Friday, February 24, 2017

Climate: America elected Donald, not Ivanka, Trump

A week before the inauguration, I mentioned that Rex Tillerson was basically the main honorary climate alarmist in the Trump administration. Well, it is true if you only look at the official "secretaries", not all the people who have lots of genuine power.

If you look at all the people, the main obstacle for the restoration of climate sanity in the U.S. is the most beloved kid of Donald Trump among the five, Ivanka Trump. She isn't a lukewarmer like Tillerson – she is a downright climate alarmist. Because Melania Trump stayed in New York with her and the president's son Barron, Ivanka Trump is playing the role of the de facto first lady. Her Jewish husband Jared Kushner is therefore logically the alternate U.S. president operating behind the scenes.

Ivanka Trump is beautiful, smarter than almost all the miss contestants who otherwise look like her, and she is a progressive. Most of us became certain about this statement after her 2016 Republican National Convention speech. People applauded but it was exactly the kind of speech you would expect at the competing Democrats' gathering. Child care, equal pay, and similar stuff.

On December 5th, I got a great birthday "gift" when Ivanka shockingly met Al Gore. Gore praised her after the meeting and he said that Ivanka was very committed to climate policy. Holy cow. To make things worse, Donald Trump met Al Gore as well.

I found it weird for the U.S. President Elect to talk to someone who was going to be transferred to Guantanamo Bay – and that's where Gore should have gone approximately on January 22nd. Well, he failed to move there. More precisely, the new U.S. president failed.

Lots of news outlets, especially the environmentalists' publications, are saying that Ivanka Trump has saved the Paris agreement from an executive order. Thank you very much, Ivanka, if this is what you've really done and these efforts will be victorious, you will have made the U.S. taxpayers poorer by a few dozens of trillions of dollars over the coming decades. Don't expect any positive impact on the environment let alone the climate.

Whenever I say that Ivanka Trump is smart, I don't really mean she is smart at the Will Happer or Richard Lindzen level. What I mean is that she is much smarter than almost all the women who look like her. That's a big difference because it's vastly easier to be much smarter than the miss contestants than to be comparably smart to Will Happer or Richard Lindzen.

Ivanka is smarter than this kind of women. But is it enough? Just to be sure, the video above was a parody of the actual answers by the beauty contestants on whether evolution should be taught at schools and except for Miss California Alyssa Campanella (who would indeed become Miss USA 2011 as well), they didn't really demonstrate any scientific literacy. I will generously forgive Alyssa that the only comment about science on her blog is that E=mc2 was discovered by Isaac Newton LOL.

Back in December, I didn't want to be alarmist. The meeting with Gore could have been just a weird episode that should be ignored. Well, my worries are more tangible now. The Kushners may really drag the U.S. back to the alarmist cesspool with all the Paris, Kyoto, and future Agreements and similar insanity, hypocrisy, pseudoscience, intimidation, and the omnipresent footprints of Al Gore and the manbearpig.

Yesterday, 300 U.S. scientists led by Richard Lindzen urged Donald Trump to withdraw from the UNFCCC, the main purely political limb of the United Nations that nurtures the climate hysteria all over the world.

I am sorry, Mr President, but whether or not you love your daughter, someone should remind you that it is you and not your daughter and her husband who has been elected the U.S. president, who has some responsibility for performing the job well, and who will be accountable for the consequences. Your daughter is wonderful but she has been brainwashed by many similar people as those whom you defeated in November. Ivanka Trump may make your face more human but if she is deciding about the substance as well, it's just too bad a sign for your presidency and for your manliness.

She has no genuine knowledge on these questions and you shouldn't fool yourself into thinking otherwise.

Update: Thanks for listening to me, Mr President. Minutes after this text was published, Trump – a lover of hard hats – promised to bring back beautiful clean coal.

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