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Children trained to behead Western men... in Chicago

All of us have gotten used to the beheading of people in the Muslim world. Sadly, it was often the real people who were beheaded – such as Western visitors or this 12-year-old boy. Our ancestors enjoyed similar exercises some 700 years ago – and in some cases, much more recently. The Muslim world is still socially living in the Middle Ages so we shouldn't be surprised that certain practices look disturbing to us.

Some two years ago, this culture has spread to a country that is much closer to us, Ukraine. Here, in Ivano-Frankivsk, Western Ukraine, people burn an effigy of Putin and children were happily dancing around the burning man. Ukrainians are almost people just like us. They speak a Slavic language that Czechs partly understand and Ukraine is the most important source of gastarbeiters in our economy. But their homeland lives in a different atmosphere. You may find numerous videos about badly treated effigies of Putin in Ukraine.

OK, the Daesh territory and Ukraine still belong to the "East". This is not how masses of people train their children in the West, is it? Oh, wait a minute.

Here is the animated GIF from an RT story.

You may turn on the sound by a button inside the animation.

A former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was speaking at the political institute of University of Chicago and this is how he was welcome. A piñata resembling Donald Trump was created. Kids were encouraged to beat it to death with their first and one of them happily beheaded it or him, earning the applause of others.

The children clearly don't know what they're doing and why they're doing it. They've been brainwashed by some adults. I do think that the adults should be sued and punished for children abuse. This may be worse than a kid that is physically raped. By these exercises, one is producing people who may grow up into insensitive retarded left-wing mental cripples who are incompatible with the Western civilization.

With this striking similarity of the rituals in the Islamic State and in front of the building in Chicago, it becomes much more comprehensible why and how some people in the West may be defending the Islamic political culture. They defend it because their degree of humanism is rather close to the Islamic one. In particular, they simply don't possess certain conscience that may be found in every truly Western human. They are always ready to behave as animals.

Every individual person may have the tendency to do something this weird at some moment. But collectively in our environments, he almost always faces some majority that would stop him. It may be fun now but you shouldn't really behead people – and not even effigies resembling real politicians. Among the anti-Trump fanatics, a critical mass threshold has been surpassed. There are whole communities where it's a majority opinion that they should behave just like the Islamic State animals.

Various people, including those in the Academia, are overtly or covertly encouraging this kind of wild behavior. I am sorry, ladies and gentlemen, but you may be turning into a real pain in the aß, a credible threat for the Western civilization that isn't quite as dangerous or illegitimate as the jihadists – the extent is different – but whose qualitative logic is analogous. For that reason, you may easily find out on a sunny day that you simply have to be treated in a qualitatively similar way as the members of Daesh, too.

This wild behavior looks amazing especially when it is compared to the restrictions that very similar and sometimes the same people were imposing on everyone else when they were in charge of the U.S. They found it unacceptable for university presidents to suggest that there could be natural reasons why women are less likely to be top mathematicians – what a blasphemy to say something that every sane person knows. But beheading the democratically elected leader of the Western world is just fine, isn't it? Leftists' hypocrisy is staggering. And maybe it's not really hypocrisy. Maybe they're acting in this way because they can't help themselves and they really don't belong here, because they simply are closer to the animals in Daesh than they are to us.

You may find tons of badly treated Trump effigies on YouTube. I believe that almost all of them are videos recorded before the election and none of them shows children abuse, at least not this clearly.

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