Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Bannon, Breitbart, alt-right: a new day needs a new hysteria

Alt-right has won the election. Get used to it, leftards.

Days ago, I couldn't tell you with any certainty who Steve Bannon was. Months ago, I couldn't even accurately tell you what "alt-right" meant. Nevertheless, certain people are very nervous about these things today and many of us were encouraged to learn that we're close to these names.

The alt-right key

Donald Trump picked Steve Bannon as the chief strategist of his administration. It's not shocking: Steve Bannon was the "CEO" of the Trump campaign. The campaign ended successfully which is why there is some reason to think that with Bannon's help, the first Trump's term could end successfully, too. I didn't know but in recent years, Bannon was also the boss of Breitbart.com, a server I was visiting increasingly frequently in the recent year or so. I had to look at his pictures and videos. Bannon looks like a heterosis of Robert Redford and some of the cowboys who occupied the federal land. Because such comments are often being spun in various ways, I must add a disclaimer: These descriptions are meant to be neutral appraisals of his appearance.

Much of the mainstream media have gone ballistic because they consider Steve Bannon politically incorrect. When someone is politically incorrect, the politically correct people immediately label him a homophobe, anti-LGBT, anti-Muslim, and indeed, an anti-Semite. The last label has been the most favorite label that the leftists have tried to attach to Bannon.

So I had to do some research. Alt-right stands for "alternative right". The term has been used since 2008 or so and, if you allow me to define the term as concisely as I can, it is meant to vaguely describe any right-winger who isn't happy with the GOP establishment and who has been accused of political incorrectness in his (or slightly less often her) life.

Alt-right is a loose conglomerate of various policies and beliefs that non-establishment men – and men sometimes considered mavericks – may like. Anti-immigration movement. Monarchism. Masculinism. Nativism. And critics love to attach lots of labels such as "racist", "white supremacist", and others.

So no one can say that all alt-right people are neo-Nazis or white supremacists or anything of the sort. But the idea considered important by the critics of alt-right is that some of the people who are "alt-right" probably are and it must be a terrible crime for everyone else to be vaguely associated with them under this umbrella term.

Well, it's not a crime. It's perfectly legal and in fact, this "alt-right" may be said to be the main "ideological" winner of the recent U.S. presidential election – an election whose winner is a rather unique personality of Donald Trump who can't be easily categorized. You may have used the words "alt-right" as a synonym for Devil, leftards, but you must have forgotten that this "Devil" may very well win the elections. And it has won one.

You know, the left-wing extremists have been enthusiastic about using the labels such as "racists, sexists" etc. for everyone who has at least infinitesimally deviated from the perfect norms defining a flawlessly obedient, far left-wing, brain-dead sheep. Some victims of these slurs felt hurt, others accepted them proudly because they saw that what they were criticized for were actually virtues.

But there is one exercise that the obsessed leftwingers must have forgotten about: they forgot to count. If they were able to count, they would have noticed that they have used the slurs for so many people – at least 60 million – that the recipients of these slurs became numerous enough to win the election! And again, they did.

People who were victims of this attempted demonization became widespread, the pressure sort of led them to organize themselves a bit (although I would bet that most "alt-right" people consider themselves individualists) and the news server that approximately reports the events from their perspective, Breitbart News, has turned into the ultimate mainstream news server. I don't really think that by the genre, Breitbart News differs too much e.g. from The Daily Mail in the U.K.

I've tried to find out why Bannon has been labeled "anti-Semite" by the outgoing establishment. I found things like "he has worked on mainstreaming anti-Semitism". That sounds strange to me given the fact that over the last year, I haven't seen anything on Breitbart.com that could be classified as evidence of the server's anti-Semitic bias.

This accusation of anti-Semitism is particularly bizarre if someone throws it at Trump's face. Trump wants to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem during his first day in the office, his father Fred Trump was highly praised by the Jewish community of New York, his most famous daughter Ivanka is an Orthodox Jew, additional kids have married Jews as well, and Trump has lots of close collaborators who are Jewish. See e.g. this review of Trump and Jews.

(I could say similar things about Trump and Islam. There is an upper bound on someone's anti-Islamism imposed by the observation that he has been able to build Trump towers in Istanbul and the Philippines, among other achievements. You know, I have a hard enough time with the Czech government bureaucrats. Government bureaucrats in mostly Islamic countries would be too big a hurdle for me, I believe, but they were just OK for the Donald.)

Concerning Bannon, I had to laugh out loud when I found the ultimate proof of his anti-Semitism. He once asked why a school had so many Hannukah books. Wow, that's damning! ;-) Be careful. If you ask why so many people have pictures of Pokémons or why they search for Pokémons on their smartphones, you will be automatically accused by the outgoing establishment of hating the Asians.

At any rate, the mainstream media is full of excited assaults against Bannon. Seth Meyers and especially Stephen Colbert have aired rather entertaining 10-minute segments mostly dedicated to Bannon.

None of these aroused people seems to care that a top rabbi has defended Bannon, much like Paul Ryan, the freshly re-elected House speaker, and Harvard's famous Democratic Jewish professor Alan Dershowitz.

I would like to remind the ludicrous politically correct leftists that the years in which they could demonize or ostracize a person by simply throwing a few slurs at him will end sometime in January 2017 – and maybe the era has already ended. If you continue to assume that you still have this power to cripple human lives by these dirty tricks, you are just making clowns of yourself. Buy a puppy, a coloring book, and attend a cry-in instead. You've been a PC Gestapo cop for many years, now you're back to being a crybaby.

This is no longer your America. America will be led by victims of the years of your harassment, those who were trying to explain to you why you were wrong but you didn't listen. After years of the rule of the politically correct hypocritical Democratic Party establishment, the U.S. is gonna be governed by alt-right. Get used to it, leftards, before you embarrass yourself totally.

"Alt-right" seems to be a term used in the U.S. only. Needless to say, lots of Europeans – and citizens of other Western countries – could identify with the label. In Europe, parties and politicians who could probably be called "alt-right" in the U.S. are basically referred to as "far right, populist etc." parties or politicians. That probably includes Marine Le Pen's party in France and many others. The PC critics have used insanely exaggerated adjectives for so many people and so many times that even the current Czech president, the founder of the post-socialist (large) social democratic party, has been reclassified as a far right leader. ;-)

The leftists may be terrified by the prospect that the years of the "alt-right" rule won't be inhuman in any way. They won't resemble Nazism in any tangible way. "Alt-right" folks generally don't worship that terrible period of the history. But they don't find the dictatorship of the political correctness acceptable, either. The coming years will show everybody that there's no contradiction between these statements and that everybody who has identified "alt-right" or Steve Bannon or Breitbart.com with the end of the human civilization has been ludicrously wrong.

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