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Liberal media's usage of dirt is self-evidently manipulative

Rational people know what this bias means for their evaluation of the data

As a sensitive guy, I don't really like the "restroom talk" in the mysteriously released 2005 tape of Donald Trump and Billy Bush.

I don't like that in this private context, Trump does see women primarily as sexual objects who can and should be treated in rather straightforward yet controversial ways. And I am also annoyed by the kind of women who do behave in the way that Trump describes, who are eager to be grabbed in various ways when they get some new furniture or have a chance to get something etc.

At the same moment, the content of the tape didn't surprise me at all. He's owned strip clubs and lots of other things. His talk is straight. He's been undoubtedly interested in the physical beauty of women. I would guess that this is how some people familiar with him must know him. And the main point he makes is simply true. Most women do behave like that and allow to be treated in otherwise "forbidden" ways by wealthy, famous, or handsome men. The General Electric introduction to sexual harassment and you explains the same point.

Update: This rant was later attributed to Alec Baldwin which is possible so my particular claims about this one are wrong but the general point stands because we could find many embarrassing things about Hillary and left-wing people.

Like most other people, he behaves differently in different situations. Everyone behaves in some "potentially embarrassing ways" in some contexts. As Vicki Sciolaro correctly said on CNN, Trump isn't running for the Pope. His competitor has similar problems in her family and there are more important issues.

The left-wing Huffington Post is among those who realize that this tape has little effect and those who matter consider the tape a distraction. But their desire to support Trump may actually strengthen when they see how unfairly Trump is being treated.

In this blog post, I embedded a video – well, just an audio – of the Democratic VP candidate Kaine who talked to his 11-year-old daughter. Her phone was turned off at some moment when she was supposed to talk to her self-described VIP father. So he exploded into a completely hysterical outburst and promised to shove the phone into her aß, or something like that.

I don't know whether Kaine could be an OK vice-president. Vice-presidents usually don't do much, unless someone shoots the president. But what I do know is that unlike e.g. Donald Trump, Kaine sucks as a father. I think that his daughter should get some guards to be defended against this arrogant aßhole. American children simply shouldn't be left this vulnerable in the presence of aggressive bullies like Mr Kaine.

As far as I can say, the kid has no duty to keep her phone turned on because of her dad. And her dad is no star, no owner of luxurious hotels in skyscrapers. He is just a damn left-wing bureaucratic politician. So where does he get the idea that his daughter should behave and be treated as a slave? The concept is just ludicrous. You're not the kind of a guy whom women allow to grab their p***y, Mr Kaine, get used to it.

This recording from an answering machine has become well-known but even though it arguably conveys a much more damning lesson about this candidate than the lewd tape shows about Donald Trump, this Kaine's meltdown isn't getting 1% of the attention that the Trump tape is getting.

Now, Gene and other "liberals", do you really fail to understand that this is just another proof of the giant manipulation by the leftists in the media and the Democratic and also mostly GOP establishment? I don't believe that you're so stupid not to see it, Gene. I think that you see it very well and you are a part of this absolutely dishonest anti-Trump hysteria.

I am convinced that most American voters see through these cheap tricks. You may think that when 200 pieces of dirt are published or aired by the mainstream media about Trump-Pence and only 1 piece of dirt about Clinton-Kaine, the people will think that Clinton and Kaine are 200 times cleaner than Trump and Pence. But it doesn't work like that. Hundreds of millions of Americans have some basic intelligence. They know that they're being had. They immediately know who is a part of this dishonest game. And many of them are really angry because of this omnipresent deception.

Of course, we have far more smartphones and cameras and recorders in them so many more things – and many more compromising things – are being recorded about everyone than in the era of John F. Kennedy, to pick a well-defined example. But everyone has been a player in some scenes that look embarrassing to millions of others.

In the 2008 video above, President Barack Obama was flying without Hillary Clinton whose nickname is a b*nershrinker. What happens when he is missing his b*nershrinker? You may see the answer in the second video I embedded. It was very funny for the female reporters who were giggling and he enjoyed it. I don't think it's terrible in some fundamental way – and unlike the Kaine tape, it doesn't show that Obama is an evil man, perhaps just a little bit of a pervert – but it's still embarrassing. But the media won't show you things like that. They wouldn't violate Obama's privacy in this way – but the same journalists think it's great to invade Trump's privacy.

When it comes to non-fatal but embarrassing things such as Trump's "restroom dialogue", what actually matters to a rational voter is a good estimate of the character of the candidate including the error margin; and including the adjustments that have to be made due to easy-to-see systematic biases and manipulation in the media.

Because the stories make it spectacularly clear that the anti-Trump dirt is being spread by the media (and manipulated social networks) about 300 times more aggressively than the anti-Hillary dirt etc., a rational voter must conclude that Trump is about 300 times purer than what you would deduce from the impressions conveyed by the media. And hundreds of millions of Americans are applying an adjustment like that.

The people who don't are gullible simpletons. The anti-Trump activists and most "progressives" in general may imagine that all of the American (or another Western country's) citizenry is – and should be – composed of this kind of gullible simpletons. But believe me, it ain't so. So when you're lying and using double standards in all your articles and TV shows, most Americans know that it says much more about you than about those whom you try to hurt.

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