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Propaganda about Czech victim of stabbing in Hurghada

...was similar to the communist propaganda after Chernobyl...

On July 14th, a terrorist attack took place in Hurghada, a favorite destination of German, Czech, and other tourists in Egypt. The 29-year-old Abdel-Rahman Shaaban spoke German fluently and was ordered by IS-related militias to target white women. He swam from a public beach to a Zahabia Hotel beach and stabbed six women – five Germans and one Czech. Two German women died immediately.

What happened to the Czech victim of the stabbing attack, Ms Lucie Civínová of Nové Strašecí (36), the top accountant in the Soccer Association of the Czech Republic?

Well, the resolution is tragic. But how were we informed? A day after the attack, the media told us, among similar news:

On Saturday, the Czech ambassador to Egypt Hon Ms Veronika Kuchyňová Šmigolová confirmed that the injured Czech woman hasn't suffered any serious injuries. "They only want to transfer her [to a hospital] because aside from the cut on her leg, she also has a gash on her back. So they just want to perform another medical examination."
Well, some days ago, we learned that her condition worsened. Yesterday, it was already known that an infection has caused malfunction of several organs (physicians were no longer recommending the risky transfer to Czechia) and today, already under the supervision of Czech physicians, she was declared clinically dead (blood hasn't gone to the brain for hours which is no good) although she's still connected to some machines. My condolences to her family, friends, and colleagues.

[Update on Thursday: She died hours later.]

The "nothing burger" quote about the light injuries above wasn't exceptional. I've heard it from many sources. I don't understand how someone could ever be "relaxed" when a terrorist successfully stabs you at least at two places. The problem may be more than just a cut or two. The knife could have been contaminated by some germs. And Egypt's healthcare is probably not the #1 healthcare in the world.

It seems extremely likely to me that the news about the Czech victim were downplayed intentionally. And I am not the only one. Václav Klaus Jr, a shadow Czech minister of education and the older son of a Czech ex-president, wrote on his Twitter account:
Two stabbed German women and silence afterwards. Now, a Czech lady is struggling to survive. The Bolshevik used to inform in a similar way. I despised it then and I despise is now.

The Bolshevik was reporting similarly e.g. about the Chernobyl accident – at the beginning, almost nothing happened, then there could be a little bit of a problem, but it would be solved.

This mentality, the instinctive need to soothe and manipulate the masses – it's almost identical today as it was then. Let's change it – let's return this country to the people.
I totally agree. The communist regime was using propagandist tricks – including distortions of the truth and outright lies – in order to make itself look more tolerable. When something bad happened and the communist system was at least partially responsible for it, the event "had to be" downplayed, misinterpreted, or completely hidden. The communist regime had a monopoly over the information sources so the people couldn't really learn the truth – at least not quickly enough, and at least not from mass sources of information in their mother tongue located on their territory.

Sadly, the situation is very analogous now. Just like the official press wanted to paint the communist regime as better than it was, the contemporary mainstream media work hard to make the Muslims, Arabs, terrorists, and their domestic allies look nicer, less dangerous, and less harmful than they are. This is the reason why it often takes it so much time to learn that an event was an Islamist attack; that your compatriot was a victim; that she is at risk of death within two weeks. We can't tell the Czechs that a Czech woman was a full-blown victim of a terrorist attack, can we? The Czechs could misinterpret this news as evidence that the Islamic terrorism is real and it may kill Czechs, too.

Well, the people who draw this conclusion aren't misinterpreting anything. They are correctly interpreting the facts. And those who want to prevent the undistorted facts from flowing to the citizens' ears are dirty propagandists and liars. Too bad, they have a near monopoly on the distribution of information just like the communist press had a near monopoly up to November 1989. The precise sources of the monopoly – the political forces they build upon – are somewhat different and less "total" or "totalitarian" than they were during communism. Communists really controlled almost all branches of the society while the pro-Islamic folks "only" control things like the media, NGOs, political secretariats of many parties, and offices of most of the important CEOs, among others.

But the final outcome – the inaccurate, misleading, biased, or missing information – is very similar to the 1980s, indeed. These people's control over the society is less "total" than the communists' power used to be; but their dishonesty is approximately the same.

Vaguely related: Today, an "EU adviser" told the European Court of Justice to reject the lawsuits of Hungary and Slovakia against the migrant quotas. Also, the European Commission – led by a commissar for migration, the Greek Islamofascist jerk Avramopoulos – reiterated an ultimatum against Czechia, Poland, and Hungary which have one month to surrender and start to Islamize their territories.

This new threat is a non-event within V4, of course, because no politician is considering for a second to surrender and start to "relocate" the illegal immigrants here. I think it could be an excellent idea to agree within V4 and declare this jerk to be a persona non grata within V4, just to make him sure that it's not only the unelected scumbags such as himself who may impose punishments.

Some better news: an EU court ruled that Austria (and Slovenia...) indeed has the right to deport asylum seekers because Austria isn't the first country. Also, the BBC began to use the term "migrant" instead of the demagogic "refugee" for the generic members of the incoming masses of Muslims.

Bad news: Another European Soviet's commissar Mr Timmermans announced he plans to start "Article 7" (stripping of voting rights) against Poland after president Duda vetoed 1/3 of the judicial reform laws and approved 2/3 of them (the innocent ones). Timmermans should be declared a persona non grata in Poland and maybe V4, too.

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