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Gerry's postcard from 1895 and an unknown town

Beneath the blog post about Google Translate, Gerry told us about a postcard that his wife's grandparents stored in the attic since 1895.

They didn't have time to read it up to May Day 2017 ;-) but Gerry is rather certain that the writing is in German. Well, I am rather sure as well. In fact, my German is more or less enough to understand what's going on.

The second picture is the following:

Click at any picture to zoom it in.

Finally, this is the town from the front side of the postcard:

I am posting these three pictures at 16:05 Prague Summer Time, May 1st. I want to know how much time it takes for a reader to explain the content of the postcard, translate the inscription, and/or identify the town on the picture. Is the TRF community a fast problem solver?

(Update: at 16:06, I made a guess what the town is, given the words written on the previous pictures, and the guess was confirmed – I found the identical postcard on the web LOL. How many of you can do the same or better?)

Mr Karel Hynek Mácha's "May" (1836) talking about the evening of May 1st when love is everywhere probably remains the most famous Czech romantic poem. I listened to this one-hour-long Mr Rudolf Hrušínský's interpretation, it's arguably the best one that was ever made in the subsequent 181 years. Czech is excellent for this kind of poetry. I can't judge the translations but this one by Google Translate would be good enough arts for me! ;-)

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