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Stop the hate: don't compare Trump to Hitler

By Václav Klaus, Ladislav Jakl, Jiří Weigl, from Czech

This translation does mean that I endorse the content. Clearly, other politically immature people such as Leonard Susskind deserve the same criticism. And the same criticism has been voiced by many, including a Holocaust survivor.

People's News ("Lidové noviny", a top Czech daily for and by the PC elites) published a nearly unbelievable article by its editor Mr Petr Zídek titled "The End of Certainty" which is all about comparisons of Trump to Hitler and which ends by the words "the election of Trump means the same for Czechs as the arrival of Hitler did".

We are familiar with texts boasting a similar content and full of insults against the democratically elected president of the U.S. who took his office just a few weeks ago. They are being written to the image of the journalism of the darkest, protectorate (1939-1945) and normalization (1968-1989), eras.

It has always been the case that the comparison of someone to Hitler is the end of the discussion. Hitler is evil that has been verified and acknowledged by the history and it's impossible to argue about him. The comparison of Hitler and Trump which is being shown by Zídek and which is an unoriginal imitation of the hysteria of certain circles in the U.S. and Western Europe is an expression of the refusal of democracy and freedom by those who have assumed to hold the monopoly on power in the West (and therefore in our country as well) up to recently.

Trump is a democratically elected president. He is not a representative of the political correctness, genderism, feminism, LGBT lobby, and climate alarmism whose combined oppression has made the West suffer for so many years. On the contrary, Trump represents what was making America successful and attractive up to relatively recently – the freedom of the individuals to search for their happiness, the ability to freely express one's opinions, and the feeling of responsibility towards the whole, not towards one or another privileged group.

Unlike his predecessors whose mouths were full of human rights and the promotion of democracy, he hasn't attacked anyone with the military. He is not responsible for hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths and millions of people who became homeless. He isn't organizing coups and civil wars elsewhere in the world. He is merely saying that he wants to defend the American interests and he doesn't intend to continue the policies of the previous, discredited elites. It was enough for him to earn some angry hatred from his competitors and foes at home as well as Europe. His words were a sufficient reason for that hatred. He hasn't hurt anyone yet.

In spite of that, for those who have the journalist Mr Zídek as their voice, it's enough for Trump to be labeled a new Hitler and the very alliance with the U.S., so far an unquestionable axis of our national security and, in fact, our very existence as a country, has been forgotten overnight.

The journalist Mr Zídek suggests that we should be looking for different allies than the U.S. Whom is he offering us? He's talking about the "end of certainty" but which certainties and guarantees does he have in mind? Is he talking about the self-evident decline of the West's position in the world? Does he talk about the disintegration of the civilization values in the West by the ongoing "cultural revolution"? Or perhaps the violent breakup of countries in assorted corners of the world? The West's economy's falling behind Asia's? The organized import of millions of migrants into Europe?

Does Mr Zídek have at least a glimpse of a justification to label "a preemptive war against Iran and North Korea with thousands of dead civilians" as "realistic prospects resulting from the direction of Trump's policies"? Is it possible to avoid punishment when one is comparing the ceremonial march of the SA and SS through downtown Berlin during the appointment of Hitler as the imperial chancellor (in January 1933) with the inauguration of the U.S. president (in January 2017)? Is it really true that Hitler and Trump have taken over thanks to the votes of the "religious bigots"? Is Trump considering the army to be "the main tool of his politics" like Hitler did?

We reject this perverted politics and degenerated journalism which are showing us what is the actual political hatred that has been deeply rooted in our country for a long time. We reject the irresponsible damaging of our ties with the U.S. which is gaining power in the Czech media.

Czech ex-president Václav Klaus, his aides Ladislav Jakl and Jiří Weigl, published in Lidové Noviny, February 10th, 2017

The lies and hatred are winning over the truth and love

Another reaction to the same article, by ex-director of the Czech National Gallery, Mr Milan Knížák, from Czech

The journalists love to impress us by bombshell stories that are full of metaphors and provocative propositions designed to attract our attention. Mr Petr Zídek from People's News wrote "The End of Certainty" (Wednesday, February 8th, 2017) in which he exposed himself as a fool who is not only ignorant about the history but who is exploiting the most primitive means of expression. To criticize the newly elected U.S. president just because he was democratically elected because he hasn't had enough time for anything except for first attempts to fulfill his promises from the campaign is feeble-minded.

Unfortunately, America has caught the infection from Europe that has been governed for years by the entertainers, the so-called actors, hosts, popular singers, and degenerated university intellectuals who call themselves – because of unknown reasons – the VIPs which is being tolerated by the society – and the reasons behind this tolerance seem even harder to justify or understand. These VIP fools, supported by politicians from the part of politics that didn't win are attempting to question the democratic choice purely because their candidate hasn't won. But the essence of democracy is that we respect the majority's decision in the elections and if we aren't satisfied with the results, we have the opportunity to join the political contest as candidates. Democracy has its limitations, as every system based on a majority does, but democracy differs from the totalitarian systems by not prosecuting the minorities. Numerous minority groups are abusing this virtue of democracy.

Hitler is a symbol of a terrifying apocalypse for Europe, one that has affected one-half of the world. These days, it's fashionable to forget about the Second World War and only think about the world history since 1945, at least that's what many pundits do in Czechia. Hitler was also freely elected but the society led by him wanted to promote his fans to the elite with great privileges and desire to conquer the rest of the world.

The history of the U.S. democracy is very different from the European one. To compare Trump to Hitler is an insult of the American democratic tradition.

Here in Czechia, we are beginning to feel the consequences of Havel's "apolitical politics", its protectionism and unlimited elitism. This heritage was necessary for the monstrous Mr Babiš to be created, a man who is tunneling the Czech Republic using his chair of the finance minister. That's what the journalist Mr Zídek should question but in a country where the same Mr Babiš controls one-half of the media, a journalist needs some professional honor and courage to do so. Mr Petr Zídek self-evidently doesn't possess either.

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