Friday, July 28, 2017

Assuming the present trend, Russia will remove the GPS, U.S. satellites by 2020

John McCain was a top hateful scumbag who led the U.S. lawmakers to approve a new wave of broad and idiotic sanctions against Russia. They have absolutely no justification, they will damage the relationships in the world, and they will damage the European companies as well. That's why the Austrian chancellor and the German minister and SPD boss angrily responded and started to consider European countries' sanctions against the U.S. Great. The American politicians are absolutely inconsiderate. They don't give a damn when they hurt third parties equally if they decided that the primary goal is to hurt someone, in this case Russia.

Russia was placed on equal footing with Iran and North Korea – the latter country just fired an intercontinental (!) ballistic missile to the sea off Japan. Days ago, the U.S. stole some real estate that Russians bought for $1.2 million 40 years ago. Lots of self-evident crime is taking place overtly, a daylight robbery. Also, a lawmaker paid millions of dollars believes that Putin keeps on invading Korea. You get in trouble in the U.S. when you just point out that she is a stupid ape because she's the true representative of the American nations right now.

One reason why the brain-dead far left jerk Mr John McCain (the brain cancer has utterly failed to kill him so far) keeps on being reelected in the U.S. is the Americans' frantic religious and utterly irrational cult worshiping their "troops" – which is not really one of the most commendable jobs. This old and counterproductive man still paints himself as a soldier and the stupid Americans are buying it. It's apparently enough for many of them. But it's not just John McCain. Only 2+3 U.S. lawmakers voted against the sanctions. The degree of the lawmakers' group think is stunning. Even if Donald Trump vetoed the bill, the lawmakers will have the much higher majority that is enough to overrule Trump's veto. And don't forget that Trump was promising to veto the sanctions in order to propose even tougher ones. He probably thinks it's a good idea to join the contest looking for the most fanatical lunatic.

Interventions against the U.S. elections were quoted as a reason for the sanctions. There is zero evidence supporting any of these claims. But even if Russia did influence the U.S. elections – what staggeringly double standards the U.S. would display. After the war, the U.S. intervened in 81 elections held in 47 countries of the world. Those efforts included several brutal interventions into the Ukrainian politics which consumed billions of American taxpayers' dollars and all of them were directed against Russia. So either it's nonsense that such interventions are utterly criminal, or the U.S. is the leading criminal regime in the world, isn't it?

Russia's restraint and patience look incredible to me. I often say that Russians aren't saints and they aren't supposed to be saints. But when I look at things like their reactions to the sanctions, I do often think that Russians actually are saints. Only now, in July, they are really readying a response to December 2016 sanctions which were imposed during the last Obama months. A few percent of the U.S. diplomats will have to leave Moscow, the remaining ones won't be able to travel to their dachas, store some things in a warehouse, less sugar will be placed on their pirozhki, and they will get fewer Russian prostitutes every week, and only the brunettes, not blondes.


I suspect that this staggering reticence is an illusion – it's the calm before the storm. We have repeatedly discussed the Russian nuclear arsenal that may trump the American one and may be combined with some cool gadgets and the greater Russian will to sacrifice their lives – even when the sacrifices are due to the imperfect technology or organization. Again, I am absolutely uncertain, about 50-50, who would be the winner of the U.S.-Russian hot war if there were a winner at all.

Assuming that the relationships between the U.S. and Russia so far could have been described as a Cold War v2.0 and the nuclear exchanges would be called a Hot War, there may exist another era, the era of the Lukewarm War. Maybe the situation is evolving towards that stage. What could happen in the Lukewarm War?

Well, SputnikNews mentioned something that still belongs to the Cold War v2.0: some Russians propose to stop giving Americans a ride to the International Space Station. The end of this collaboration would indicate that the relationships are worse than they were in the 1970s – think about Soyuz-Apollo – but this ban would still be a relatively minor thing, on par with the sugar on pirozhki eaten by the U.S. diplomats in Moscow.

George Korn, Miss Moscow. I recently had a strange dream that I wouldn't wish to you. I was the only jury member who was supposed to pick Miss Moscow. Please understand, it's no fun when so much beauty is rolling upon you. Girls... sweet and lovely girls.

But is there something else and sufficiently dramatic that Russia could make and that wouldn't be an obvious "invasion" yet? I think so. Russia has the world's most potent space program right now – when it comes to the rockets, not to the things carried by the rockets. And it could be developing and sending space weapons out there.

Another article describes Russia's potentially game-changing sleeping satellites Kosmos-2491, Kosmos-2499, and Kosmos-2504. It's plausible that they're capable of attacking other satellites on the orbit and remove other countries' communication capabilities. Also, it seems likely to me that Russia has some EMP weapons capable of imposing a blackout on cities.

Well, if I were Putin, I would probably order the U.S. to pay $200 million a day for the right to use the space above Russia. Note that e.g. the GPS constellation flies up to the latitude 55°N – which is almost exactly the latitude of cities like Moscow, Yekaterinburg, and others. The satellites spend a huge fraction of their time near the 55°N latitude and a big fraction of this line belongs to Russia. Clearly, if such fees were paid above all territories by all/many satellites, Russia would get paid a lot because of its large territory – and because of the large number of the U.S. satellites.

I would inform the U.S. that if the fee isn't paid, the satellites would be perturbed from their orbits, and then disabled or removed. It could be rather interesting when the GPS starts to deviate by 100 meters as soon as the next wave of sanctions against Russia are announced. To have a higher chance that your GPS will keep on working, you should have a smartphone that may use (Russian) GLONASS and/or (European) Galileo as well.

Maybe you think that the removal of the U.S. satellites would already count as the Hot War, not the Lukewarm War. Well, I am not so sure. Imagine that Russia removes some satellites. GPS stops working and some connectivity that depends on the satellites disappears, too. Many people in the U.S. could be rather angry. But would they want to launch attacks against the Russian territory, with the risk that their cities get annihilated in a Russian response? I am not so sure.

The removal (or adjustable perturbation) of the U.S. satellites could be a somewhat warmer version of the Lukewarm War ;-) but it seems conceivable that such an operation could change the world in a way that would be beneficial for Russia. I don't really want these events to happen but I suspect that despite its seemingly unlimited patience and reticence, Russia won't allow to be pissed upon indefinitely. Maybe they only start serious plannings of such things after they are inspired by my blog post above. But it seems plausible to me that if the U.S. Parliament remains controlled by similar people, we will rather quickly move towards the point in which these science-fiction-like speculations may be tried in real-world conditions.

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