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Germans should be ashamed of their candidate Martin Schulz

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In the recent decade, the German politician elite has drifted towards the arrogant, politically correct far left corner. Recall that Angela Merkel's predecessor was the social democrat Gerhard Schröder.

This 2002 parody of a famous Spanish ketchup pop song, "The Tax Song", still showed the innocent politics that Western politics had known for decades. Schröder was a social democrat and it was therefore sensible to assume that he wants too high taxes, too many taxes (I can't even tell you with any certainty whether high taxes were characteristic for his tenure), and he's making fun of the citizens who probably don't like to pay this much. The only other theme of the song I can identify are the accusations that Schröder had to color his hair, otherwise they couldn't have been so youthful.

Although Merkel's CDU should be more conservative than Schröder's SPD, I find it obvious that Merkel is more left-wing than Schröder was. He was really a guy with some common sense who was immune towards most of the insanities – and he's still resistant towards e.g. the postmodern Russophobia that is largely driven by Vladimir Putin's being too conservative for the self-anointed progressive ideologues who have multiplied like locusts in the West.

Merkel has done lots of bad and dangerous things. Can things get any worse? You bet. There is still a lot of room describing how much worse things can get. Martin Schulz was just unanimously (for the first time!) picked by the 605 SPD representatives as the social democrats' (SPD) candidate to replace Angela Merkel. He represents everything that is wrong about the contemporary EU and the nation states' politicians aligned with its fads.

For years, Martin Schulz has been the chieftain (or general secretary or whatever is the phrase used by these neo-Bolsheviks) of the European Parliament – one of the main jobs symbolizing the self-confident unelected "deep state" within Europe. He's had wrong opinions about every political question and he still has wrong opinions about every political question.

He's an ethanol addict who has also attempted to do something that has brought many people to a psychiatric asylum for years or for life. He hasn't completed the final high school exam (the only one in the whole European Parliament – therefore ideally suited for the chieftain according to the EU "meritocracy") and is well-known for his obscene remarks.

In Czechia, we've noticed him because of numerous diplomatic crises he has ignited or co-ignited. In 2008, when then Czech president Václav Klaus was trying to stop the Treaty of Lisbon – a new arrangement of the EU whose toxicity is now self-evident to most Europeans – he cooperated on the anti-Czech pressures along with his pedophile friend Daniel Cohn-Bendit. They would provoke by spamming the Prague Castle with the EU flag and similar garbage.

Schulz would always work hard to de facto ban about one-half of the political spectrum in Europe – he's been always against democracy. Everyone who opposed his far left delusions was labeled a Putinist or worse by Herr Schulz. He insanely argued that the European Union has too little regulation, that the purpose of Europe is to bring social security to the people, and other things that would eliminate him from any serious contest just a decade ago. Schulz is almost certainly more extreme than Oskar Lafontaine was – but even the latter didn't have much chance to get to the top.

But let's return to 2017.

During the weekend, Schulz informed us that the "[Trump's] United States, Poland, Hungary, and Turkey are enemies of freedom and democracy". The PC media ran ballistic when Trump was allowed to grab a pußy a decade ago – but when the possible next leader of Europe's #1 power includes the U.S. and two democratic European countries to the axis of evil, things are just fine, aren't they? It's surely safe when the German leader emits hostile remarks about America as well as some nearby European countries.

The very fact that these four very diverse countries are conflated in this way is crazy. What does Trump's America have to do with Erdogan's Turkey? And where does this extreme individual find enough chutzpah to label others as the enemies of freedom and democracy? Americans, Poles, and Hungarians are undoubtedly among those who have democratically elected their leaders and many of the efforts by these leaders that Schulz finds to terrible are efforts to preserve the freedom in these countries – and in the Western civilization in general.

Schulz's criticism against Turkey is hypocritical, as my representative in the European Parliament Petr Mach pointed out, because Schulz has always voted in favor of negotiations and alliances between the EU and Turkey.

Needless to say, Schulz also vowed to wage a war against AfD and all Euroskeptics (he uses the term "virus" for Euroskeptics because "Untermenschen" is too conservative for him), against the champions of low taxes, and he was repeatedly one of those who blackmailed the European countries that know why the redistribution of migrants is a very bad idea – they could lose the European funds, Schulz and others have bizarrely claimed.

This individual is primarily a big threat for Germany. But because Germany is such an important country, he is a big threat for freedom, democracy, and prosperity in Europe. And as his aggressively non-diplomatic statements indicate, he is a threat for peace in Europe and the world, too. Czechia wasn't included in his "axis of evil" but I find it obvious that one should interpret this fact as a mere coincidence. For years, he did a lot to bully and intimidate our politicians and a big part of the Czech public. If he becomes the Chancellor, he will do these things officially, with quite some power structures behind him. Do you really want to return to 1938?

Germans, you have transformed a lot but you still have the chance at least to slow down this sickly process and you should think twice whether you want to descend to this cesspool and the existential dangers with this absolutely obnoxious jerk. In particular, I want to warn those Germans who think that a politician like Schulz would turn Germany into an even friendlier country from the viewpoint of other countries. That's the opposite of the truth. Schulz is the straightest path to making Germany as problematic on the continent or in the world as it was 80 years ago. Even if you don't understand why Schulz is bad for Germany itself, you should be able to see that Schulz is a huge threat for Germany's relationship to the U.S., most of post-socialist Europe, the U.K. (which will activate Brexit Article 50 on March 29th, and Schulz is one of those who want to "punish" Britain), but also Russia, Turkey, and many many other countries.

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