know how I could reconstruct the whole problem?)

Teacher: Thank God that at least Matthew is here. Otherwise I would go nuts in this classroom.

Lyrics (EN).

Today, in my bench again,
I struggle with an equation.
It isn't equal because
I have a deficit in my love.

Let me uncover the unknown
that is stealing your favors from me.
Only fractions of your girlfriend
will be left.

My mood has dropped beneath the zero,
they say you were kissing Vendula.
You're collecting the errors
when you're looking at the second girl
[=to the second power].

My mathematics
isn't related to the school.
It includes a huge desire for your love.

Dry calculations from textbooks
won't tell me anything at all
about the odds that you may love me
a bit more!

Where is the code, quantity,
formula, or cause,
hypothesis that you would take me
to the cinema?!

Your fixed variables
are for whom? Not for me!
I am a constant. I am not dividing myself
for you!

I refuse to live in parentheses,
not worried about your negatives
when your positives seem to be
within my arm's reach.

Proximity of your person
is exerting a force on my heart.
Its rhythms are being multiplied
by the algorithms.

It figures that once
when you will say that you love me,
the issue will be clear, I will be happy
to the second power.

My love will be directly proportional
to your love,
my beautiful equation
will get resolved!


My mathematics
isn't related to the school.
It includes a huge desire
for your love!

Dry calculations from textbooks
won't tell me anything at all
about the odds that you may love me
a bit more!

[intermezzo after the 1st repetition]

Matthew to Naty in the school canteen: So I'm waiting in front of the school. I already have the tickets to the cinema.

Naty and Vendula: Our mathematics teacher is the best one!

My Mathematics, Behind the Scenes

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