Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Russian hacker caught in Prague

Update: the hacker wasn't related to Hillary's or DNC files; instead, he's accused of doing the 2012 hack of 100 million LinkedIn users' information

Barack Obama and his comrades have accused Russian nationals from being the hackers who have acquired the computer files proving that Hillary Clinton is a corrupt lying murdering piece of cr*p, among other things, and that Donald Trump is the superior pick for the U.S. citizens to choose. Obama et al. had the plan to keep all this information in secret.

It's still unknown whether such hackers are connected with the Russian government. However, the Czech police made it much more likely that a hacker exists and he is Russian, indeed. Last night, an October 5th capturing video was released. Just twelve hours after they received the information via Interpol's Red Notice (this notice was inspired by a verdict of the federal grand jury in Oakland, California), the Prague cops caught the 29-year-old Russian suspect, Yevgeniy Nikulin. (TRF is the only public place in the world where you can learn the name.)

He was enjoying Czechia with his luxurious car equipped with a luxurious babe. The fact that they caught him this quickly in a hotel in downtown Prague was so surprising for him that he didn't try to resist the arrest. Shortly afterwards, he collapsed. His life was saved by the cops and he's been quickly moved to a hospital.

He is in a detention facility. The Municipal Court of Prague will decide whether it's legitimate to extradite him to the U.S. When the decision is "extradite is OK", it doesn't mean that extradition will instantly take place. It will only mean that the minister of justice Mr Pelikán may decide to extradite the computer expert.

U.S. embassy in Prague's Lesser Town (The Schönborn/Colloredo-Waldsee Palace), a building where I have spent dozens of hours in queues while applying for assorted visas and their extensions.

The American side hasn't requested the extradition so far. On the other hand, the Russian embassy has already reacted. The embassy is doing everything it can to free the Russian citizen. Alexei Kolmakov, the embassy's spokesman, said that Russia fundamentally rejects the U.S. policy of "extraterritorial jurisdiction" that America is trying to impose on the world. (I totally agree with this Russian criticism.) Russian men who traded guns (Viktor But) or smuggled drugs (Konstantin Yaroshenko) have been caught by the U.S. agents in the past and Russia always protested. Mr But who was caught in Thailand is expected to spend 25 years in a U.S. prison.

Here's the dramatic scene of his arrest in the hotel. In the name of the law, place your hands on the table so that I can see them. Both hands to the table! Right, this way. Turn around. The car is a Mercedes. Topcar design tuning placed their logo inside the Mercedes logo's circle.

Prague probably looks like a peaceful we-don't-give-a-damn city where everyone can hide. But this is clearly an illusion. Numerous internationally sought criminals were actually arrested in Prague. The U.S. failed in their efforts to get a Lebanese guy captured in our capital after the Lebanese cleverly kidnapped five Czech friends of theirs. ;-)

Russian embassy in Prague, 1 Under the Chestnuts Square, Prague-Bubeneč

We will see whether Russia will be able to defend the hacker. But I still think it's more important to know whether the Americans will be able to notice the evidence acquired by him that Hillary Clinton sucks.

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