Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Italy seizes the first NGO ship of human smugglers

Czech readers were somewhat pleased by the news that at least some sanity is returning to Italy. A Sicilian prosecutor has ordered to confiscate Iuventa, an NGO ship that has been shown to "cooperate" with the human flesh traffickers.

Iuventa belongs to Jugend Rettet (Young Saviors), a German NGO originally founded by some high school students in 2015. The prosecutor announced he has serious evidence of repeated encounters between Jugend Rettet and the recognized traffickers close to the Libyan border. Well, you may see it – a video of June 18th and June 26th incidents.

On the main page of their website, which also urges you to make a donation, the Hitler Jugend Ratatata group boasts that they "rescued" 6500 people last year. What does it mean to "rescue" these people?

It means, as the evidence available to the Sicilian prosecutors proves, that the NGO gets their clients from the traffickers off the Libyan beaches. With the help of the traffickers and the NGO's employees, they are transferred from a wooden boat to a more luxurious ship such as Iuventa and transferred all the way to Italy.

The very terminology "traffickers" is bizarre. The German NGO is obviously the main group of traffickers – it is responsible for the overwhelming majority of the work needed to smuggle the illegal immigrants from Africa to Europe. It's very likely that the NGO also receives most of the money that is circulating in this smuggling operation for each illegal immigrant. A "trafficker" from the third world may get $100 per migrant before he's moved to the Jugend Rettet "taxi" where the folks get $1,000 per migrant in donations.

Nevertheless, they unsurprisingly claim that they have "humanitarian" reasons to do what they do. One can say that and such a statement may even sound persuasive to many people. But a severe violation of a law is a severe violation of a law. And yes, I think that the European public has the right to see the ledger of this NGO – maximum information about the finances of this "non-profit" group.

Some media – including Reuters – present this campaign against this criminal group as a revelation. But only brainwashed sheep could think it's really "news". From the very beginning, it was very clear that the NGOs are the main smugglers of the human flesh. A collection of some hundreds of people is really responsible for having brought most of the million+ of illegal immigrants to Europe in recent years. The authorities deliberately hesitated – for more than two years. The European Union was surely much faster when it was banning vacuum cleaners and light bulbs! The old Western Europe's democracies are already so degenerated that they really needed two years to see what the post-socialist nations – including our governments, thank God – saw right away.

All these people need to be jailed. The usual disclaimer: The previous sentence doesn't express just my personal opinion. It is a fact that follows from the basic laws of Italy and the basic laws of the EU and all of its countries. You may disagree and cooperate with Hitler Jugend Ratatata but in that case, you belong to jail, too. I can provide the prosecutors with names of other groups that are doing the same thing and that openly and materially support Hitler Jugend Ratatata's operations.

Trapani Prosecutor Ambrogio Cartosio explains the charges

Aside from Hitler Jugend Ratatata, several other NGOs refused to subscribe to the code of conduct – which means that they really "refused to obey the law". They include Doctors without Borders (MSF), Sea Watch, Sea Eye, and SOS Mediterranee. Doctors without Borders are the most famous group. Aside from human smuggling, they were recently shown to be responsible for the creation of promotion materials for Al-Qaeda. The Italian ministry of internal affairs has thankfully pointed out that these NGOs' refusal to obey the code of conduct will have consequences "for the safety of these NGOs".

The trial with Hitler Jugend Ratatata is likely to take place in Sicily. Let's hope that the prosecutor won't accidentally die in a traffic accident. Needless to say, if he survives, it's trivial for him to basically end the "migration crisis". That outcome only requires the authorities to obey the law. Technically, it's trivial to defend the border. It was straightforward for Hungary and it was trivial for Macedonia, too. After all, the signs of "some operations" were already enough to reduce the number of illegal migrants coming through Italy from 23,000 in July 2016 to 11,000 in July 2017. (The total for first 7 months of 2017 is 94,000.)

If some of the criminals are minors, they may be treated and punished analogously to other situations when minors commit criminal activity. But they still need to be tried and punished. And the money collected for these illegal activities – including the funds that have already been spent – need to be confiscated and the culprits must be ordered to pay the difference. I don't really believe that the dirty work on the sea is being done by high school students. The kids are only used for P.R. reasons.

The animated map of the human trafficking does show the complex trajectory of Iuventa, the confiscated ship. Also, it shows that Iuventa is far from the only one doing the same thing.

The NGOs – which are not really non-profit for the members because those earn handsome amounts of money from the donations (the "non-profit" label just means that there's no concentrated external owner of the organization who would make a profit from their activities) – are a major part of the problem. But it's not just about some unhinged whackos and petty criminals.

The European Union itself is the biggest problem, the most important enabler of organized crime that has created this whole "migration crisis". The European Commission has 28 members who are "indirectly elected". But the actual laws, policies, and recommendations are being prepared by some 30,000 people who work "for" the commission and who aren't elected at all, a "deep state" of the European continent. They have been picked to be compatible with the atmosphere of the organized crime that has become the norm within the European Union.

Prosecutors in Italy and many other places should investigate the criminal activity of these unelected activists working within the EU structures and realize that thousands of them belong to the jail, too.

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