Friday, June 16, 2017

Do svidánija, khalif

How will Daesh deal with its constitutional crisis?

The Russian defense ministry announced that it believes that its May 28th strike has also killed Al-Baghdadi, the chieftain of the Islamic State. Al-Baghdadi, an intrinsically average terrorist, was elected the caliph i.e. the successor of Prophet Mohammed. If you want a good enough approximation what Mohammed looked like, Al-Baghdadi's mugshot is probably the best answer you may get.

If the reports are true, and I find it more likely than not that they are true, it is our duty to express deep condolences to those fellow terrorists who weren't killed along with their caliph (330 have been, including 30 commissars in the ISIS' version of the European Commission). And my condolences also go to John Kerry who was already previously deeply frustrated that the expansion of his ISIS allies stopped. George Soros is also sad but he should fund a cry-in room for the likes of Kerry now.

While the "true insiders" in the U.S. Democratic Party were "hip" because they rather openly rooted for the Caliphate in their private discussions, the prevailing politically correct or mainstream appraisal in the West has been that ISIS is evil and should better be eliminated. However, we were also fed lots of garbage information about the formidable strength of this terrorist group.

ISIS is in no way strong and if the Czech military needed to defeat it, it would do so easily. ISIS has surely never been a globally threatening problem. I think that the "admiration" for the ISIS' strength is a part of the multiculturalist globalists' campaign to spread fear and make the Westerners more vulnerable towards the expansion of Islam in our civilization.

ISIS is analogous to many organizations paid by George Soros in the sense that it is both a "seemingly grass roots movement" but it is also an organization that strongly depends or depended on its boss. Al-Baghdadi's reported demise more than two weeks ago could create quite a government crisis with the ISIS ranks.

This June 14th, 2017 map shows that the territory controlled by Daesh is vastly smaller than what it used to be. It may be less than 1/2 of the peak territory, I don't know the exact figure. But I do remember that the grey ISIS area used to be as large as the Iraqi government-controlled purple territory. See how much larger Iraq is relatively to ISIS today!

At any rate, the Russians got involved in the war on ISIS at some point. The operations apparently rapidly accelerated but a few months later, we were disappointed that ISIS still existed. This is a new event that suggests that Russia is actually seriously fighting against ISIS.

Things look simple. After some time, they simply have to get the information about a gathering of the top ISIS apparatchiks. (Since a 2014 public talk in Mosul, Al-Baghdadi was alternately living in several cesspools.) Russia simply declares the gathering in Syria's Southern Raqqah region incompatible with the international law. The Russian generals informed the U.S. about the plan and vaporized the ISIS thugs with the help of some Su-34 and Su-35. The Russian solution was probably similarly straightforward as the Russian interactions with the Somalian pirates. I always laugh when I see the Russians' behavior in these videos, especially when I compare them to the Italian government that is smuggling very similar people to Europe and pays them lots of money here. But Italians may do a good job: some Italian investigators have shown that George Soros has paid ISIS' human smuggling networks.

At any rate, if the reports are true, I thank to the Russian government for this contribution that makes the world a little bit better place. Also, if the peace situation improves a little bit further (and there were lots of good news recently), all of us could agree that there can't be any legitimate refugees from Iraq and Syria. It's not really so impossible or hard to restore peace on these territories. A bigger problem could be that some people, including those in the Western Europe and the U.S., don't want such an improvement.

The title means "good-bye, caliph" in Russian.

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