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CZ, NL resist Paris Agreement: ODS heroically filibusters

Reuters has reminded us that Juncker will work hard tomorrow to start legal proceedings against the Visegrád Group countries – although Slovakia is missing in his list because "it made some pledge in recent 12 months" (Slovakia just banned the registration of Islam as religion, thankfully, it's not viewed as a problem yet LOL) – because we won't participate in the intentional Islamization of the European continent. The Czech government has officially stopped all procedures that were meant to embrace some Muslim migrants (or, ideally, refugees) and it's probably similar in Poland and Hungary.

I have often felt jealous when only Poland and Hungary were mentioned as the beacons of the European culture's fight against these suicidal efforts. So at least Juncker himself has managed to return my homeland to the club, after our ambiguous PM Sobotka almost left us behind. ;-) Slovakia and Hungary have already sued the EU over the unacceptable decision on the quotas. For some strange reason, the government of the Czech nation – whose opinion is far clearer than the opinion of Slovaks and Hungarians – hasn't joined this lawsuit.

Needless to say, this decision will have a deep emotional impact on the EU's approval rate in our countries – the EU and its unelected officials will be hated even more strongly than so far (the comment sections under the Czech articles sound rather tough) – and on the other hand, they will only want us to pay a symbolic fine, like $10 million, which makes absolutely no difference for any government's budget. So I think that Juncker really sucks as a politician, he is shooting himself in the foot. He doesn't seem to understand that he's losing his influence over a big part of the EU – and what is reasonable to do in such a situation. What he does must either end with his marginal loss of influence; or with some greater EU-Visegrád rift which would probably lead to a more widespread decay of the whole EU.

Now, I want to mention another pet cause of the EU's far left: the Paris climate agreement.

You may look at the map of the countries that have already ratified the document. In the EU, only the Netherlands and Czechia have succeeded in averting the ratification so far. In Europe, only Switzerland, Moldova, Serbia, some other small Yugoslav places, Russia, and Turkey remain out of the ratified list.

Hospodářské noviny, the Czech counterpart of WSJ, has brought us an enlightening story about the negotiations in the Parliament: PM Sobotka and EnvMin Brabec debate how to fool ODS. That party vigorously disables steps to ratify the Paris climate treaty.

ODS, the Civic Democratic Party, is the party founded by ex-president Klaus in the early 1990s. A decade ago, it became too centrist and soft and Klaus left it. But I always prefer to act as a realist instead of tilting at the wind turbines. ODS still represents a positive sign in my eyes. I still plan to vote for it in October 2017. When it comes to the climate hysteria, I am totally satisfied with the ODS' attitude. Even the softened ODS considers the foundation of the Paris Climate Agreement, the theory about the harmful man-made climate change, to be of questionable quality and is aware of the deep and negative economic, energy-efficiency, and constitutional consequences of that treaty.

Dr (RNDr – natural scientist) Jan Zahradník (of Budweis) is quoted as the ODS' leader in the Parliament to fight against the treaty. That's good to hear because I have exchanged a few tweets with him and at some moment, he told me that we should meet in Prague. Which we should do but I was lazy to plan the trip – it would probably need to be a special one-purpose trip to Prague in this case.

I wouldn't help him with the technicalities of the guerilla fight against the treaty. At least I learned what's really going on and what are the sides and their weapons. So it looks like the coalition government – the social democrats, the billionaire's populist ANO, and the Christian democrats – are supposed to unanimously vote in favor of this treaty. I don't really understand how the parties manage to impose this discipline when it comes to such a divisive, and partly non-partisan, topic.

Nevertheless, ODS is succeeding in its asymmetric warfare and it's a form of filibuster that always delays the decision. Dr Zahradník is talking a lot and probably saying lots of relevant things – as a doctor of natural sciences, he probably has a lot to say. I've read one of his speeches and it was good. And collectively, ODS often points out e.g. that "the minister of industry Mr Mládek is absent, so we must delay the decision" and most of the Parliament has actually endorsed this opinion so far. The real reason is that by not allowing ODS to win this filibuster fight, the coalition government could threaten the proceedings about topics that are actually more important. And no one finds the climate panic important enough to run these risks.

