Monday, January 23, 2017

Obnoxious climate alarmist had to be ejected from an airplane

Spinoff, off-topic: a new spinoff of The Big Bang Theory is being prepared. A twelve-year-old Sheldon Cooper will be educated by his evangelical mother and others in Texas. I guess that the lead actor will be earning less than Sheldon's, Leonard's, and Penny's $1 million per episode. ;-)
On Saturday, Trump supporter Scott Koteskey and his fellow passengers released and combined this video footage:

On a flight from Baltimore to Seattle, his female neighbor asked him whether he was for Trump or against Trump. Her name isn't known so the Internet only refers to her descriptively as the "wretched liberal hag". He answered that he had come to the East Coast to celebrate democracy, ma'am. She didn't like the answer so she promised to vomit on his lap and demanded that he would be moved elsewhere.

Her complaint was that folks like Koteskey enabled Trump to control the nuclear button. But you may see that the most important concern of hers was that he doesn't "believe" climate change. (The word "believe" was stressed and her hands indicated the quotation marks that I have added to the sentence, too.) Do you believe in gravity, Mr Koteskey was asked? Did you know that gravity is just a theory?

You must have heard this demagogic slogan from the climate alarmists many times. Newton's theory of gravity is approximately accurate (they're less careful while describing its status) so the theory that the "sky is falling due to CO2" has to be accurate, too. Well, it's not and the "derivation" isn't valid.

Do you agree that the "lady" sounded like she has carefully memorized the sentences about the moral high ground, climate, and gravity and just emitted this scene exactly according to a plan?

You've seen people who have been harassed by assorted leftists many times. And I believe that many of you have been harassed by similar hags in your life, too. For many years, it was absolutely normal for these hags and jerks to get exceptions and a special treatment. She must have expected it would be the same.

But it wasn't the same. And maybe America won't be the same for many years.

Crew members have arrived to evaluate what was going on. They quickly saw that it was the "lady" who was the obvious source of the problems – problems that could have been said to be minor but you still don't want to face some problems with a passenger who isn't capable of allowing her neighbor to sit in his chair when your airplane is 6 miles above the ground.

She was told that shockingly for her, she didn't have the right to move Trump supporting fellow passengers to other seats etc. (it almost looks like she really believed that she had the right to move the Trump supporters, the inferior deplorables, to other seats she chooses!) and she was asked to leave the aircraft, along with her silent husband. It didn't even help that she stated that she has paid for the flight and her husband's mother had just died (and even her sudden reversal and promise that she would be quiet just wasn't enough anymore).

As the couple was being escorted off the airplane, many passengers applauded. The tense situation had a happy end. Perhaps this happy end wouldn't have been realistically possible in the recent years (or decades). The lady was lucky that she was ejected from the airplane while the airplane was still on ground: For that reason, she wasn't encouraged to see that despite her stupid slogans, gravity was more than just a theory. It's also a phenomenon in Nature that has numerous consequences.

Recall that one month ago, two annoying homosexuals with a kid claimed to be their son had to be removed from an airplane after they verbally assaulted Ivanka Trump and her children, too, although I admit that this is not the video from that event (but it's more fun to watch it!). ;-)

I want to make a broader point. I think that there are lots of relatively mundane situations in which the leftists harass other people – people whom the leftists find ideologically inconvenient – in ways that really clash with various laws and regulations. Similar verbal assaults aren't really allowed by regulations in the airplanes and elsewhere. In many situations, what the leftists are doing amount to a blackmail.

For years, they could have gotten away with it by painting themselves as saviors of the world, a part of the movement that is in charge of the U.S. or the world. Ideological soulmates holding some power (or blackmailing individuals and companies in various ways) were the reason why many of these people could have behaved as higher-category citizens who stand above others. It seems likely that these years have ended on Friday and these obnoxious leftists will be shocked to see how many totally unjustified advantages and exceptions they have enjoyed because their comrades have controlled the U.S. government.

If you can't leave your neighbor alone in his seat just because he supports different politicians than you do, it is you who is the problem that must be solved. You're gonna learn many other "shocking" facts like that!

Many other wretched liberal hags should have been treated in the same way as this one – but they weren't. For example, numerous hags – starting with Ms Theda Skočpol – should have been ejected during the Larry Summers wars at Harvard when they were turning faculty meetings into an embarrassing hysterical theater. Larry Summers has failed to eject these disgusting, unfair, and self-serving bitches, hags, and sluts – so it was a matter of time before they ejected him.

Maybe many of the leftist spoiled brats in the U.S. must prepare for a wobbly ride because so many exemptions from the laws and rules that they have enjoyed throughout their life will no longer work for them.

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