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A stringy interview with Petr Hořava

Giotis has pointed out that the Czech Public Radio recorded a 15-minute English-language interview with Czech string theorist Petr Hořava while he was visiting his old homeland.

I hope that this cutely simple HTML5 audio tag with the MP3 file works for everybody.

For years, Petr has been working at Berkeley. He's well-known as the co-author of the Hořava-Witten "M-theory on spaces with boundaries" that carry the \(E_8\) gauge supermultiplet, as they demonstrated.

He was also one of the several forefathers of D-branes in the late 1980s. More recently, he inspired the Hořava-Lifshitz theories of gravity that try to start with a theory invariant under the non-relativistic – and Galilean – symmetries.

He was also given the Neuron Prize, a Czech science award.

In the interview, he talks about string theory, that and why it's the only game in town, what it may explain, what it modifies, what it doesn't, to what extent string theory has been established etc. I think that I would agree with everything he said. Maybe I would prefer a more optimistic tone but that's a different question. ;-)

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