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Marika Taylor's "diversity" talk shows the incredible extent of corruption within the EU

Because I am interested in these matters, I have watched the 29-minute talk by Marika Taylor about "diversity in string theory" that started at 5 pm on Wednesday.

Thankfully, Andy Strominger didn't say much more than the name of the speaker. She introduced herself, making sure that she is not ashamed of the fact that unlike other men and women at the string theory conference, she would be talking about the identity politics instead of science.

By the way, aside from some inspiring women's talk at Strings 2017, you may try a new 30-minute-longinterview with Lisa Randall published as a podcast two days ago – thanks, Willie. The talk is about dark matter, supernovae, innovation in the IT industry, childhood and schools, everything. It's relaxed and even though even Lisa has some tendencies for that, she can simply avoid these divisive ideologies.

And then she started. She seems proud about the fact that the major EU funding agencies are contaminated by these ideologically driven postmodern counterparts of the Aryan Physics. So we learn that there have been some seemingly standard string meetings in the EU except that they were not standard. "Diversity" was the actual motive why the EU has paid for them. On top of those, overt conferences about "strings and diversity" have been taking place every year.

I was impressed by the words "I work" that she has used to describe her distribution of the EU taxpayer money to her pockets as well as to these people according to the self-evidently ideological and sexist criteria.

At 3:15, she looked at the audience and complained that "our field suffers not only from the lack of women" but also the lack of LGBTFUCQ+ people, whatever the acronym means, and similar groups that she wants to institutionally favor exactly in the same way in which the Nazis favored the "Aryan race". I mean, if I were sitting there and she would be basically speaking to me, I would get so insanely angry that the integrity of her face could be at stake. Well, I am angry right now as well but the locality of the effective field theory protects her appearance.

But what she is showing is just some amazing arrogance. She gets the EU taxpayer money formally for doing something related to string theory but she actually hates the field and the people in it because she doesn't like the percentage of women and LGBTFUCQED-UP+ people in the field. We learn that at her university, they have separate branches that focus on each group etc. So they have improved the Nazi structures by multiplying them by a factor of ten or so. It's really excellent.

Another portion of the talk was dedicated to a particular pseudoscientific theory, "leaky pipeline for women". The percentage of women is decreasing as you go towards older and more senior scientists. What a shock. The reason is simple: the percentage of the women among the youngest physicists is relatively higher because the percentage reflects some "wishes" and the people haven't had the duty to pass any real tests. But just to be sure, the actual, fairly measured interest of boys and girls in physics is already showing a huge advantage of boys. So the "relative equality" of the genders is due to the social engineers' efforts to change the basic reality. But these efforts are obviously failing because the lies have short legs. So whenever there is a test, a critical point in one's career etc., the composition of the community diverges away from the feminist lies towards the truth. Nasty people like Taylor would surely love to hijack every moment in the people's lives and the institutionalized decision so that the lies would be extended from the birth of each human to his or her death.

At some moment, she says that women are likely to go where there are many women. It reminded me of the justification why whole villages of Syrian illegal immigrants should be moved to Eastern Europe. Great. Even if women found it so important to be in touch with many people of the same sex, which isn't really true, well, wishes often can't become the reality. In a functional system, there are much more important mechanisms that decide whether a wish like that becomes true or not.

Also, women generally "don't like competitive environments", we learn. So I suppose that the "cure" is to make the environments uncompetitive. I am sorry but the competition and competitiveness is the key driver of all progress of the human society – something that both men and women have benefited from. It's absolutely criminal for someone to think about the ideologically driven plans to undermine this key aspect of the fields of human activity, economy, and industries.

Around 9:45, she explicitly demands the string theorists to skew their decisions while they are members of admission, hiring, and similar committees in order to please the feminazi "cause". Meanwhile, doing such things has been "her day job in several recent years". Wow. Imagine that: They complain that there are too few women who would do this research but when they get a rare example of one, they intentionally convert her into a Philipp-Lenard-style administrative bully. These people feel so politically safe that they are no longer even pretending that their occupation also includes some activity that would normally be considered valuable or legitimate. We are also told that this kind of contaminated stuff has already hijacked lots of medical and other vital decisions in the U.K. and the Netherlands – and diversity has become a duty in physics funding in the Netherlands. Breathtaking.

At 12:50, she states that even within string theory, diversity is desirable because 1) it changes the culture and attracts students, 2) generally improves performance. Well, (2) is obviously a lie. All top places in the field are low-diversity because meritocratically run institutions. (1) is true except that the cultural revolution is a bad thing and the type of extra students that are being attracted because of these diversity policies hurt the field further.

A segment of the talk shows some boring and irrelevant national data about the women at various levels. Among full professors in theoretical physics, the percentage decreases roughly to 5+ percent. At 23:00, she says that women didn't file many applications for fellowships so the algorithm was reversed. The agencies offering these fellowships are pushing the money to the girls' throats. Wow. At the end, we are shown what she will be "working" on. She will continue to "analyze the data", "organize (gender-distorted) workshops", and "develop (another boring feminist-physics) website (that almost no one visits)". She wants everyone to issue "gender neutral advertisements" which, as we learn on the next line, means "to invite women to apply". If you selectively "invite women to apply", then it's obviously not a "gender neutral advertisement". Is your poultry brain really incapable of figuring this statement out, Ms Taylor, or do you just pretend to be a complete moron?

There was exactly one question. A man has boasted to have been a member of a feminazi committee. He said that "leakage" should be called "scissors" and asked how the angle of the scissors changes in time. She said that she has no clue and no data, even though she has been paid for this stuff for several years.

There was no discussion about the substance at all, no criticism. Instead, some people applauded. When it comes to social and political issues, the participants of such string conferences – but most of other "scholarly" ones as well – are either cowards or spineless jerks with no morality whatsoever. I am going to stop myself from throwing up now.

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