Thursday, November 17, 2016

I admire two Czech anti-ISIS warriors detained in Turkey

Turkey's openly anti-Kurdish, pro-ISIS stance proves that Turkey is no ally

Yesterday, Turkish forces captured two brave Czechs, Mr Miroslav Farkaš, a sniper (code name Serxwebun Botan), and Ms Markéta Všelichová (coded Zelane Botan), a smiling and attractive 24-year-old student of the Technology Department of the University of Agriculture, a practician in the combative health services, and a logistics expert who is also great in pattern recognition.

She can identify an attacker in a mob of refugees rather accurately and quickly. But yes, she can assemble and disassemble a submachine gun, too. ;-) And a website that could only be her ad but it could also be partly accurate (the web is surely partly satirical) claims that she has personally neutralized 100 ISIS animals – she calls members of Daesh "motherf*ckers" (more precisely, zmrdi) and ISIS has promised $1 million for anyone who stops her. During an interrogation in Turkey today, they said that they've been also trained by the German special forces and the French Foreign Legion but it's plausible that they were just making fun of the Turkish aßholes. (Maybe only Mr Farkas has undergone both trainings and this information is true.)

I've had mixed feelings when it came to the five Czechs kidnapped in Lebanon – because they probably co-operated in a trick to free a Lebanese criminal – and a mostly negative feeling when two Czech girls were kidnapped in Pakistan.

But this is different. See e.g. this video about Markéta or this October interview with her. If you spoke Czech, you would see that she knows what she's doing (and what Turks are doing and how ISIS is doing!) and probably realizes the risks.

In Turkey, basically any armed ethnic Kurdian is considered a terrorist according to the law. It's despicable because all ethnic groups must have the same rights to hold arms. Moreover, in this case, it's very obvious that what the arms are being used is ISIS, an organization that should be a top enemy of all NATO member states.

It's absolutely despicable that Turkey openly favors ISIS over the Kurds in their mutual battles.

Markéta has been enjoying the adventures in the region for quite some time. She's been working on the defense in the Iraqi Kurdistan. She has been expelled from Iraq at some point and, several days ago, from Jordan as well. They were hitch-hiking across Turkey. Her Facebook page is full of great photons promoting YPG. Some Czech authorities warned her that her business was dangerous and she indicated that she realized that. During a Kurdish New Year celebration, she met an ISIS assassin – she could see because he was freshly shaven which is what they like to do right before an attack. Now, after a job in the Syrian Kurdistan, she was formally caught with Mr Farkaš while illegally crossing from Iraq to Turkey. They were charged with terrorism because of their cooperation with YPG. In fact, it later turned out that they are going to be charged with providing Kurds with weapons.

Lots of Czech Internet commenters say that they're stupid – especially she is a target of such attacks – and they deserve to die and stuff like that. I find the authors of such comments deeply immoral. I admire Markéta and František and they contribute to my pride that I am Czech.

The formal non-existence of the Kurdistan as a country is a big absurdity of the current maps of the Middle East. I don't say that they're angels but they're among the sanest nations in the region and every ethnic nation of this size and importance should have a country, especially if the border of such a country seems rather clear.

The European Union recognizes YPG as a militia wing of PYD and PYD is not a terrorist organization according to the EU. In fact, PYD has opened its own quasi-embassy to the EU – and yes, it's in the Czech capital. Turkey's classification is non-Western in this sense. But even if I accepted the idea that PYD is a terrorist organization, which I don't, the claimed association of the two Czechs with YPG or PYD is just spin. They're – especially she is – on lots of YPG pictures. But she has claimed that she hasn't undergone the difficult procedure to become a true member of YPG. The two Czechs are primarily there to fight against ISIS and the Kurdistan is just the most natural starting point for them to do so because they found Kurds – not Kurdish terrorists but Kurds – likable. Well, a friend of the two Czechs actually says that they didn't come to fight at all – their plan was to build a field hospital (she did talk about the plan around 12:30 in the interview).

It's absolutely obvious that Turkey has a problem with anyone fighting ISIS – Turkey is actually an ally of ISIS even if it sometimes pretends otherwise.

Note that like the Israeli army, the Kurdish armed forces have big women's units. Markéta is therefore no anomaly because of her gender. Markéta thinks that the Kurds are almost angels. In August, in another interview, she expressed the opinion that the Kurds are too sun-like (compassionate) towards the hostages from Daesh.

If it's true that she (and/or he) has done some significant work against ISIS, like the 100 kills mentioned above, the West should appreciated that she (they) have done amazing services to save the work from the professionals – work worth hundreds of millions of dollars – and the resources and pressure should be put at work so that she (they) may continue with the admirable work of their choice.

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