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Our guru Bill Nye, the science and arts guy, revolutionized the evolution theory

Guest blog by April Horgan, the CEO of the Ivy League World Salvation

I am grateful to comrade Motl for the opportunity to speak to readers of this wonderful progressive website. You may know Bill Nye as one of the most brilliant and famous scientists of all times – and the best dancer at Dancing with the Stars. But what you don't know is that he is also the best musician and musical host ever.

In his new Netflix show appropriately named Bill Nye Saves the World, he introduced a very special guest, the best non-male pansexual singer of the world, Rachel Bloom. Ze is absolutely brilliant, everyone talks about zer all the time, zer singing isn't out-of-tune at all, and ze has so much breath left.

And the lyrics is so ingenious and insightful. All schoolkids should be obliged to listen to this song and try to sing it themselves because the survival of our Planet depends on it.

Ze was listening to the voice of zer vagina but wasn't satisfied just by two choices, the hard one and the moist one. So ze (I mean the vagina) has decided to be something else on the colorful spectrum.

Bill Nye has shown his brilliance and said that it was a nice job, after he made some captivating movements with his body as well.

As Dr Bill Nye observes, almost everyone agrees that the future of science and the humanity belongs to the new sexes on the spectrum. 97% of all sexes agree that this is where the evolution is going. At most 3% i.e. three deniers, the "men", "women", and ordinary "gays", if I have to enumerate these despicable contrarians funded by the Big Oil explicitly, sometimes dispute that the evolutionary struggle is going to be dominated by the 97% moisty-hard hybrids on the spectrum.

If you combine those, like the sex stew including two moisty ones with vacuum cleaners in them, the best children will be born in this way. The evolution and Bill Nye are unstoppable. Please join me in celebrating our new scientific savior Bill Nye.

Our savior Bill Nye is already making sure that the people on the wrong side of the history, e.g. non-scientists such as Princeton physics professors, won't be allowed to appear on CNN. Instead, they will be replaced by the brilliant combined scientists-artists such as Rachel Bloom whose moisty-hard vaginas on the spectrum will speak to the viewers directly. That's the future of TV and the humanity.

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