Saturday, June 10, 2017

The DUP should join a formal coalition with May

Corbyn's Labour Party has increased its power over the Parliament while the Conservatives have lost their majority in the U.K. elections. Some "overly enthusiastic" members of the Czech social democratic party have claimed that the Labour Party has basically won the elections. Well, not so fast.

The resulting government may very well be more conservative than the "not so conservative" government of the Conservative Party's Theresa May has been so far. Why? Because the Democratic Unionist Party (the DUP) seems to be the only plausible ally that could allow May to form either a minority government or a straight coalition government Tories-DUP.

I think that the significant influence of the DUP over the political decisions in the U.K. would be great news for the U.K. as well as the world. The most straightforward way to see that they're backing the right attitudes to many questions is to read a rant by some psychopathic inkspillers in the Independent.

Some politicians in the DUP, especially Sammy Wilson, have correctly described Obama's climate policies as mad. Wilson said that the Paris agreement was "a delusion … a piece of window dressing for climate chancers" while the words "con" and "hoax" have been used for the climate hysteria, too. The DUP is against homosexualism (gay marriage is wrong because the Bible talks about Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve, MP David Simpson has pointed out), against abortions, and against LGBT cults. They want to lower the corporate tax from 19% to 12.5%, nice, overhaul the BBC, and scrap the TV license fees. They want to revise the anti-terror laws to be effective against the 21st century threats. Less happily, a member has called for creationism at schools, alongside Darwin's theory.

There exists a petition against a DUP-Tories deal with over half a million signatures. And some pundits claim that DUP's influence over the government would remain stronger if they stay away from the government.

Some musically great anti-Northern-Ireland propaganda by a racially pure German band.

I disagree with that. The DUP is a conservative party representing conservatives in the Northern Ireland that has 1.9 million people. Compare it with the total population of the U.K., around 65 million. I think it's very clear that their power is going to be almost miraculously disproportionately enhanced and they should try to make this situation as stable as possible. The sustainability will be increased if they will formally become members of the coalition. If they were just outsiders who tolerate May's government for some policies, someone else – in the Labour Party etc. – could propose May to preserve her government for some leftist policies and the DUP could quickly be sidelined.

They could help to achieve a Brexit without EU-style compromises (the DUP wants a soft border with Ireland, however) and get the chair of the environment minister and help to send the alarmists to labo(u)r camps or something else. Any achievement like that would be unexpectedly great relatively to their expected power.

This Irish band's song about the Northern Irish violence has surpassed half a billion views. Well, Northern Ireland doesn't have to mean violence forever – it almost certainly means different things already now.

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