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America, Visegrád vs globalist Paris climate pact loons

The tension between the U.S. and the politically correct Western Europe has become obvious. After she met Donald Trump in Sicily, Angela Merkel said that the U.S. was no longer a reliable partner, Europe should become self-sufficient (Trump has been saying the same thing for some time!), and her discussions with Trump about the climate hysteria were "very dissatisfying". Merkel is so annoyed by Trump's attitudes that she wants to "work with Russia". Putin's being rather conservative was always the main reason why radical PC fanatics such as Merkel have escalated their Russophobia and now, when Trump has arguably trumped the center-right Putin, Russia no longer looks so bad to the far left loons.

A previous German-American rift that had just ended in Pilsen.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has said that the "Germans were very very bad" because the BMW, Mercedes, and other German carmakers sell lots of cars in the U.S. Well, this is the only thing in this collection where I won't agree with the Donald at all. You know, Mr President, the fact that the BMW and other German companies can sell so many cars in the prestigious American markets so easily means that "they are very very good", not that "they are very very bad". Fix your signs! ;-) To say the least, lots of American consumers – and Trump's voters – still think that these German cars are immensely good and reliable – although some numbers indicate otherwise.

Market Watch has praised Trump. He had to do something right because he persuaded Merkel to reveal her cards: she wants to follow in her predecessor Hitler's footsteps and conquer Europe.

Days ago, the U.S. president has officially announced that he would make his decision about the U.S. cooperation with the Paris climate agreement this week. However, some less official news informed us that Trump's friends have already been told that the decision has been made and the U.S. will leave the Paris climate accord. PM May could be one of the anti-climate "moles" within the EU.

Climate alarmists have already labeled the U.S. a "rogue country" once it leaves the Paris climate pact. On the other hand, Ted Cruz as well as 22 top Republican Senators have urged Trump to leave the pact while the "big business" wants America to remain committed to this new Kyoto.

The relationships and disagreements are tense. I sincerely hope that Trump won't change his position – as he has so many times – and he will remove the U.S. from the Paris climate pact, indeed. I don't quite understand whether he expects the removal to be "immediate" – by basically claiming that Obama's signature meant nothing legally – or whether he wants to go through the 4-year exit process prescribed by the Paris climate pact itself. Whatever would be the procedure, the pact would become ludicrous because countries that would regulate their CO2 could quickly become uncompetitive relatively to the U.S. within years.

Many of the articles talk about the "isolation of the U.S.". No one wanted to befriend Trump at a G7 summit. That's cute except that one could convincingly argue that the U.S. represents a majority of the power – and some other relevant extensive quantities – within the G7 group. So it might be more accurate to say that the other leaders are isolating their countries, not Trump.

Moreover, it's absolutely wrong to believe that the attitudes of Merkel towards topics such as the climate hysteria or migration represent the views of the EU countries. An hour ago, I read a wonderfully hysterical text

EU climate laws undermined by Polish and Czech revolt, documents reveal
at Climate Change News, an outlet pretending to be a news outlet (and listed via Google News) but obviously run by some climate alarmist psychopaths. They whine that the "Eastern" states – well, Poland and especially Czechia are almost by definition Central European states – are "undermining" EU climate laws that should "guide" Europe towards its carbon reduction (and Paris climate pact) targets. Well, Czechia hasn't ratified the Paris climate pact so it would be polite not to talk to us as if we were obliged to work on this particular idiocy.

Indeed, it seems that the Polish and Czech negotiators are heroically working behind the scenes to make these harmful laws basically inconsequential. A Czech proposal was already accepted by the Maltese EU presidency and it wants to double count solar and wind investments. This proposal and similar ones from Poland want to extend deadlines, reduce the numbers, water down other things – indeed, the goal seems obvious. Some of the strategies seem characteristically Czech – they seem to undermine the system from within, much like the good soldier Švejk would do it. Most of us just don't want to "fight the climate change" because only stupid people do so and indeed, energy's being cheap is the most important condition for a healthy energy mix.

The article above uses some funny language. We learn that "the east EU rebels" make "maneuvers" that "mirror president Donald Trump's rollback" and other things. A Claude Turmes, a top alarmist in the EU Parliament, is quoted as saying:
We cannot allow backward-looking east EU states to destroy the EU’s credibility on the Paris agreement,
LOL. Maybe as long as the EU exists and we are members, we should better not allow degenerated alarmist psychopaths such as Mr Turmes to look into their own rectum and to speak on behalf of the European Union. Whether the Paris climate pact is a good idea is a vigorously disputed topic within the EU countries' politicians.

A message for Merkel? On May 27th, at 10:30 am, exactly (with a 1-minute precision) 75 years after the 1942 assassination of the acting protector of Bohemia and Moravia, Reinhard Heydrich, they reconstructed the event ("anthropoid" means a monster resembling a human being). Well, they did it in a similar nearby curve with streetcars in it – the original one has become a part of the multi-level crossing of highways going down to the Troja Math-Phys Campus (I've been there a few times). Self-confident "blonde beast of Prague" who believed that his Czechs worshiped him was going in his open Mercedes. The gun of the first assassin failed. A problem. The second assassin threw a handgranade that did the job – although after a futile, one-week-long delay in a hospital. A woman tried to help Heydrich. Ms Marie Navarová was financially compensated for this act before they found out that she was feeding folks in the resistance as well, so she was arrested by the Nazis. After the war, she was arrested by the communists for her collaboration with the German powers. Just to be sure, most Czechs may be "flexible" but it's still existentially unsafe for a German politician to assume that the Czech lands represent his or her "extended hand". Don't forget it, Ms Merkel. Another video from a regular viewer's cell phone.

Even though the Paris climate pact and similar stunts are often painted as some impressive efforts that the whole world agrees with, it simply ain't so. Just look at the map of countries that have ratified this stunt. In the Americas, only 10% of the territory in the Northwest hasn't ratified. In Europe, the holdouts are Switzerland (outside the EU), the Netherlands, Czechia, Romania, Serbia, and about two smaller post-Yugoslav countries.

But in Africa, the countries where the ratification process has ended are balanced with those where it hasn't – a strip from Egypt to the South hasn't ratified it. Except for Saudi Arabia, almost no one in the oil-rich Arab world has ratified the treaty. And neither did Russia. You shouldn't forget that many countries that have ratified, such as Poland, are doing everything they can for the Paris climate pact to be basically inconsequential.

If the U.S. leaves the pact, the world will be split in an approximately 50-to-50 way again. It's just plain silly to paint the "no" countries as mavericks let alone rogue countries. It's really the alarmist countries that are the rebels. They are revolting against some pillars of the industrial civilization that have been taken for granted in recent centuries.

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