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Czech president allowed to say many things in WaPo interview

In recent months, The Washington Post has emerged as a flagship among the media outlets that don't hesitate to aggressively promote the misleading and sometimes utterly ludicrous memes associated with the outgoing politically correct U.S. administration. They published an interview with someone on the opposite side of these cultural wars, Czech president Miloš Zeman.

And I would praise the interview for one important quality: Zeman gave his answers to some of the most important questions or questions most often associated with him. One may say that he was not being censored. However, there is a flip side. The journalist was basically trying to mock Zeman from the beginning to the end. At least in between the lines, almost every comment or question contains a suggestion that the reader shouldn't take Zeman seriously.

Let me rephrase the interview in a language that is just a little bit exaggerated.

By Anthony Faiola, reformatted by L.M.

PRAGUE – Zeman is a heretic close to our villain-in-chief Trump. He dared to dispute the existence of moderate Muslims, something that no politically correct person would ever dare to do. He is open to conspiracy theories about a coup inspired by the U.S. ambassador. He is contentious and trying to increase his powers. We were sitting with him in a Prague Castle room of an ugly greenish color.

You've said that Trump has invited you. How is it possible that a regular drunkard like you can be invited to such an important place as the White House?

Anthony Fuckola didn't write it exactly in this way and his name is not exactly Fuckola, either. But I think that this was exactly how he wanted the reader to interpret it.

The very suggestion that it should be "shocking" for a Czech president to be invited to the White House is simply insulting. We're an important enough nation and Zeman had a special enough relationship to Trump, due to their similar views on Islam and by endorsing him before the election (and not just after, as some opportunists did, as Zeman pointed out).

Moreover, Zeman has already been in the White House. In fact, he was one of several people who smoked in the White House. The other one who smoked (=gave a blowjob) was Monica Lewinski.

Importantly enough, both men dislike the political correctness. Using the name "international terrorism" for the Islamic terrorism is Zeman's example of PC. (By the way, while Zeman and Trump are painted as pro-Russian men all the time, Putin actually recently ludicrously said that there was no association between Islam terrorism. Zeman and Trump clearly disagree with Putin on this key point.)

When will you be going?

It's not quite obvious but I do think that the doubts whether Zeman can go to the White House at all continued in this question. At any rate, the answer is late April.

Did Donald Trump’s people call you?

Now, the doubts have reappeared in their glory. Of course at least "Trump's people" had to call Zeman if he was invited to the White House. The journalist is basically suggesting that Zeman just made it up and invited himself. Zeman answers that Trump called him.


How else than personally Donald Trump (or anyone else) may call other presidents (or others)? You know that the readers are repeatedly being persuaded that they should disbelieve that a guy like Zeman could be invited to the White House. The suggestion that it should be either impossible or scandalous for a Czech president to be invited to the White House emerged in four questions as well as the title of the interview. (Fuckiola and comrades may be driven up the wall when they learn that Marine Le Pel was seen in the Trump tower, too.)

Zeman said that they talked directly, also about Ivana and Czechia's beauties – Trump has visited Czechia to attend Ivana's father's funeral.

OK, maybe you were invited by Trump but that guy is just an anomaly. Surely serious U.S. presidents have never invited you?

This is what Fuckola wants to say in the following question. Just count how many times he repeated the same meme basically suggesting that it's bizarre for a Czech president to get an invitation to the White House. And this journalistic aßhole is doing these things while sitting in an office of Zeman's, the formal head of the world's largest castle.

Sorry, I would expect at least some respect from dirty irrelevant inkspillers such as Fuckola.

Again, George W. Bush previously successfully invited Zeman to the White House, too. Zeman's answer to the question "why not from Obama" is that Obama has pretty much f*cked up every single country in the Middle East and abandoned Israel, something that Zeman doesn't consider tolerable. Obama could articulate the reason why he failed to invited Zeman differently but the beef would be the same.

The important people in the world call you a Russian stooge. Do you want to defend yourself before we burn you at stake? Or do you really want the sanctions to end?

Only f*cked-up demagogues like Fuckola call Zeman and similar people "pro-Russian". Fuckola clearly wanted to fraudulently obscure where this insult comes from – it comes from scumbags just like himself and no one else. At any rate, Zeman gets the opportunity to explain that sanctions are a lose-lose solution and therefore stupid and he's called anti-Russian by those who are incapable of going through this simple argument.

