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U.N.'s 17 sustainable goals by 2030: what the youth gets brainwashed with

Bill Nye, a former actor, is looking forward to the day when the older people will die out. The death of the older people is a necessary condition for progress in climate science, Bill Nye tells us.

Just try to appreciate how sick this individual is. In the real world, the progress in science doesn't require anyone's death. A scientist may do his research equally well if others – including the wrong ones, if they are wrong at all – stay alive. Nye's statement is just another example of the far left-wing Nazis' complete inability (or their lack of will) to distinguish science from political movements and from mass eradication programs. You can't be surprised that the wise commenters urge him to be the role model and be the first one who dies in order to end the farce that he calls his life.

We often complain that the Millennials are a lousy generation without ambitions, without spine, without courage, a brainwashed herd of cheap sheep. At the same moment, they're mostly just kids. They are victims. And they still have a chance to see the light. It's some of the old jerks like Nye who are actually responsible for having crippled the Generation Y.

Now, I think that most of you will agree that I do spend lots of time – vastly more than an average human does or should – with following the events and claims related to the political correctness, contemporary political slogans, sustainability, climate change, and similar stuff. Nevertheless, like most of you, I ultimately enjoy the right to say "that was enough". So no one actually has the power to determine how I spend my time, to what depth I study a certain thing, and whether I read an article at all.

It's this not so subtle difference – also known as freedom – that must be "blamed" for the fact that yesterday, I realized that I was less informed than the average young person in my nation when it comes to... the U.N. sustainable development goals. informed us that

One-third of Czechs know UN sustainable development (Prague Monitor)
The article says that 50% of people aged 18-24, and 31% of people aged 35-44, know the "17-point commitment of all U.N. member states by 2030". Do I belong to these "well-informed" groups? I honestly don't realize that the number of sustainable development goals should be "17" and that they imply commitments up to the year "2030". As you can guess, I surely can't enumerate these "17 points" if I don't even know when the number "should" be 17 or that the year "should" be 2030.

So I would almost certainly have to be counted to the group that has no idea about this stuff.

And as you know, this is what makes me (and most of you, I am sure) far more rational and well-informed than the people who "know" this stuff. It takes a minute to find out what are the "17 points" of the U.N. concerning sustainable development by 2030. Using Google, you may immediately find the U.N. sustainability page, its development agenda, and the list of the 17 goals.

The 17 goals are just a random list of naive childish left-wing slogans and a wishful thinking:
  1. no poverty
  2. zero hunger
  3. good health and well-being
  4. quality education
  5. gender equality
  6. clean water and sanitation
  7. affordable and clean energy
  8. decent work and economic growth
  9. industry, innovation, and infrastructure
  10. reduced inequalities
  11. sustainable cities and communities
  12. responsible consumption and production
  13. climate action
  14. life below water
  15. life on land
  16. peace, justice, and strong institutions
  17. partnership for the goals
It was very hard for me not to vomit. It is just utterly disgusting. Not even during Stalin's tenure, kids were brainwashed this brutally. About one-half of these points are just some wishful thinking or promises, a majority of them are political goals of the Left that everyone with a basic understanding of the human society knows to be mostly counterproductive.

The fact that they have separated these left-wing clichés to 17 and not 13 or 23 points is just a coincidence in the behavior of some worthless, Nye-like, left-wing excrement who made this garbage up. In the same way, the choice of the year 2030 is just a pure coincidence. It doesn't mean anything. They could have written 2025 or 2055 or 2350 – the number would still be just some "meaningless number in far enough future that no rational person is really planning for".

Now, there will always be some poverty – one may always measure poverty relatively and someone may always feel poorer. There was formally no poverty in communist Czechoslovakia but Westerners would still say that all of us were poor. "Reduced inequality" is just a favorite left-wing delusion which is heavily disputed in all democratic countries of the world because in those nations, it's right to celebrate inequality as a great thing and the source of all progress.

"Climate action" is the biggest contemporary scam of these U.N. style parasites. To some extent, this meme is projected to many other points in this list. "Life below water" is Barack Obama's plan to solve the Israeli-Palestinian tension. :-) "Gender equality" is the usual feminist garbage combining the victimhood movement, reverse sexism, and a complete denial of the difference between men and women.

