Saturday, January 28, 2017

Trump's Blitzkrieg against the rogue and fake U.S. government "scientific" tweeters

While the stupid media discusses big questions such as the size of his inauguration crowd and the length of his tie, the new U.S. president is working hard. We're being assured that virtually all of his campaign promises were meant very seriously. Walls are getting prepared, trade deals are being abolished, immigration is being tamed, healthcare reforms are being reversed, and Trump is having a telephone call with Putin right now. Some people don't like it.

Thousands of hard left scholars have signed a petition against the suspension of the Syrian refugee program and similar reductions of the immigration from the Muslim world. I've spent some five minutes by looking at the list of the signatories and I know about 20-30 of them in person. They're fine and smart people, please don't make a mistake about it. They're just wrong about politics. And it's also interesting to realize how many people could have been signed but they're not. I find it clear that the non-signatories are a silent majority.

Trump is also going to defund the U.S. contributions to the Paris Agreement and similar things which is obviously right and important. Radical environmental activists who used to sleep at the treetops for decades but who have basically hijacked the U.S. government in recent years are expected to return to the treetops so I recommend them to learn something about tree climbing.

There is a whole extreme progressive movement focusing on the man-made climate change and similar pseudoscientific junk and they're clearly feeling and thinking just like the Nazi troops on the territory of Bohemia and Moravia on May 9th, 1945. You should understand me: Germany "largely" surrendered on the previous day which is why the Westerners think that May 8th was the end of the war. But their last reliable fortress, my homeland, survived for another day and Prague was only liberated by the Red Army on May 9th which is why we almost always consider this date to be the end of the war in Europe and I am convinced that our nomenclature is more accurate.

Comrades, you have already lost! Hillary surrendered on November 9th or 10th and the tanks are indeed rolling to your last places. It's time to pick your bags, mask your faces, and escape as quickly as you can. And superficially, this may be happening.

However, something else is happening in the underground movement, e.g. on Twitter. A bunch of unofficial "resistance or rogue Twitter accounts" of some U.S. government agencies related to the environmental sciences has emerged:
Rogue NASA, Alt EPA, Alt US EPA, Alt US Nat Park Service, Alt HHS, Alt NASA
Almost all of them already have over 100,000 followers and usually beat the official accounts of these government agencies. I am sure that the followers of these accounts are heavily overlapping with each other.

It's not clear who runs these accounts and whether they're employees of these institutions at all. They don't have to be. In fact, they don't have to be Americans at all. In particular, it's consistent with everything I know that all these accounts are run by William Connolley, the British Green Party apparatchik notoriously responsible for 90% of the alarmist bias in the Wikipedia's articles related to the climate change.

All these accounts keep on publishing a combination of self-promoting, anti-Trump, climate alarmist, and similar topics. If you're arrogant enough to pretend that you're speaking on behalf of the official institutions but you emit left-wing garbage instead, it's very easy to get hundreds of thousands of followers within hours. The West is full of brainwashed and brain-dead zombies.

The fake EPA and Park Services accounts are abusing the official logos. Others, especially the fake NASA accounts, have probably quickly changed those logos when Trump has threatened them with lawsuits. Note that the fake NASA accounts currently use logos that are showing the blue Earth with continents or various currents on the surface. They have nothing to do with the actual logo – and purpose – of NASA which is almost all about flying, the outer space, or the Universe.

I think that Trump's sentiments are sufficiently close to mine for me to predict whether he'll respond. I think that he will. I am sufficiently offended by these last desperate efforts to abuse the authority of the U.S. government institutions for the promotion of this extreme, ideologically driven, pseudoscientific garbage. Trump's views on the essence of this debate are similar to mine and these accounts are attacking Trump much more than they are attacking me which is why I think that he must be more upset about them than I am – and even I am upset enough that I could send the people behind these rogue activities to a waterboarding center. ;-)

This backlash may be temporarily annoying for Trump but at the end, I think that it's helpful. It allows Trump to present many of his badly needed radical changes as a reaction to some professionally unacceptable behavior of the people connected with the alarmist and similar paradigms. And if he found that some of the well-known or powerful people are really behind this Twitter movement, he may give this easily understandable justification of their dismissal.

The justification is less important than the outcome. And I am increasingly hopeful that the contamination of the U.S. government institutions by activists growing the global warming junk and perhaps a few similar enough things – who got there thanks to the politicians who were either sleeping with them or weak enough to resist their blackmail and other nasty tactics – will be reversed. All the people who got to the influential posts because they were producing convenient lies about the climate apocalypse have to be fired, along with some 80-90 percent of the government-funded climate scientists, workers in a field whose politicization has surpassed all red lines you can think of.

So enjoy your fake news on fake NASA, EPA, HHS, and other accounts but the rest of us will be pleased that you will regain your status of self-evident crackpots who sleep at the treetops and you won't be able to influence the fate of the United States of America which you basically could in recent years.

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