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Do Slovak women still have the right to use their books as toilet paper, fuel in the forest?

The SJWs in the Czech media began to hysterically discuss a viral video that a Slovak woman born in 1992 recorded a month ago. Before you watch it, I must warn you: If you're a child, a Muslim, or otherwise incapable of watching videos freely, skip the video right away. Thanks for your understanding.

In total, copies of this video have received roughly one million views. People have noticed but it hasn't been a top viral video of the history.

OK, Ms Adriana Meleková who currently lives in Finland has obtained a copy of the Quran. She has complained about the undesirable behavior of the Muslims before she tore a few pages from the book, used a page as toilet paper, urinated on the book, and put it on fire using a flammable substance. The Slovak flag shouldn't confuse you. As a woman born in Czechoslovakia during its last year, she considers herself a Czechoslovak patriot. She will keep on expressing her views, fight against the Muslims who can't behave and who are parasites worse than mange, and if someone will stand in her way, she will neutralize him. She will fight on behalf of her homeland and when it comes to the people who have harassed her using lawsuits etc., she will hunt them on a one-by-one basis.

I am reporting these commitments of hers for you to have a chance to think twice before you dare to criticize her. ;-)

Now, I am impressed by her courage, she is sort of cute, but her way of talking is too rough for me and if I find some roughness of women charming, it's a bit different roughness. At any rate, you may surely be sure that this genre isn't really my cup of tea and I wouldn't record a video like that.

But we're overwhelmed by reports that she's been sued as a criminal who committed "defamation of a race, nation, or conviction" which is formally illegal in Czechia and Slovakia. I am sorry but the Quran represents neither race, nor nation, nor a real conviction. Islam is primarily a political ideology and in the free world, it is and it must be at least as legal to assertively oppose political ideologies as it is to root for them.

So don't make a mistake. Even if I don't find her analysis of the problem careful, deep, intelligent, and balanced enough – sorry, Adriana – I will surely stand on her side in her already emerging conflicts with the police and courts that may try to serve the Islamists or assorted traitors. Of course the babe has the right to express the ideas.

Some media write that by the video, Adriana has "threatened the safety of Slovakia". I am highly skeptical about such a claim but if it were true, it would say quite something about the terrible situation in which we have converged to. Should you really feel like a destroyer of your country if you just feel the urge to take a book you own that represents things that you dislike and use it as a fuel and toilet paper?

Do these journalists really think that what she's doing is comparable to the actual barbarism committed by the Islamists on a daily basis? Many of them have spent much more time by personally attacking and demonizing Adriana than they have spent by any criticism of all radical Islamists combined.

Also, they sometimes write sentences like:

It is considered an unforgivable sin [by the Muslims] to burn the Quran.
Sometimes, the words "by the Muslims" are even omitted. I am sorry but what's important is that the free world guarantees the freedom of expression. It may be weird if you do these things with a book of yours but it is in no way criminal. Most Muslims may believe that the freedom of expression is just garbage and medieval dogmas and the worshiping of mass killers should be more important. But they don't own this part of the world and I think – and hope – that those who are ready to betray the West and reshape our part of the world so that it would be compatible with the Islamism don't own our countries, either. So whether a bunch of savages considers burning of the Quran an unforgivable sin is just a weird and irrelevant curiosity about the distant history or the exotic lands, not something that has the right to affect our behavior.

Needless to say, most of the citizens of Czechia and Slovakia have a mostly positive attitude to Adriana's struggle. The obsessive desire of some journalists to cause problems to Adriana personally indicates that we are already fighting a war against Islam that wants to penetrate into our lands and Adriana's words are not as exaggerated as it might seem.

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