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Czechs amazed by a PC lawsuit against a Czech Swedish writer

Czechia's economy grew by impressive 4.5% yoy and 2.3% qoq in Q2 of 2017, brutally beating estimates. Donald Trump made a speech about Charlottesville that has offended many – surely not me. Most importantly, I agree that both sides, "alt right" and "alt left", need to calm down in Virginia and elsewhere in the U.S. And yes, the removal of Confederate heroes' statues is bound to produce lots of understandable anger.

But I want to mention a seemingly irrelevant story about a lawsuit. Rossana Dinamarca is a Swedish student (a very old one for a student, she was born in 1974) who came to Sweden from Chile. She is a lawmaker for the Left Party which is, despite the impressively general name, a tiny communist party that has never made it to the Swedish government.

Swedish newspapers and their Czech counterparts such as iDNES and Echo24 informed us about a lawsuit that Dinamarca filed against Ms Kateřina Janouchová (picture above), a Prague-born writer (in Swedish).

First, the players. Dinamarca is an extreme leftist who insults everybody approximately 24 hours a day. When she debated a guy from Sweden Democrats (SD) on TV, she took a T-shirt saying SD=racists.

In 2015, she was picked as the "Sweden's sexiest politician" and she was clearly proud about it. Look at the picture with a white T-shirt on this page. She proudly displays the text "Sweden's sexiest politician of 2015" on her breasts and her fingers are pointing to those breasts.

The other party is Ms Kateřina Janouchová (*1964). She was born in Prague. Her mother is originally Russian. Her father, Dr František Janouch, is a nuclear physicist. He was expelled by the Czechoslovak communists in the 1970s – and his family went to Sweden. The communists shouldn't have done so because he founded the Charter 77 Foundation that was providing the Czechoslovak dissidents with quite some funding.

I have never met Dr Janouch but I have met lots of people who have known him well. So folks like Sheldon Glashow liked to talk about Janouch during various dinners where we were chatting about similar stuff. At any rate, his daughter is clearly emancipated. She has written dozens of books – either for children or about sex and similar topics. For several years, we could have seen the she has sensible opinions about many things – and sensible opinions are considered politically incorrect by a powerful subset of the Swedish population.

The causes of the lawsuit began last Friday when Ms Janouchová posted a tweet with a photograph of Dinamarca attending a recent demonstration of failed Afghani asylum seekers who didn't want to be expelled. Keeping illegal immigrants in Sweden is obviously one of Ms Dinamarca's big hobbies.

Ms Janouchová noticed Dinamarca's provocative clothes – which must be particularly provocative to the Afghani men – and she quipped: "A staircase is more effective than Tinder [a dating app]." That's both apt and funny and Czech commenters have generally appreciated Ms Janouchová's sense of humor. But it is understandable that someone can get offended. So Ms Janouchová apologized and deleted the tweet.

But Ms Dinamarca continued with her complaint. She wasn't upset by the photograph itself but by the fact that Ms Janouchová has sexualized the photograph, everyone was told, and Ms Janouchová suggested that the establishment of romantic contacts could have contributed to her decision to attend the demonstration.

On Monday, Ms Janouchová published another tweet with the white T-shirt photo of 2015 and Ms Janouchová mentioned that she couldn't understand why Ms Dinamarca suddenly considered it a problem to be sexualized.

This comment by Ms Janouchová is absolutely relevant. Ms Dinamarca has shown her hypocrisy because in 2015, she was happy to embrace the sexualized status and she was even pointing her fingers to a text including the root sex written on her breasts. So why couldn't another Swedish woman refer to the sexualized aspects of her appearance as well?

At any rate, it's enough for a lawsuit in Sweden. To make things worse, Ms Janouchová was also "fired from a job". She was working for a company (Viking Lines) trying to prevent sexual assaults on ships. Good-bye, she heard.

Some people in Czechia think that Ms Janouchová is lucky because she is female so she can't really be accused of being a sexual predator and a sexist chauvinist. But I've tried to study the atmosphere in Sweden a little bit closely and I actually concluded that they are wrong. For all practical purposes, independent and emancipated women of this Czech style are considered honorary men. They really wear honorary penises in the Swedish feminists' eyes and they may be punished for their heresy just like men can. It's all about the ideas and attitudes – and she has the same ideas and attitudes as many common-sense men, after all.

For example, I've seen a tweet by a Swedish male feminist saying that "Janouchová is exactly on par with the men who hate women". Cool.

So far, Ms Janouchová has been doing very well and I think that every publicity has been good enough for her. But at the end, I would bet she will have to emigrate from Sweden. Maybe she will establish the Charter 2017 Foundation in another country trying to fund the dissidents who are being harassed by the male and female feminists in Sweden. A troublesome aspect of this story is that it is a female politician who thinks that a non-politician doesn't have the right to comment on her public photographs. Such whining and lawsuits seem inappropriate in the Western world.

By the way, while there seems to be a nearly complete consensus in Czechia that Ms Janouchová is right, you can find "outlets" written in Czech that hate her. In particular, Mr Jan Čulík, a far left loon harbored by the city of Glasgow – who approved of the 9/11 attacks and I waged a war on him after 2001 – informed his equally defective readers that A babbling female racist of Czech origin was expelled from an ethical panel in Sweden. Yes, most of my compatriots would approve of death penalty for this hardcore jerk. He also tells us that the Swedish public TV station ran an indoctrination program (he calls it differently) trying to attack a very moderate Czech TV host's (DVTV) interview with Ms Janouchová.

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