Saturday, September 24, 2016

Orbán wants to build a Hong Kong for Arabs and blacks in Libya

Hungary's prime minister Viktor Orbán keeps on presenting creative proposals that actually make sense.
Hungarian Prime Minister says EU should set up refugee city in Libya
He wants to grab a piece of land outside the EU – most specifically, he mentioned a place in Libya – and build a large enough camp that should host a really, really large number of migrants or self-described refugees. I chose the term "Hong Kong" because there could be a million people over there; the terms "Liberland" or "Dachau" look too small for Orbán's project.

Note that Hong Kong was liberated from the Japanese overlords in 1945 by a combination of Chinese and British troops. The latter players were enough to bring the place under the British control which meant a huge economic advantage. As previously negotiated, Hong Kong returned under the control of the People's Republic of China in 1997. So far, they haven't destroyed the place – because at least in the economic sense, the mainland China has largely embraced capitalism by itself.

I don't expect anything this successful to be repeated with the people who are mostly flowing to Europe because they have heard from their brothers in Allah that they would be able to suck lots of welfare money for free (baked pigeons are flying into your mouth automatically in Europe, the proverb says) – which differs from the Chinese people attracted to Hong Kong who were mostly driven by their love for the British type of capitalism.

I wouldn't want to be responsible for such a project. But I surely think that such a facility outside the EU is much more reasonable as a "charity project" than mindless adoption of men from these problematic countries to the EU.

The people in Allah Kong – I needed to invent a name – could formally become the "EU citizens" except that it would mean no immediate rights to travel to the EU because like prisoners in ordinary European countries, they would be people in a detention facility. Allah Kong should be self-sufficient. So some kind of industry should be built there.

(Czechoslovakia has built numerous power plants, sugar factories, and lots of other things all over the third world. I think that lots of my compatriots actually have some experience of this kind, it may be useful, it may work to some extent etc.)

The gate to the small fortress in the Theresienstadt, a Jewish ghetto and prison in Bohemia. "The labor liberates," these gates used to say in German.

When it comes to the migration from Allah Kong to Europe, it should be bound to an employer who is willing to hire the person for a year – or for some period – and be responsible for him or her. These people could be picked by European employers who would visit Allah Kong in order to hire. The candidates would have to pass several other tests, including the general agreement by the EU member state where they're planning to go.

At the end, the main problem is that I don't believe that this could be as successful as Hong Kong or anything of the sort. I could be wrong – and volunteers and others who would like to help with this project should get some tools and support to prove me wrong – but I think it's important to be ready for the scenario that I am right. In that case, this camp could be a method to repel the people, to show them that they are not being offered any paradise.

After all, Allah Kong could be nicknamed a "concentration camp" and many people could dislike it. They could dislike a "labor camp" even more intensely. And the experience with those who would get there wouldn't be excellent, I think.

On the other hand, I do think that with some reasonable mix of people, such Allah Kong would work better and be more productive than typical (if not all) Arab or black African countries that we know these days. It's about the system, the attitude, and the Western ones simply are better. Hong Kong was more successful than mainland China not because "almost everyone was an ethnic Briton" – Hong Kong was overwhelmingly made of Chinese people – but because the key ideas directing the society were British.

And this brings me to the ultimate main reason why I think it's a good idea to consider such things. As I discussed previously, we should want processes such as recolonialization because we want the superior Western societal standards and attitudes to spread and become more widespread, and not less widespread, in the world.

Turks are not Hispanic

In these times, what should you think when a young man kills four women in a Washington mall – something that looks just like other Islamist mass murders – and almost all the news outlets tell you that he had a "Hispanic appearance"? Well, you should think that the killer was probably a Muslim and be sure that he was one. The mass killer of Arcan Cetin is a Turkish Muslim and a supporter of Hillary Clinton. Cetin stated that he votes for her and with men like him, they will win.

She hasn't stated whether she approves this message yet.

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