Then it is untrue? You are not pro-Russian?

Repent! Zeman said that he's an agent for Czechia, not Russia, and he has received no money from Russia – more importantly, not even vodka. ;-)

But Martin Nejedlý of yours has worked with Lukoil, so you must be an amputated penis of Putin's, after all.

Again, it's remarkable how repetitive those demagogues have to be – when they decide that they must impose the idea that "Zeman is pro-Russian" on their readers. And we're just getting started.

Zeman sensibly said that the fine paid by Lukoil is a problem of Lukoil, not Zeman. People with a brain may figure out this point by themselves, Fuckolas cannot.

Some outlet wrote that the U.S. embassy in Prague was behind some protests against you. Will you denounce these accusations?

Well, Zeman didn't denounce it – he said it was possible. Everything is possible and this thing surely is. In fact, it's pretty much established that the "red cards" that the protesters were given to send Zeman out of the "stadium" were obtained from the U.S. embassy. During the Obama years, the U.S. embassies have overtly done very analogous things in many countries (Ukraine is the most similar case) so why an attempted "regime change" in Prague should be excluded? It surely cannot be excluded.

In fact, I find it plausible that once ambassador Schapiro leaves Prague (and Obama leaves the White House), he will become open about what was happening behind the scenes and this may be a thing that he will reveal.

So you think it’s possible?

Zeman just explicitly and totally comprehensibly said it was possible so why would an okay journalist repeat the question? It's so annoying and disrespectful. Yes, it's possible. Fuckolas are spending their lives by intimidating people so that they wouldn't even dare to think about such things. Sorry, Zeman and others won't get intimidated. It's important to think and this is possible.

Some report in Czechia talked about Russian agents influencing everything in Czechia. Do you agree it's been proven that all of us are controlled by the little green men?

Zeman was allowed to explain why he dislike journalists – they think that their views such as this one make them superior relatively to the rest of the population. He says that there's no puppet mastery here. Some Czechs and Americans have some views which are simply sometimes logically aligned with the views prevailing in Russia because all of them are based on common sense. That's it. Amen to that.

You may see that the likes of Fuckola live in a very different world than the world of common sense. They live in the world of conspiracy theories that everyone has to praise all the time.

Czech ministry of interior started to create a censorship unit. You're not a fan, are you?

Nobody has the monopoly on truth, Zeman says, and minister Chovanec (otherwise Zeman's supporter) and his folks don't even have any expertise to distinguish fake and true news. Chovanec and Zeman talked about this topic a few days ago and agreed to disagree.

Has Trump's Michael Cohen met Russian officials in Prague? What do you know about the meeting?

Zeman says that it would have been impolite for these Trump's folks not to meet Zeman himself, while in Prague. He's obviously making fun of the theory.

What do you know about the meeting?

Fuckola repeats the question. Is that really necessary? Zeman has answered in such a way that it's obvious that he considers these claims to be nonsense. OK, so he says explicitly that they're nonsense. In fact, Trump's Michael Cohen has never been to Prague and it has emerged that it was a different Michael Cohen who visited Prague at some point. Not a shock because there is roughly 1,000 Michael Cohens in the U.S. while millions of tourists, including some Michael Cohens, visit Prague.

You dared to say that there was no such thing as a moderate Muslim. Can you repent or defend your heresy?

Zeman picks an analogy with the Nazi Germany – the whole population of a previously decent nation was led to support Nazism within 3 years. It's reasonable to expect the same thing in the case of Islam. There's no barrier that prevents Muslims from becoming full-blown members of the radical Islamic movements.

Didn't you dare to say that Muslims won't assimilate to the Western culture, too?

Well, Zeman did and he picked the attitude to women as his main example – Islam considers women inferior beings and we don't. It's just an example but one that seriously affects 1/2 of the population so it may be enough to see that the cultures can't be reconciled.

Every sensible person who wasn't familiar with Zeman got the opportunity to listen to his views and agree that he's reasonable about all these questions (but not quite all questions, however). On the other hand, we may still see what is the kind of mental activities that power the likes of Mr Fuckola and allow them to manipulate the dimwits who keep on reading trash such as WaPo. Constant repetitions of lies, bullying, intimidating, ostracism, accusations from mysterious criminal links to the racially viewed evil, obsessive group think, and a complete lack of common sense, context, and balanced analyses of anything.

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