Tuesday, June 06, 2017

What did Trump mean by covfefe?

The world's favorite theory of covfefe

Some reasons behind the 3 days without a blog post are confidential. One additional reason is that I have spent some hours with Quora – which still annoys me for various reasons, but I had a period in which I believed that some influence over Quora may make it less sickening.

Among 100+ answers that I rather quickly wrote to questions about Czechia, history, Europe, linguistics, physics etc., one of the widely read ones is an answer to the question
What do you think Trump meant by "covfefe"?
Well, I didn't exactly get my PhD for covfefe but it is close enough. A curious person is interested in many questions adjacent to his field and covfefe is close enough to theoretical physics.

So among the 56 answers, the most upvoted one is an answer with over 400+ votes which isn't a real answer. It just says that it's saddening and politically incorrect that people aren't trying to save the world from Trump who is destroying it, and instead, they are interested in Trump's covfefe. I have made the answer more concise and articulate – it was written by an obnoxious leftist and their brains aren't too good.

OK, my answer is the most upvoted one among the real answers – it stood at 71 upvotes when I was writing this sentence:

There are lots of jokes what it could mean etc.

But when I thought about it seriously, I think that Trump was personally dictating the tweet using a voice recognition software and he simply said “Despite the constant negative press coverage” (it should have continued with “I am still beloved by more than 35% of Americans”). The recognition software misunderstood him and changed “coverage” to “coffee” or “coffee rich” (in the latter case, he was able to erase “rich” quickly). He was upset and tried to edit the word “coffee” to “coverage” with his hands. He added “v” so it became “covffee”. It wasn’t quite right, so he needed to erase the “f”. First, he erased the second “f” but there was a lag, so he thought that he erased too many, so he typed one “f” again at a wrong place.

After 3 more steps like that, he got tired and pressed “publish” and went to his bed because it’s so tiring.

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