Sunday, December 11, 2016

Against Trump, climate alarmists' lawyers are fighting the last war

John Kerry is a lunatic who has said and done many crazy things. He has also been a fanatical climate alarmist who tried to criminalize everyone whose hamburger was partly paid from the oil money. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's a pleasure to report that John Kerry is likely to be superseded by Rex Tillerson, the CEO of Exxon Mobil, the largest fossil-fuel company in the world and a top 3-6 company in the world by capitalization.

Mr Tillerson, have you ever had a lunch that was paid by the oil money? That could be enough for John Kerry's heart attack. ;-)

The name of the future energy secretary isn't known yet. Kevin Cramer, a big friend of fossil fuels and a climate skeptic, is among the frontrunners right now.

Scott Pruitt – a veteran warrior against the overreach by the EPA – should lead the EPA, too. So far, climate skepticism seems to be a must for the secretaries. The Interior Department should be led by Cathy McMorris Rodgers. She has supported drilling in Native Americans' reservations and graded Al Gore with an "F" in science for his movie while he got an "A" for creative writing. Al Gore, the More Sore Whore Bore, will release a sequel next year.

Meanwhile, the Trump transition team has ordered a list of the Department of Energy employees who have "worked" on the climate hysteria and related policies. The language sounds assertive enough and I hope that all these people will be fired. The Department of Energy should work hard to make the energy cheap and available for everyone; it shouldn't encourage corrupt tricks to make it more expensive and less available. It's that easy – climate alarmists simply shouldn't be allowed in that department.

Hysteria and emotions won't be good enough to cover the wrongdoing anymore. The Trump folks are right when they take emotions out of the policymaking. The Federalist also correctly says that the Big Oil isn't the problem, the Big Government is.

To stop this fraudulent industry would be a huge achievement, of course. But Trump's people may try to fix some wrongdoings in the past, too. Note that just the research-related climate panic activities in the U.S. have devoured some $40 billion over the recent two decades. The results of this research are zero, of course. In particular, the value of the CO2 climate sensitivity officially presented by this clique of "researchers" has the same error margin as it had 25 years ago. These people have basically stolen tens of billions of dollars from the taxpayers. I am inclined to think that Trump and his team mostly agree with this interpretation of mine.

This research money is a small fraction of the money that has been wasted due to unwise policies justified by the climate panic. The integrated money wasted on the alarmism-induced policies is surely counted in trillions of dollars.

But let me get back to the main topic suggested by the title. George Soros' climate website, RealClimate.ORG, has finally admitted that there's some hysteria among the champions of the climate hysteria who are employed by the U.S. government institutions. The most recent RC blog post is
Defending Climate Science.
Lauren Kurtz, a legally skillful babe from The Climate Science Legal Defense Fund (CSLDF), is instructing climate alarmists how they should fight against Team Trump in the looming war. Her checklist makes it clear that she imagines that this war will be all about FOIA, the access to the alarmists' personal e-mails, and stuff life that. Many of her recommendations sound sensible, some of them may even be said to be ethical, and Hillary Clinton should have followed some of the recommendations in the past – but she didn't.

But I still believe that this checklist is missing the point. Kurtz basically assumes that the looming war that the climate fearmongers are facing will be another sequel to the ClimateGate in 2009 (when a big collection of corrupt e-mail conversations between climate alarmists was hacked or leaked). So some laws that defend the rights of the public may be applied to find some inconvenient information about the climate alarmists and when something dirty is found, the climate alarmists may have a problem.

Well, I don't believe that the challenges that climate alarmists will face in 2017 will resemble the ClimateGate.

Why? Because the ClimateGate was a manifestation of an "asymmetric war" in which the climate alarmists were the "powerful" while the climate realists were the physically weaker freedom warriors who had to hope for tiny gains, be enthusiastic after every small gain, and they had to risk their survival. But I don't think that this is what the war on the climate alarmism will look like in 2017.

You know, starting from a moment in January 2017, the climate realists will be the powerful ones (in America). I don't think that the Trump team will have to search – and will routinely search – through some obscure e-mail conversations. I believe that millions of absolutely unacceptable things have been done and billions have been misappropriated in shocking ways that were made absolutely public – and have terrified the U.S. (and global) public. In fact, I would argue that the alarmists have often bragged about their power – and the wealth that often resulted from it. They have used the bragging as one of the tools to intimidate everyone else. Those tens of billions for the alarmist "research" haven't been spent secretly. All these papers are public. These jerks were stealing, robbing, bullying, crippling human lives while all of us were watching.

A somewhat trivial example. Large U.S. delegations have regularly gone to vacations – the U.N. climate meetings. They went to Bali, Buenos Aires, Montreal, Copenhagen, Cancún, Durban, Doha in Qatar, Lima in Peru, and other more or less exotic places. These taxpayer-funded vacations could have looked OK when their climate alarmist friends were shielding them in the government. But more objectively, there is nothing "fine" about such vacations. In the same way, there is nothing fine about the widespread overt alliances between the renewable energy industry and the panicked climate scientists – and many other things.

I just don't think that you need to look for some hypothetical obscure e-mails if you want to jail hundreds of the most hardcore alarmists for several years. They have done lots of absolutely overt things that justify the imprisonment. Now, I am not saying that Trump will imprison them or that he should imprison them – I am not certain what I think about such retroactive fixes. But my point is that it won't be just some of the most self-evident crimes – e.g. murder – by the climate alarmists that won't be tolerated under Trump anymore.

Even most of the nasty and fraudulent acts that they began to consider "normal parts of the everyday life" will be outlawed and maybe investigated. Maybe the alarmists' lawyers shouldn't be telling the alarmists how to deal with the FOIA requests. Instead, they should tell them how to flee the U.S. and hide in the Bahamas or another place where Westerners are relatively immune towards the law enforcement forces of the Western countries. You know, alarmist guys, you have successfully stolen some $40 billion in total, hopefully saved a part of it, the opportunities are likely to come to a halt, and now you may decide whether you will enjoy this money in a U.S. jail or on the beaches of the Bahamas.

After almost one day, Kurtz's article has received one comment. "Mal Adapted" pledges to send $100 to George Soros' folks every month. I am not sure whether this donation will make a difference.

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