Saturday, September 17, 2016

When the beating of your heart echoes the beating of the Trumps

Most of the time, Hillary Clinton isn't working too hard to help the Trump campaign. In fact, sometimes it looks like she wants to harm Trump and maybe even return to the White House by the front entrance. But she has made an exception when she finally picked the anthem for the Trump campaign.

I had to listen to the song twice in order for me to find the melody catchy and thrice to almost safely remember it.

The anthem is a key music from "Les Deplorables" and it is called "When the Beating of Your Heart Echoes the Beating of the Drumpfs".

Donald Trump has already used this new anthem during a rally in Florida. Over there, he also changed his mind about Cuba. He wants to reverse some concessions given by Obama and insist that some basic freedoms in Cuba are introduced first.

This is probably the first time when I saw Hillary Clinton doing or inventing something useful. It's a really catchy song. Well, she didn't really compose it. And she didn't write the novel or the lyrics, either. But she has still made a contribution that is nonzero.

Thank you, Hillary. And now: Do you hear the people sing? Singing the song of angry men? This is the music of a people who will not be slaves again.

If the film music looks too English to you, here is a version by singers from 17 countries who represented Mr Valjean in their national editions of the musical, including Czechia's Jan Ježek (who seems to sing in Latin here or what it is). If you need Czech lyrics, try this video or more Czech remakes. The Czech premiere exploded in 1992 and a new non-replica version returned in 2003.

There is only one French original, of course. But even a German poet was capable of squeezing some content to the translation in his 25% less efficient language.

I've seen a fun complaint by a guy whose politics must be close to mine. The lyrics is socialist and even Zdeněk Borovec, the author of the Czech lyrics, didn't change it in 1992. I explained to him that it's because the French revolution itself was socialist in some generalized sense. Well, Mr Trump has a chance to improve the image of that event among us. :-)

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