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Hillary wanted ducks on the ground

Most people think that the main reason why Hillary should already be in the prison now if the law enforcement in the U.S. weren't dysfunctional is that she has destroyed evidence that was mentioned in a subpoena after she learned about the subpoena.

Duck Tales, the Czech theme song.

But that doesn't mean that it's the only criminal activity that Hillary Clinton was recently involved in. Yesterday, The Daily Mail exposed the Duck Tales.

As this fresh viral video with one million views shows in quite some detail, Hillary's compaign coordinated a series of provocations at Trump rallies with a tax-exempt leftist non-profit organization.

In the video, it's especially Robert Creamer, a convicted felon (bank fraud), a husband of a Democratic lawmaker, a close collaborator of the White House (a place he has visited 342 times during the Obama years), and up to last week, a VIP guy in the Hillary campaign, who explains the origin of the provocations in some detail. "Hillary wanted ducks on the ground so we will put ducks on the ground."

Like many of us years before her, she noticed that Donald Trump's name is the same as the name of Donald Duck. So they should send lots of Donald Duck mascots to Trump rallies, equipped with the slogan "Donald ducks releasing his tax return". This slogan is witty and it was either constructed directly by Hillary Clinton or she quickly took credit for that.

At any rate, the ducks flooded many Trump rallies. Some of the people inside the costume are well-known officials from the Clinton campaign or organizations that demonstrably coordinate their actions with the Clinton campaign. With similar hostile banners, it could have been expected that these activists would get beaten. In fact, the organizers were very well aware of this fact. They explicitly admitted that it was really a goal for them to be beaten and for this result to be framed as a violent nature of the Trump supporters. They were not really beaten because the Trump folks are nicer than anyone in the Clinton campaign can even imagine – but they (and especially Hillary herself) should have been beaten very assertively.

Because the duck events were coordinated with the Clinton campaign, the staff time and expenses involved fit to the description of an illegal campaign contribution.

Donald Trump is being harassed for writing posts on Facebook while Hillary is constantly involved in criminal activities involving inappropriate funding and interventions into rallies that don't belong to her and that threaten the health and lives of the operatives on the ground. Does America still respect the rule of law? In some good old Westerns and even Hollywood movies with a happy end, a villain similar to Hillary Clinton would have already been smashed for quite some time.

"If it looks like a duck, if it walks like a duck, and if it sounds like a duck ... then it's probably a duck," a guy from a conservative group said in Monday's video. "They broke the law."

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