Sunday, June 25, 2017

Czech Miss High School finalists admire a cooling tower of a nuclear power plant

Strings 2017 begins in Tel Aviv tomorrow.
Germany will be shutting down all of its nuclear power plants in 2022. In many Western beauty contests, the participants vow to be green and only eat insects while emphasizing that things like nuclear energy and the human race are catastrophic for Mother Earth.

Deutsche Welle has noticed that the atmosphere in my Czech homeland is a little bit different. The story was titled Czech Republic nuclear power station hosts bikini contest to choose interns.

The contestants who have just passed their maturity (final high school) exam were invited to the cooling tower of the Temelín power plant in Southern Bohemia.

ČEZ, the most important Czech power utility company, previously hosted the South Bohemian Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra within the power station. A week ago, the beauty contestants visited the cooling tower – with their 155 meters, the Temelín's towers are the tallest in Czechia. Because the tower (or towers) is currently undergoing a hiatus, there was no steam inside so they could enjoy it.

The tower was changed to an atelier. Ten girls were taking pictures in the bikini, helmets, and sneakers, an idea that the South Bohemian organizers of the beauty contest considered extremely good. And the girls agreed.

"It's so wonderful because I could only see it from a distance throughout my whole life," Miss Markéta Kozáková pointed out, "because we were driving at some distance away from the facility. But now I am here. The constructions are truly monumental and beautiful. It is just amazing."

Miss Radka Podlahová's impression was similar: "It is an incredible experience to reach a place where no mortals can ever get. And it's just great. I am speechless because this is just amazing."

The walk over the footbridge was scary for the blonde organizer who has a pronounced fear of heights. "But the atmosphere over here is truly impressive and I am happy to have seen it," she explained.

The finalists had to obey all the safety regulations. Miss Lucie Šlezingerová has pointed out: "It is an unusual setup. But the shoes seem more comfortable than those with heels. But the combination of the swimming suit with the helmet and the sneakers is interesting and I am sure that the pictures will be delicious."

"When I wear this helmet, I can only feel stronger that all of the things around simply fit together," her competitor Miss Kozáková added.

Miss Sandra Pelikovská was declared the winner on Wednesday. All contestants were offered internship in the power plant. ;-)

Deutsche Welle – a mainstream new outlet in a country that plans to ban the nuclei at the center of atoms – has unsurprisingly dedicated a substantial part of their article to whining of some folks from extremist NGOs and expletives written by several Internet trolls.

It's fashionable to talk about "girls in STEM fields" across many Western nations. It's ironic that a simple idea such as "take some well-known representatives of the girl species to a nuclear power plant's cooling tower to impress them" has to be invented in a country where feminism is non-existent. By the way, in 2009, forty global Miss contestants were taken to the VR-1 "Sparrow" educational reactor in Prague.

The world of bikini has a big debt to nuclear energy – the French inventor of bikini named them after the Bikini Atoll, a nuclear test site, realistically hoping that his invention would cause a similar blast as the nuclear bombs. So the bikini were parasites fed by nuclear energy. I have always thought that the name referred to the two parts of the suit – and that topless or body-covering swimming suits were monokini while the outfit that covers the \(2\times 2 = 4\) places separately is called tetrakini.

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