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Anti-West terrorists are steps from crippling South African universities at least for a semester

I didn't even know it was happening. It was so shocking to learn that I just spent an hour by research of what's going on in South Africa. It's pretty dramatic.

Recall that South Africa has been the main pillar of the Western civilization on the African continent. "Decolonialization" began to erode this status decades ago. Nelson Mandela has been lionized but everyone with some forecasting skills must have known that the process he kickstarted was likely to be existentially harmful for the country. I just didn't know that the deterioration would be so fast.

South Africa has some 55 million citizens. Only about 8% are white and 2% are Asian while 80% are racially clean blacks and 10% are mixed. The whites have been a minority over there for centuries but it was the minority that dictated the basic organization of the society which is why the country was a part of the West – an advantage that has worked very well for members of all races who have lived in the country. And yes, indeed, lots of blacks have adopted the Western culture. It is still true to some extent that the Western organization of the society "rules" at the very top but processes we are witnessing indicate that the situation may be very different in a few years.

What's going on right now? As you can learn at Google News, many or most South African universities have been paralyzed by anti-West protesters. The classes can't start and universities are announcing that the whole semester that should have started may be cancelled.

My Google search is focusing on the University of Cape Town, the oldest university in South Africa (founded in 1829) with over 25,000 students. The events over there seem most dramatic and it's also the place where a video below was shot.

What are the methods by which the protesters try to ostracize those who don't belong to their group? What method would you expect in the absence of guns? Everyone who has read a recent paper from Kyoto University knows the answer. Yes, this tool seems characteristic for Africa. Among other things, the protesters have been throwing p** into the law and economics buildings (a tweet with a pic). P** flung and stun grenades. The "student" groups are destroying buses, cars, libraries, offices, art, looting parts of Johannesburg, harassing staff with clubs, and threatening the children's creche in Cape Town.

Police has a heavy presence in the campuses; at UCT, privately hired guards were proven to be insufficient, so some public enforcement forces had to take over. Some university leaders have decided that their institutions can't – well, shouldn't – function while barricaded by cops so they will simply refuse to teach. The deadlines won't be met and the semester will be cancelled. Well, I think it's irresponsible. Even with this big havoc, the semester should simply be delayed. There exist petitions by the sensible people demanding the university management to do their work and allow the universities to teach.

The protesters largely call themselves "fallists" because "the fees must fall". Money – it's a reason for a protest that you could easily imagine in the West, too. And you may also understand that the protests may grow once they want one of their people – Maxiaßhole Mlandu – to be released. However, Wrath0fKhan has posted the following video from the University of Cape Town (UCT):

You may also see a written report I and II about these monologues. #ScienceMustFall was an actual hashtag on Twitter. An activist is already disproving first Newton's law at the airport.

The protesting girls speak and their English is very good so you may learn something about their intellectual foundations that goes well beyond the money. Their message is the postmodern-feminist cr*p on steroids. All of Western science is just a tool of oppression and nonsense and has to be totally liquidated. These self-confident female "intellectuals" were preaching this insultingly idiotic nonsense in their "progressive space" on October 12th, 2016.

Science has to be decolonized, they tell us, which means that it must be completely destroyed. Everything is rotten. In particular, Isaac Newton is just an arbitrarily chosen white bully who was sitting beneath an apple tree and was lionized for that, these "ladies" think, and the opinions about the motion held by the people under the orange or coconut tree should replace Newton's wisdom. Newton's laws are unacceptable from the African perspective. And science doesn't explain anything. For example, how does science explain that a shaman may send a lightning to someone's head by the power of his will?

Someone in the audience kindly gives them the – obvious – answer to the question. The science's explanation of this proposition is that it isn't true. So the guy gets labeled a heretic immediately. If they had stones in the room, they would stone him to death immediately in that "safe space". How could he dare to provide his (correct) answer to a question that was asked? How could he dare to say that you can't send lightnings to other people by the power of will? An absolute blasphemy. It is a great racist insult to all Africans who have been sending lightnings to others for one-two-three-many years since the dawn of the mankind. To provide answers for questions is something that is unacceptable at a (South African) university. They demand that he apologizes.

It's not hard to see why the chances of the sub-Saharan Africa to produce wealthy societies are basically non-existent. Most of these people are as dumb as a doorknob and their "culture" reinforces their stupidity as if it were an advantage. How could the black kids get to the university if they're incapable of understanding that there's something objectively true about Newton's laws, something that Newton discovered as the first human? Incapable of understanding absolutely anything about the world as we knew it in recent thousands of years?

South Africa's average IQ is 77. It's not hard to see that the blacks' average IQ over there is close to 70, like in any other country. The girls who were explaining the oppressor Newton are surely smarter than that. Perhaps, their IQ approaches 100, the whites' average. But they chose to become the spokeswomen of the culture and "wisdom" sustained by the IQ-70 people, so their IQ near 100 just doesn't help.

There's a fat white girl sitting next to these insane black nuts. Does she agree with this decolonized junk? Is she analogous to the fat feminists in the West who often say similar things? Or has she been intimidated by the stupid black bullies?

Well, the generation that attends the college these days is pretty much screwed, even in the "white" Western countries. But one may see that it's not just some brainwashed stupid post-teenage whackos who believe similar stuff. The South African minister of education has ordered all South African universities to give students bachelor degrees for... witchcraft! The training of witchcraft bachelors-of-science (BSc) will begin in 2018.

Wow, you just shouldn't call institutions like that "universities". In Europe, universities existed for almost 1,000 years and their goal was never to teach some rural wisdom. The word "university" comes from Latin and the content was only changing gradually – even in comparison with the wise men in the ancient Greece and Rome 2,000 years ago. There used to be much more theology etc. Most people don't believe many of these religious things today. But even the university theologians were extending some "body of wisdom" created by unusually smart people who read, write, and process a large amount of text-based information. Shamans who kill others with lightnings and who are worshiped by their fellow dwellers because those are even stupider just don't belong to this class. They're not theologians, they're not even controversial scholars of any kind. They're just products of an uneducated culture.

I've met several (white) scholars from South Africa. I couldn't really distinguish them from folks from America or Western Europe. Well, I am sure that like the folks from our post-communist world, they were less PC in average because they have learned something about the tough reality. But times must have changed. You have whole gangs of savages claiming to be "students" who aggressively tell everyone that science must be outlawed and who throw their p** to make the point. How can you do any serious work in this environment? How can you preserve any hopes for the future of your university? Even if the university presidents did the right thing, i.e. used the force really assertively against these terrorists, and guaranteed that the education process goes "almost" according to the plan, the long-term views look terrible.

I am afraid that the civilization is doomed in South Africa simply because this "decolonialization" has hijacked most of the sources of the power in the society. Unless the civilized countries invade South Africa and save it from this destructive process, South Africa will become another Zimbabwe or Kenya or Somalia in the future. And I am afraid it will be earlier than we thought. It's a shame because the desirable process would be the opposite one, of course.

This likable guy is a great example that there exist blacks who understand that the #ScienceMustFall "lady" is full of p**. (Another fun reaction is here.) He also correctly discusses the absurdity of the "safe space" rules that people can't be antagonizing – which is pretty much the main thing that drives the university where people should be stimulating. After all, the wise black guy recommends her to throw the Western tablet and the clothes away, too – exactly the same comments I would be doing in a similar video. By the way, I also totally share his views about the Trump tape + Hillary's hypocrisy and probably other things.

But the environment has some impact on opinions about these matters, too. It's totally plausible that guys similar to this one could be forced by the stupid environment to buy #ScienceMustFall-like cr*p. Which people ultimately determine the "normal" matters.

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