In the context of the numerous EU countries that are voluntarily contaminating their legal system by this garbage of Paris, our resistance – if ODS managed to survive to the elections and maybe later – could turn this attachment to principles to a comparative advantage and I think that we would deserve it, not because most people are courageous while speaking the truth – most of the Parliament apparently isn't right now – but because we have at least some folks and a party that is courageous enough.

The geopolitical logic surrounding the Paris treaty must be strange. I think that in some "truly global" questions, a greater portion of the lawmakers would prefer to stay on the U.S. side if this were how the question is posed. I don't really think that most lawmakers would want to be on the French and German side against the U.S. when something that could turn into a global confrontation were getting started. Many of the top politicians, like Babiš himself, don't seem to be staunch climate alarmists. I really don't get it how his party ends up being an unanimous supporter of this insanity.

Responses to Juncker

Just back to the lawsuit over the quotas. Here are the top comments at the center-right (where over 1,000 comments were written very quickly):

Jiří Krejča, +244/–1 (helpful/unhelpful votes)

The European Commission will start proceedings against the Czech Republic over its not respecting the migration quotas... so the citizens will surely love the Eurokolkhoz (kolkhoz is a collectivized farm in the USSR) even more so than they did so far.

Jaroslav Port, 326/3

V4 should start proceedings against Frontex for its lack of will to protect the border of the Schengen area and for its smuggling of the illegals to Europe.

Milan Novotný, 171/1

It seems that the only sensible path is to unambiguously announce to the EU that we will never respect any migration quotas and that we will solve the whole affair by declaring a referendum about the leaving of the European Union.

The whole Western part of the EU doesn't even seem to consider the order to stop the neverending stream of Africans who are drifting towards the EU and the approval of the so-called "permanent migration quotas" would mean to accept hundreds of thousands of hard-to-employ Africans in the coming years.

Vlasta Coufal, 195/2

Don't the nations of the Western Europe need additional physicians and engineers? Have they already found the work for everybody?

David Řezníček, 183/2

And the Czech Republic should launch a lawsuit against the EU for its failure to maintain the treaty about the protection of borders.

Zdeněk Wernhart, 229/4

They could expel us from the EU!

Jiří Fogel, 173/2

I would start proceedings against Germany, Italy, and Greece because of their overreach. The reason is that theirs is much more dangerous. ;-D

Pavel Valenta, 163/2

The main thing is not to back off. Otherwise they will push them over here and they will want to do so forever.

Štefan Friča, 138/1

Europe is led by mentally ill people and psychopaths.

Slavomír Beneš, 111/0

In recent times, several EU member countries held elections and welcomers have sadly won all of them:

The Netherlands, France, Austria.

So why do they vote for welcomers, on one side, while on the other side, they want to send us buckets of those who should be welcomed in their own countries?

If they don't want the migrants, why do they vote for the welcomers?

If they want them, why do they want to send us buckets with these migrants?

Ivo Peterka, 132/1

Help yourself and start the process. Just strengthen the negative attitudes against the EU in the Czech Republic. You, Mr Juncker et al., are on a good path towards the dissolution of the EU. If it will take place, it will be exclusively your fault.

David Šafránek, 131/1

Too bad that we weren't told in advance that for every kilometer of a bike path, we would automatically be issued fifty Somalians whose only goal is to suck the welfare fees and full of gratitude, undermine our society right after that.

If we had been informed about that in advance, we could have avoided the construction of the bike paths.

Tomáš Jouský, 159/3

Someone who lives abroad votes and decides who will be living on the territory of sour sovereign country with internationally recognized borders. And they say that we're obliged to subordinate ourselves to the decision. Oops?

Denis Huml, 134/2

Countries of V4 aren't fulfilling the quotas on the suicide attacks.

Tomáš Balvín, 110/1

The EU is doing everything it can to make the Czech citizens seriously consider Czexit.

Přemek Homola, 79/0

This is the problem that is burning in everyone's minds, not some painful murders of civilians on the streets. Here we can say that the European Commission sees further than us, the ordinary xenophobic morons in the discussion threads, thumb up (irony).

Miloš Bém, 108/2

And will they finally expel us for that?

Petr Řihák, 88/1

Dear European Commission, go to hell.

