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EU migrant quota infringement proceedings against PL, HU, CZ not to be taken seriously

In late 2015, multiculturalist activists within the European Union launched a new program to accelerate the Islamization of Europe – migrant quotas.

Every country was ordered to embrace roughly 1 new Muslim per 300 citizens – everyone was convinced that it was just the first testing number that would grow. Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania voted against but because of the Treaty of Lisbon, a simple majority was enough to make this extremely sensitive vote "official". Poland approved the quota system at that time but a new government came just weeks later and it's very clear that this new government would surely join the red bloc above.

Czechia, Hungary, and Poland have officially stopped all the efforts to incorporate Muslim migrants because of security concerns (recent terrorist attacks), insurmountable logistic problems (they just can't sit at one place), impossibility to find reliable information about the migrants (most of them lie about their age as well as nationality), and the migrants' own lack of will to stay in our countries. More seriously, our nations and its political representatives realize that the very idea is wrong because these efforts encourage a further growth of the illegal immigration. If this migration is caused by a conflict outside Europe, the problems must be solved at the place of the conflict.

In recent 12 months, Slovakia made an unclear pledge to work on some migrants (but they won't accept anyone) which is why it wasn't sued today. (And who knows, maybe it's because Slovakia is the only Eurozone+Visegrád member.) However, Slovakia has passed a law that makes it illegal to register Islam as a religion in Slovakia. Meanwhile, Slovakia and Hungary have launched their lawsuit against the EU's illegitimate decision about the migrant quotas, claiming that the EU has overreached.

After the announcement of the beginning of the infringement proceedings, the comment sections on the 3 Visegrád countries' news servers are full of truly angry, anti-EU rhetoric, often comparing the EU to the USSR and the Third Reich. It is very likely that the referendum about the exit from the EU would get a majority of No votes in all these three countries, and perhaps above 80% in Czechia. One may say that it's really the clear enough verbal defiance that has singled us out as targets of this frivolous lawsuit. The reason couldn't have been the "failure to achieve the planned quotas" – because virtually all EU countries "failed" to achieve this ill-conceived plan and only 12.5% of the total plan has become reality (and those 20,000 are just 2% of the illegals who actually came in total).

The politicians of the three countries have reacted defiantly but calmly.

Czech prime minister Sobotka has assured his compatriots that the proceedings won't change anything about our policy not to accept migrants from the Middle East. "The European Commission blindly insists on pushing ahead with dysfunctional quotas which decreased citizens' trust in EU abilities and pushed back working and conceptual solutions to the migration crisis," he added. Sobotka also offered a monologue explaining why Czechia is among the top countries that intensely work to resolve these problems. He thinks that there is no threat of a fine in a foreseeable future, partly because Czechia is fully armed with arguments. "We are ready to defend the position of the Czech Republic, and I hope that we will succeed. The system of [forced] distribution [of refugees by quota] is an incentive for illegal migration," he said. The interior minister Chovanec has also said that the European Soviet's act changes nothing about our attitude. He promised a lot of patience while writing another letter that explains basic things to the ill-informed persons who lack common sense in Brussels.

The Polish government called the proceedings illegal and groundless. Poland's foreign minister pointed out that there is no reason to honor that announcement with any further replies. Poland will simply do nothing. The re-settlement would require force to be used against the migrants. Poland won't use the force and it is confident that other countries won't use force against Poland so that's the end of the story.

I haven't seen the freshest Hungarian reactions yet. Oh, here is something: Hungary's foreign minister said that the launched proceedings are a political event, not a legal one, and it is a blackmail and un-European behavior. Some Israeli press sort of agrees: the EU is keen on turning the 3 members to examples what happens to the disobedient ones. Yesterday, PM Orbán stated that the European Union was openly fighting on the side of the terrorists.

An apparatchik of the European Soviet named Avramopulos (I copied and pasted it, I don't intend to memorize names of similar cranks) have offered a funny "ultimatum". Our three countries have 24 hours to accept the migrant quotas. In other words, all the politicians in our nations have 24 hours for a political suicide. Guess whether this will happen, cheap Greek crackpot! :-)

Yes, I am angered, some hormone levels are elevated, and I am eager to provide you some expected strong words according to your informed expectations. At the same moment, I think it's not really necessary because the decision wasn't made by politicians who should be listened to seriously and it is not a serious event. I still believe that our government will insist on that position, will fight against proposed fines if someone brings this idea in the future.

And if we were asked to pay $10 million for not cooperating on the scheme, well, I think it would be a negligible amount for our country that should be paid quickly and generously. Maybe the retarded politicians need this symbolic amount to persuade their brain-dead voters that they have won over the evil Eastern Europeans. Well, I wouldn't show all my cards if I were a minister, but as far as I am concerned, even $100 million should be paid with no problems. I would try to make sure that there is at least some silent approval of the idea that by paying this amount, we are buying a permanent opt-out from similar organized Islamization schemes. (After I wrote about the opt-out many times, Czech MEPs have demanded that the government will talk about a permanent opt-out from the EU asylum policies.)

The influx of the migrants has slowed down dramatically – it is below 100,000 in 2017 so far – but it may be revived again in the future. I am no big fan of departures from the EU such as Czechout but there are certain red lines. If the current EU laws really implied that some large EU countries have the power to repeatedly re-settle thousands of inhabitants of third countries on our territory against the will of 95% of the citizens and a similar percentage of politicians, or demand similarly unlimited amounts of money as a compensation, then it would be clear that the EU suffers from a lethal flaw and we must leave it as soon as possible, especially if there are hints that some powerful people are really intending to abuse this lethal flaw in a near future.

Such a flaw could almost certainly be abused in many other questions. Aside from the Muslims, some other countries could demand to flood our country with feminists, climate alarmists, homosexual activists, iPhones, Tesla electric cars, 3 million Sudeten Germans, or demand billions or tens of billions if we say No. These are not risks that we should afford. After I wrote similar comments, I read ex-president Klaus' announcement that it's time to start to work on the departure of Czechia from the EU in order to preserve our state.

The kind of justice as understood by the EU is upside down. It's being said that we haven't observed our commitments to Greece, Italy, and pals. The reality is, of course, that Italy and Greece have importantly failed to fulfill their legally prescribed duties to protect the EU border and therefore shield EU member countries, including Poland, Hungary, and Czechia, from illegal migrants and some "small holes" have allowed over a million of them to leak into the EU (and some of these leaked people have already committed terrorist attacks). In fact, Italy is actively smuggling the illegals into Europe. Which countries have actually violated some undisputed and unquestionably vital EU laws is very obvious and it is not Hungary, Poland, and Czechia.

What's happening so far – the beginning of the infringement proceedings – isn't important by itself and we will largely ignore it as a sleight-of-hand by some people who are completely clueless about politics. The main thing that the beginning of the proceedings has done was to brutally taint the image of the European Union in these three countries of ours, and probably in Slovakia and several others. But because the psychological effect of this rift is unavoidably bigger than any actual "financial or re-settlement dispute" – simply because the principle is considered important in our three countries regardless of the smallness of the fines or the number of migrants – it is clear that the consequences will be either negligible and we will be allowed to ignore the unwise folks in certain European countries who want to deliberately Islamize their own territories; or the development will lead to a further decay of the European Union.

If the members of the European Soviet want to achieve something else, they will be disappointed. They are probably shooting themselves in the foot.

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