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Top green MEP wants to move Syria to Eastern Europe, one village at a time

Drang nach Osten reloaded, Mohammed edition

The story that attracted the greatest attention of the Czech readers today was an incredible interview (in German) with Ms Franziska "Ska" Keller, a co-chairwoman of the Greens in the European Parliament. The journalist was familiar with her proposal – which we haven't previously heard about.

Even though Ms Keller later lied about the content of the interview and claimed that the media have misreported it, the relevant part of the interview speaks a clear language:

Keller: ...The main problem is the lack of solidarity in between the member states. Governments rely on a treaty with Libya that should be solving our problems. This is naive. We need a system of shared asylum policies that guarantees the same standards everywhere and distributes the solidarity.

Journalist: You are proposing to relocate whole groups of refugees into a country – for example, a whole village should be moved to Latvia. Do you really believe that the Eastern Europeans will cooperate?

Keller: The idea about the Syrian village is just one of the tools that we could employ. For example in the situation when refugees don't want to go to a country where no other refugees have moved so far. People want to go to places where their compatriots already live which makes the integration easier. The refusal of the Czech Republic and others to accept the refugees violates the laws of the EU. That's why the European Commission has started proceedings against these countries.

Journalist: How would you convince critics that this Union has a future?

Keller: This Union has a future because the member states can't solve the problems facing the world separately. Globalization and the climate change but also migration, those don't have any solutions at the national level.
I am among those millions of people who just say Wow. Decades ago, everyone used to agree that the greens were loons. But Western Europe has been so disrupted that this loon is very powerful in the would-be Parliament of a bloc claiming to dominate a whole civilized continent.

Where to start? First, we know how to solve the climate change problem. The solution is to do nothing. Also, solutions of the problems with migration obviously exist at the national level only. For several years, we have seen that the European Union has been the greatest obstacle in all efforts to actually solve the problem with migration. That bloc has done everything it could to prevent the European nations from solving the problem and this green lady wants to put this harmful activity of the European Union on steroids.

The idea that whole Syrian villages should be moved to "Eastern Europe" says a lot about its intellectually a morally messed up author.
  1. The proposed transfer of whole villages is obviously even more unacceptable for the nations that have policies that defend their territory against Islamization than the already unacceptable proposals by the European Union. So she must know that she is working to escalate the rift in Europe. Czechia won't accept the 13th refugee from the region, let alone whole villages.
  2. The transfer of whole groups (or even villages) is the best way to guarantee that these migrants won't integrate. Instead, they will live in their communities that would work just like in Syria. It's really a plan for blanket Islamization of Eastern Europe.
  3. She singled out Eastern Europe. We have been there, it used to be called Drang nach Osten. Her stunning proposal only emphasizes that the greens and the Nazis have always been basically the same thing.
You know, sometimes I agree that Germans are too politically correct and too cautious about the very suggestion that a statement of theirs could be positively correlated with some opinions or policies that were widespread in Germany during the Reich. But this green lady clearly isn't cautious at all.

Just ten days ago, we remembered the 75th anniversary of the burnout of the Czech village Lidice (and later Ležáky) by the Nazi regime. This genocide was cruel, shocking, helped to energize the world in the fight against Nazi Germany – it was at about the same time when Germany began to lose most battles – and a crazy feature of this atrocity was that the Nazis literally bragged about it. While they were keeping some of the more brutal eradication programs in the East in secret, the fate of the Czech village was something they wanted to share with everybody.

Because of this event, a German politician may want to be a bit careful while talking about any changes to villages in Czechia or Eastern Europe in general. You know, the record of Germans' micro-engineering of the villages in Czechia has been catastrophic. Every decent person agrees, everyone who disagrees is a Nazi jerk.

The lady must live outside reality. How does she imagine the transfer of the Syrian villages to Czechia where virtually everyone disagrees? I suppose she wants to send a convoy with the Syrians, their belongings, and the material needed for them to feel as at home in the village. Will she build a quick temporary new village as the Nazis did? Or will she order the Czech men and women in the village to be shot dead before they are replaced with the Syrians? Has she thought about any questions of this kind – about her words? How is it possible that completely defective people like hers may become politicians in Germany?

Imagine that our government will be bribed or intimidated and it will agree with Ms Keller's program. Now the government is brave and refuses to search for our 13th Muslim refugee. But it may be scared and it will suddenly allow 500 Syrians to move as a group. Given our record in the late 1930s, it's sadly conceivable. But the Czech government isn't the only entity at the Czech territory that can make a difference. There are 10.5 million additional people.

The number of people who would view such as "Syrian village convoy organized by Germans" as an "act of war" would be huge and I am pretty sure that at least some of them would defend their country, e.g. with the help of the hundreds of thousands of legally owned guns. You really shouldn't expect that as a German who wants to re-engineer the demographics of Czech villages, you may safely move in Czechia. Lots of people may be OK with you and some of them may even applaud to you. But a substantial set of others will feel very, very differently. Heydrich was assassinated in 1942 and indeed, the capital punishment for many others of this kind became much easier after May 1945.

