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Salman Abedi (23) strikes in Manchester

My condolences to the friends and families of the (so far) 21 innocent victims of a suicide attack (involving a home-made explosive device with nails) in Manchester's MEN arena. The victims were mostly kids and young teenagers, fans of Ariana Grande (*1993), an American singer.

The explosion occurred at 22:32 local time, Monday night. Few hours before the massacre, at 18:28 and 18:32 local time, the Twitter account @Owys663 warned in broken English that "the just terror" was coming to the #ManchesterArena – this hash tag was included in one of the two relevant tweets.

The number of such specific pro-terrorist threats in English isn't too high and given the agreement in the location and the timing (within four hours), I find it extremely likely that @Owys663 knew about the prepared attack and more likely than not that @Owys663 was the attacker himself – who has been named as Salman Abedi (23, son of Libyans) on Tuesday afternoon, and said to have been known to police. Also, ISIS has claimed the responsibility for the attack and promised more although this particular covered animal doesn't carry the label "I am The Washington Post of Daesh" so you can't be sure how important the man on the video is. The account @Owys663 has been disabled by Twitter and the body of the attacker, possibly identical to @Owys663, may have been torn to many pieces or not.

News are bit confusing about that point but it's plausible that he left the detonation device there, saved his life, and was arrested today.

By the way, what does Owys mean? The number 663 after Owys is rather high so if OwysXXX means the terrorist #XXX, there are many others. What about Owys0909, for example?

To target kids is particularly cruel but it also looks immensely logical from the Islamic terror's viewpoint. The kids are those who are most likely to live in the future – and kids attending a concert like that may also be viewed as supreme examples of the "decadence" of the West by the hardcore Muslims. (I am not saying that I am a lover of Grande's music – and I don't think that this information is very important in this context.)

Physicians in Manchester had a lot of work – and taxi drivers were mostly driving free of charge. It's bizarre to see that some of the leftists try to point out that the taxi drivers who were operating for free are Muslims. Most taxi drivers in Greater Manchester are Muslims. But the same leftists would often like to silence any discussion about the religion of the attacker and the lesson that it means for rational observers.

Let me say that after the attack, I would almost certainly prefer to walk over the free taxi ride with a Muslim driver. Well, I also generally prefer walking over a paid taxi ride with any driver but that's a different issue.

More than 5% of the people in Manchester are Muslims; the city is well above the 3% average of the U.K. which is why an Islamic terror attack could have been predicted for the city. I am not quite 100% certain that the attacker was a Muslim at this point, of course, but the degree of certainty is much closer to 100% than to 50% so that I find it natural to talk about this scenario.

We have gotten used to such attacks. Sadly. I believe that suburbs and some concert halls should experimentally try to become no-go zones for Muslims. In particular, I think that utterly irreligious musicians and musicians with non-Islamic yet colorful religious history such as Ariana Grande (she left the Catholic church after her gay brother was expelled, and she turned to Kaballah, a Jewish esoteric methodology) should have concerts that Muslims cannot attend. They can listen to the music on YouTube. The extra added value of their being allowed to attend live concerts is arguably smaller than the added risks.

Condolences to those who have loved the kids again.


Here's a one-year-old, 14-minute-long Czech video with some authentic pictures from Manchester.

Ms Eva Nováková has lived there for 10 years but she was a victim of some sexually inspired attempted assaults that scared her. When she reported it, the policemen told her to be careful, "those people have lots of friends", and suspicious people were following her when she went back and tried to steal her dog. She decided to return to the homeland. Two folks – friends or volunteers – immediately picked their car and went for a 1,800-kilometer-long journey to Manchester. They stopped near a Brussels memorial, recorded some video from the Rusholme no-go zone in Manchester, looked at a church that was taken by a Muslim organization, tried to discuss with a few people, and during the return, they did the same in the Calais' Jungle near the Channel.

The rest of the trip back to Czechia was problem-free and Ms Nováková reunited with her parents etc.

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