Ms Martina Levá, 109/3

Why should only the French, Britons, and Germans be murdered? What is needed is that even the scum in the East may enjoy the same!

Vojtěch Toráč, 81/1

Superb, thank you. And the proceedings should continue at least up to the elections so that we are reminded of the topic and we have a criterion to decide whom to vote for.

Vlasta Coufal, 97/4

OK, so we will not be in the EU. Japan isn't in the EU, either, and the Japanese are doing sort of fine.

Jan Bartoš, 84/3

I would be interested how many people in Czechia would currently vote to stay in this community... The officially listed numbers about migrants seem to contradict my experience with the "tourists" who are spending money (and how much) in the malls at the peripheries, converging towards parks, and children's playgrounds.

Ludvík Rak, 64/2

I and many of my fellow citizens/sheep (a pun hybrid word) would like to start the proceedings about the departure from the EU!

Kryštof Malinka, 107/7

It's the highest time to leave this club.

Jan Kamrad, 66/3

I think that the EU is a good thing in principle, I would agree with Zeman that it is a wonderful project led by wrong people, even though I am not a fan of Zeman's. But the quotas are an immense blunder which is moreover useless!

A poll at, a left-wing server

How should the European Commission solve the problem of failures to realize migration quotas?

3.3%: Strictly punish the countries that failed to achieve the quotas
0.4%: Change the numbers of migrants for individual countries
96.3%: Choose a different solution

This left-wing server, although the readers have statistically very different opinions about economic issues, brings almost identical commenters' views about this report. Three examples of comments – over 500 of them:

Jiří Jankot, 31/1

Some opinions that can be found here, ones that support the invasion of the illegals into our country and supporting the enslavement by Brussels, are textbook examples showing that lying mainstream media may "screw" the common sense of the citizens, when these citizens are willing to trust things and they are not looking for true and uncensored information. It is enough to find videos how the illegals are enriching the Western world with crime and the common sense screams: "No to this thing." It's enough to find free servers with the information showing how we "benefit" from the membership in the club that is enslaving us tirelessly every day, politically and economically, to shout: "Let's leave the club that is enslaving the nation states!" In the October elections we have to vote for a rebirth of freedom. Freedom that will guarantee a similar status to our country as e.g. Switzerland. It's a beautiful country that doesn't bend its back in front of the East, nor the West. Country that works on the principle of direct democracy and accountability of politicians. The movement Freedom and Direct Democracy SPD of Tomio Okamura is promoting the Swiss model. Let's vote for them.

Jaroslav Oborník, 27/0

We have fell from one totalitarianism to another and we don't even know how that happened. The EU was supposed to be an exclusively economic community and it suddenly evolved into an ideologically focused power cartel. I hope that our government won't šit into its pants in front of Brussels. I will prefer to eat potatoes with buttermilk than to subordinate myself to such scumbags.

Vladimír Budík, 14/0

And the Czech-EU relationships are finally getting clearer by this move. And that is a good thing! Very good.

They are imagining that we are a conquered territory in the East and we will therefore listen to the dictate from Brussels.

Some of them may recall his youth and propose to send an Imperial Protector over here.

So let's go and fight them!

And especially during the elections, let's not forget who are their fifth column.

Milan Chovanec, Czech minister of interior.

Twitter: In Warsaw today, we will talk with V4 counterparts about migration, especially about deeper cooperation in issues where it makes sense. It includes missions to send cops, help to affected countries outside Europe, better exchange of information. Proceedings are just getting started. ... Today, V4 agreed. We have to help at the places of conflicts. Czechia has sent 63 experts to the hot spots in 2 years, 200 of police Czech staff to Frontex, and 339 in the bilateral frameworks. A clear conclusion of the V4 ministers: Quotas are a nonsensical demand that doesn't solve anything, just divides. We have to search for a different, functional solution.

Chovanec's letter to Czech Press Agency: Quotas don't work, migrants don't even stay in the countries that accepted them, but the EU is hiding its head in the sand like an ostrich and refuses to see the reality. I still believe that the EU won't selectively punish those that are pointing out how nonsensical the quotas are. It they will, it will be a road to hell that will catastrophically undermine the Czech citizens' confidence in the EU.

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