If Ms Keller wanted to personally supervise the transfer of the Syrian village convoy to my country, I would be eager to bet that she will be physically liquidated by a Czech citizen, and if needed, I would probably be working to make sure that I won't lose the bet. This event would be much more serious than some formality about a green lunatic's life.

As I mentioned, lots of commenters have expressed their sentiments. For example, iDNES.cz has collected over 2,000 comments in a few hours. Some of the most upvoted ones are good attempts at a humor. OK, the most upvoted comments:

Petr Drápal, 505+/2–:

They could take them to an excursion to Eastern Slovakia... they already have such villages, even one concrete block suburb (a reference to a gypsy part of a city, I guess).

Richard Vacek, 562/3:

A typical egotist. She enjoys living in a developed part of Europe and she would send poor Syrians to backwoods that are full of xenophobes. :-/

Ondřej Černota, 655/5:

I have a counterproposal. Let us move the whole European Parliament including the lawmakers to Syria. Ideally to a place with the fiercest fighting.

Martin Souček, 303/0:

Is the lady – forgive me – a complete moron, or did she fail to figure out what connotations with the Third Reich her proposal would ignite in our lands?

Jirka Novák, 356/1:

...This woman must be under drugs.

Lukáš Závodský, 393/2:

I can see that the German passion for the migration of whole nations, liquidation of the original ethnic groups, and social engineering hasn't faded away even 75 years later. :-O Quite a decent stuff. Ada (Adolf) is silently jealous in his grave when he sees that his politics may be realized without a single shot. [thumb down]

Michal Minařík, 330/1:

I have already seen a lot in my life but this kind of arrogance when a German lawmaker wants to decide whom Eastern nations take to their homes, this is a rare thing to see. Whom did she get the right to decide about other sovereign countries from? And why did she single out the Eastern countries? Let Germany speak on behalf of Germany and not other countries.

Richard Vacek, 481/4:

Last time, something else was being proposed by Hitler and brought into reality by Stalin. It's clear that the Greens are standing on the shoulders of giants.

Slavomír Beneš, 319/2:

Not even Stalin dared to do something like that towards us. While he was brutally moving whole nations, it was only within the USSR. The satellite countries had an opt-out from that.

Andrej Sypal, 223/0:

Whole villages? And isn't it too modest? Why doesn't she move all of Syria as a whole?

Miloš Plašil, 309/2:

And Czechs would be moved to Siberia, right? Ein Volks, ein Reich, ein...

Pavel Fürst, 261/1:

Those Greens are equally sick everywhere. ;-)

Miloš Hotový, 281/2:

Please, what would you expect from the Greens? There's a reason why people say that they are like a watermelon. "Green on the surface but red inside."

Petr Kolomazník, 317/3:

Already Hitler had some similar plans...

Josef Slováček, 195/0:

If they [the migrants] look for a place with the largest pre-existing number of compatriots, the right solution is Syria...

Ms Eva Svobodová, 205/2:

Doesn't our country belong to us anymore?

Radek Plaňanský, 166/1:

Ms Eurolawmaker has probably fell from a cherry tree. Maybe it would be enough to transfer the European Parliament to Syria and things would get peaceful. ;-) [thumbs up]

Radim Ondra, 137/0:

And I was naively expecting that nothing could surprise me these days anymore. :-O

Pavel Valenta, 132/0:

This is a complete surrender in all efforts to integrate the people. Let's directly transfer whole villages so that they can keep their lifestyle and habits and face no pressure to adapt at all. Great.

Madam, this is called colonization. However, I don't know of a single stupid people in the history who would be planning their own colonization.

Marek Šnobr, 206/3:

For a long time, I have been saying that Germany is one of the most dangerous countries in Europe for a peaceful co-existence of nations. They are going from one extreme to another... 75 years ago, they wanted Lebensraum in the East for themselves, now they will want it for the "Syrians". Unbelievable, incomprehensible!!!

Martin Řepka, 122/0:

Does it make any sense to comment on it?

Josef Kroupa, 202/5:

I would immediately issue a decree abolishing the studies of social sciences in all of Europe. These are the schools from which similar integrators come.

Zdeněk Beránek, 201/7:

Comrade Keller should be sued for intervening into the internal Czech affairs. She has no right to do that. It's the highest time to leave this circus.

Petr Maňák, 169/6:

Maybe this woman could be running in some drugs like all the members of the European Parliament. This is already a mockery, the highest time to leave the EU.

Ondřej Škoch, 218/10:

Dear Ms Eurodeputy, thanks to the people like you, Czechia may finally start to swing and finally drop out from the Bolshevik totalitarian monstrosity.

There are numerous Czech servers with similar reactions. Also, people reacted in almost the same way in the rest of the Visegrád Group. Examples from Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland. Some people have argued that it may have been a mistake that the Germans weren't moved to Africa in 1945. You know, if Germans managed to be the key nation behind the world war for the third time, I would agree with the assertion "three mistakes is enough". A more lasting solution would have to be picked so that Germans no longer pose this grave threat.

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