Monday, October 31, 2016

FBI and Hillary: some question marks

In July, the FBI ended the investigation of Ms Hillary Clinton because of her apparent violation of computer security regulations when she was the U.S. Secretary of State. She must have felt very happy. But three days ago, the FBI director James Comey restarted the criminal investigation to the e-mails.

Why did he do so? The most convincing answer is that the FBI found 650,000 new e-mails on the laptop of a friend of Hillary's, convicted pedophile Anthony Weiner. It seems rather likely – and someone may already know – that many of the e-mails on Weiner's laptop were classified. And some of them could have belonged to the set of 30,000 e-mails that Hillary has deleted from her computers.

The FBI employees will have to go through this huge body of the text in coming weeks. It won't be easy because the e-mails are probably mixed with photographs of Weiner's sexual organs in knots of various topologies that he was generously sending to his 15-year-old "girlfriend" at the same time when he was receiving mails from Hillary's office – and yes, they were e-mails with addresses, the investigation has already shown. Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, is a close Clinton aide. Only recently, Abedin and Weiner announced that they want to separate. Both Abedin and Weiner are probably cooperating with the FBI at this point, to get a deal for themselves.

So yes, I do think that some new damning evidence has emerged. But it's plausible that the restart of the investigation has nothing to do with any new evidence. When the investigation was stopped in July, Comey was criticized by his immediate boss – his wife (who clearly isn't too pro-Hillary) – and lots of FBI employees resigned. They were probably convinced that the evidence had already been found that Hillary was guilty and they have thought that the FBI was attempting to whitewash her or cover her crimes.

So the investigation could have been restarted simply because Comey's environment has convinced him that the end of the investigation was a grave mistake and he was simply fixing the mistake. He may have felt that the reopened investigation was needed to save the FBI and his marriage, too.

Hillary Clinton has become the first presidential nominee criminally investigated by the FBI. She may also become the first U.S. Prisoner-Elect if she happens to beat Donald Trump. Meanwhile, Hillary and some of her most hardcore supporters are already working hard to delegitimize the FBI.

They told us that Comey must have violated the Hatch Act – prohibiting bosses of FBI-like institutions to influence the election process in certain ways. Well, I am pretty sure that the law doesn't say that presidential candidates cannot be investigated by the FBI.

Hillary herself has vowed a Stalinist purge in the FBI after she is elected.

Loretta Lynch, the attorney general, is generally believed to do everything she can to stop and obfuscate any form of investigation. But some people have speculated that the restarted investigation was forced upon the FBI because the Wikileaks and Kim Dotcom could release some documents in coming days and the absence of an investigation at that moment would be really damning.

Some pundits even argue that Barack Obama has thrown Hillary under the bus and made sure that the investigation is restarted. I have some trouble to believe such a thing.

OK, Hillary and her faithful are already slinging mud at the FBI. The FBI is likely to become the new "Russians". I think that this attitude only helps to highlight the amazing arrogance of power that people such as Hillary openly brag about. The FBI investigates things independently – and since 2016, the former Republican Comey has actually been an independent, too. A democratic regime simply cannot place all forms of investigation under the control of the ruling party because the laws must apply to everyone, including the powerful and their friends.

But the folks like Hillary have gotten used to a complete control over the system, despite all the laws that should guarantee an impartial process. Hillary is a typical female student who gets a bad grade and starts to whine that such a bad grade must surely be due to sexism – and her grade was improved in most cases. In the same way, an investigator who dares to investigate her must be biased, right?

It's disgusting. I think that most Americans have seen a similar behavior and they're disgusted by it. They're terrified how much the system was hijacked by a clique of people who believe that they stand above the law just because they belong to the clique. There are lots of murky things about the investigation, its causes, and the causes of many other smaller events. After all, the FBI keeps many things classified so some non-transparency is unavoidable.

However, the FBI may turn out to be one of the institutions that haven't been hijacked by the politically correct mafia, the kind of arrogant deceitful folks who have conquered almost all the media, education, whole companies in certain industries, and other fields of the human activity. Some of the people in the FBI may prefer Hillary-style policies or personality over Trump-style policies and personality but they can still see a crime when it's obvious.

I tend to think that the FBI won't turn into another NGO of George Soros or another organization that makes it possible for the likes of Hillary Clinton to lie, cheat, and harm all "inconvenient" people all the time. But who knows: my optimism may be misplaced and just an artifact of my exposure to all the movies in which the good guys such as Bruce Willis ultimately beat the villains. ;-)

P.S. Top Democrat Harry Reid accuses the FBI of double standards. It's investigating minor sins of Hillary's, like sending 650,000 often classified e-mails to a pedophile friends, while it doesn't investigate the alleged connections of Trump and Russia. Well, the difference is that Hillary's e-mails and the corresponding violations are genuine and one may see them and describe details about them. The only evidence backing the Trump-Kremlin connection is that Putin once said that Trump was an interesting man or something like that. Do you really think that these two "scandals" are on equal footing?

P.S. II The Chicago Tribune is probably the first major MSM outlet urging the Democrats to get rid of Hillary.

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