Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What 30% of Czech voters tolerate to Babiš is incredible

I have written critical blog posts about the political culture, the atmosphere of cowardliness, collective irrationality, and the evaporating democracy in Germany. So it's somewhat refreshing to see a series of events in the Czech basin that make Germans think and behave in a more civilized way than Czechs. Such events show that the world is still alright. ;-) The West is in the West and the East is in the East.

Czech billionaire (second wealthiest Czech after financier Petr Kellner who [also] funds the Klaus Institute but is otherwise not interested in politics) and former Slovak communist snitch Mr Andrej Babiš has been a villain in numerous scandals and about one-half of them emerged in the recent weeks or a month. First of all, he shouldn't have become a minister because he was a snitch and the "lustration" law declared it impossible for these 160,000 citizens (1%) of Czechoslovakia who were reporting their politically inconvenient compatriots to become ministers or similar top politicians.

He also became a billionaire – his Agrofert Holding, held through a trust since February, is worth some $3 billion. Babiš is about as wealthy as Trump. Lots of recent data show that he simply stole the assets of the communist company Petrimex. He also stole the share of his former classmates in Switzerland. Yes, during communism, much like in the case of Kim Jong Un, the elite communist parents sent their spoiled brat to study to Switzerland.

During the years, he has robbed the Czech public budgets of billions of crowns for subsidies for rape, he has stolen a $2 million EU subsidy for small companies and used it to build his Stork Nest luxurious farm in the Czech countryside, and he has done many things like that. Before he entered politics in 2011, he was already controlling lots of political decisions through the influence that was obviously dirty.

Agrofert has issued and Babiš has bought the untaxed, one-crown bonds although this concept was meant to be used for the government bonds only.

And this utterly dirty and immoral person established his ANO movement in 2011, offering the same anti-parliamentary claims as Adolf Hitler. The Parliament is just a place where idiots, thieves, and incompetent folks bubble. I am the only one who doesn't steal, and so on, and so on.

In recent weeks, the Julius Šuman anonymous group jokingly named after Babiš's boss in the communist secret police has published some explosive recordings of Babiš. In the first one, Babiš uses about 15 different obscene, unflattering words not only for his political competitors but also for numerous key employees of his ANO movement. Well, people normally use expletives in privacy so no one was too shocked.

The second and third recording released a week ago show Babiš talking to Mr Marek Přibil, a "journalist" paid to be his servant. They were reviewing all the acquired materials to discredit folks in the social democracy and were picking the optimum moment to publish it in the newspapers then belonging to Babiš – now to the Babiš-owned trust. Přibil has clearly worked on such projects to make the social democracy look bad for some five years – most of these would-be damning articles were utterly ludicrous. But Babiš suddenly claims that Přibil was just an agent of the social democracy and the Přibil-Babiš meetings were just a provocation. How stupid do the people have to be to buy something like that?

The third, newest recording shows that they're discussing a very secret document from an ongoing police investigation (to make things worse, the investigation of the most explosive case, as some people classify it). If the things are what they explicitly sound like, both men have probably committed a crime – one that is a sensitive issue for the national security.

Some journalists have predicted that there will be another recording in which Babiš will deal with the materials discrediting himself and acquired by some other five wealthy Slovaks in "Penta" – materials showing that he has worked for KGB and not just its Czechoslovak counterpart. I don't quite understand why the journalists think so but if we get an audio like that, it will be tough.

But look at the polls before the October 2017 regular Parliamentary elections. Babiš's ANO still seems to above 30 percent and is as strong as the following three parties combined. In a nation full of people thinking like myself, Babiš would have been hanged for a rather long time. In the real-world nation of Czechs, the greatest group of voters doesn't even have any problem with this unbelievable prick and criminal and his rather impressive pile of scandals.

As a kid, I was often asking myself: How is it possible that a highly civilized nation of classical composers and philosophers – Germans – was ready to embrace something as inhuman and primitive as Adolf Hitler and his policies? I still have some problem to understand the dynamics but I am already sure that it was no anomaly. In almost every nation, there are at least dozens of percent of the population who will always happily sacrifice any universal old-fashioned moral principles if it's needed to support something that they biologically, instinctively feel to promote themselves. And additional dozens of percent of the people will join them under certain circumstances – when it becomes apparently safe.

You know, the point is that Babiš speaks like a primitive, instinctively driven bumpkin who has received no substantial education, who reads no books, who is not capable of writing a consistent essay, who loves to reduce everything about politics to absolutely down-to-Earth material considerations and all political arguments to absolutely unjustified claims such as "everyone in the system is a thief and I am a saint because I revealed that". These primitive people love the fairy-tale that someone "just like them" has honestly become very successful and powerful. They don't care that it's nonsense. They don't want to admit to themselves it's nonsense even when they see very explicit proofs that there is nothing "clean" about the way how Babiš acquired and maintained his power and wealth.

You know, I find it vitally important that the civilized nations have done many more good things than bad things and the principles of enlightenment, freedom, Parliamentary democracy, rule of law etc. etc. have played a very important role in all of that. I have some degree of respect towards democratic political parties even if I disagree with their ideas. Babiš's voters are basically primitive animals who don't have any respect for any of these values – or for the word "value" itself. They're totally OK with a dictatorship, with the suppression of even basic freedoms, with the dissolution of the Parliament, with the dictator's selective suppression of the law, and all these things. They're OK with it as long as they identify the leader who breaks all these laws to be an animal from the same species as themselves.

Needless to say, I have despised individuals like Mr Babiš for some 30 years, since I was a boy. This involved my hatred against the people who were actually helping the totalitarian regime to survive even though they often claimed something totally different. Well, these human animals worship Babiš for the analogous but opposite reasons. He's the same filth as they are, someone who has no respect towards the pillars of the Western civilization, towards the need to obey some basic rules whether they are convenient for you or not. They would have been happy with all the key, defining characteristics of communism, and they feel happy that someone who seems acceptable to millions of people emerged once again to defend them.

Millions of Czechs are just immoral scum.

German TAZ wrote a text titled Frontal Assault on Democracy which says that Babiš is ready to use any tools to achieve his ends and reviews some of the scandals. It's embarrassing for my nation to get this unflattering press which seems totally justified to me.

You know, basically all other politicians and political parties in Czechia – left and right – except for those directly dependent on Babiš agree that the scandals are serious and consequences should be deduced from them. But the problem is that it seems plausible that Babiš will get a larger number of votes than all the democratic parties combined – social democracy, civic democrats, centrist conservative TOP, and Christian Democrats, on top of a few other parties that won't make it to the Parliament. If you appreciate that the communist party hasn't even changed its name and this Babiš's maternal party is another non-democratic party as well, you may see that the self-evidently non-democratic parties have a rather high probability to score more than 50% in the October elections. In that context, the consensus between left and right democratic parties seems rather irrelevant.

The existence of millions of voters who are eager to screw the basic Western civilization values in my country and even the most rudimentary consequences of the Velvet Revolution seems like a fact. A disturbing fact but a fact. That's why I think that this fight shouldn't be narrowly interpreted as a political fight before the elections. I am confident that Babiš has done many self-evident crimes and he needs to be arrested so that it's impossible for him to collect the votes from the absolutely unethical, non-Western animals in October.

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