"Peace, justice, and strong institutions" is clearly a slogan promoting big governments, the world government, and the citizens' forced obedience. "Peace and justice" are added to make the gullible recipients of this propaganda think that the world government, big governments, or obedience of the citizens is needed for justice and peace etc. Everyone who buys this stuff is brain-dead. The European Union loves to justify its power in the same way. "It's us who brought peace to Europe," they often say. Complete lies.

Almost every entry on this list is pretty much disgusting and their combination is just utterly repugnant. People who spread this junk should be executed. It is not funny. But how does it happen that 50% of the young Czechs aged 18-24 have been successfully brainwashed with this disgusting junk? What are the scary pathological institutions and mechanisms that allow this left-wing garbage randomly written down by some despicable, worthless people be directly pushed to hundreds of millions of young skulls? And where did the indoctrination take place?

Fashionable junk replaces hard education at schools

If you're at least 40 and you remember your school days, I think that you will agree that there was basically no course or subject where you would be "taught" some very new far left-wing propaganda memes that some U.N. jerks wrote down in 2015. I mean, 2015 is just two years ago. How could some random lists of political goals get to the education process this quickly? Why would anyone learn about the U.N. except of its birth after the war etc.?

You might say that at schools, even in democratic countries, we were taught some "civic education" in which children would learn something about the political systems, constitutions, and even some recent events. But those things still had some order. You could learn XY about the constitution in the eighth grade. Or high school sophomores could be exposed to it. But if high school sophomores just learned about the very fresh 2015 U.N. list, high school seniors had no chance to know it from the course because their sophomore year took place before the U.N. wrote the list. And the freshmen haven't been sophomores yet.

You just couldn't possibly get a penetration rate that is as high as 50% when it comes to some fresh and ludicrous U.N. propaganda lists.

The fact that the penetration rate reaches 50% among the youth proves that the kids are being indoctrinated by this stuff constantly, regardless of their age, and probably in numerous courses and subjects.

The very fact that the organization such as the U.N. is a leader of this indoctrination is symptomatic. It is an organization where mass killers and dictators from the countries that don't respect the basic rights, that can't feed most of its citizens, and that aren't civilized have the same influence on the decisions – including stupid lists such as the 17 sustainable goals – as the civilized people and nations.

In effect, the young folks in our nations are being trained as servants of the "leaders" of Zimbabwe. They are being prepared for the task of destroying the Western civilization as we know it.

While the Millennials may be considered victims, I am amazed by the absolute lack of intelligence, courage, and moral qualities of the Millennials, anyway. During communism, as I said, we could have sometimes heard glimpses of a similar propaganda although it was never this bad. We would never be "taught" that some important communist organization had recently written down a "list of 17 important goals". But even when "comparably misleading" things were said by a teacher of mine, I gave her a hard time – and in many cases, my classmates would do the same thing.

If some of the kids had some moral qualities as we used to have, this kind of indoctrination could simply never take place. The teacher would be stopped. If she tried to be combative, kids would start to leave the classroom. But the Millennials are just obedient sheep that have undergone full lobotomy. They don't protest. They seem to be a lost generation which has virtually no knowledge – their knowledge is mostly replaced by the would-be knowledge such as lists of 17 sustainable goals of the U.N. It is sad, it is tragic, it is a very bad sign about the future of the Western civilization.

By the way, there are additional self-anointed people who have largely conquered the media and education spaces. The Prague Monitor article above points out that Czechia is naturally "near the top" in bringing the goals to reality. We're a largely egalitarian, gender-egalitarian etc. country where tap water may be drunk everywhere, and so on. The human development indices are very high. This really means that those goals don't mean anything for us if you're rational. But then the article mentions an NGO of self-appointed pundits, Social Watch – probably some additional hired guns of George Soros – who try to say that everything sucks about Czechia. Almost everyone is happy in Czechia these days – not surprising given the economic growth etc. – so why does it matter that a bunch of corrupt anti-patriots tries to paint a dark picture? Why would anyone try to convey their bogus opinions? Why do they matter? They seem to be some random homeless people with a new jacket whose top achievement is a meeting with their comrades from Zambia. How does this scum that has materialized out of thin air get cited in the most influential newspapers? Did they determine that Czechia is the second world by comparing us with true leaders such as Zambia? Is George Soros paying millions of dollars for every reference to his puppets? Or do the journalists refer to them for free and with no reason? So many things are so totally f*cked-up about the "mainstream" media and the education system today.

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