Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Merkel: we must accept an infinite number of invaders

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Gourmets may be convinced that e.g. Konrad Adenauer or Helmut Kohl were great leaders but the most famous German leader in the last 100 years was unquestionably Adolf Hitler. And because insanity seems to be what counts and what makes the tenure of the German leaders long-lived, Angela Merkel is quickly becoming the number two.

We thought that we have already heard everything but last night, Czech readers were generally stunned after we were told about some exchanges of opinions during the otherwise super-boring German campaign. The Christian Social Union CSU, a semi-autonomous subsidiary of Merkel's CDU that only operates in Bavaria, the "Texas" of Germany, has proposed 200,000 immigrants as the upper limit of approved asylum seekers per year, in order to establish some pressures that will make sure that the year 2015 – when 1.2 million immigrants invaded Germany – wouldn't be repeated. CSU are therefore somewhat "softcore welcomers" who realize the sheer magnitude or at least the very existence of the problem that Germany has created.

The current and presumptive future chancellor, Angela Merkel, answered a question from the audience in Lübeck about the proposed upper limit on the number of immigrants.

In her answer that was broadcast live on TV, she said:
My attitude to the limit is well-known. I don't want it. Guaranteed. I don't even think it may be realized.
Wow, just wow. A leader at this level should really be held accountable for self-evident failures such as her or his inability to defend the border against illegal immigrants, even a relatively small number of them. She hasn't been accountable for over a million of the people who illegally invaded Germany.

OK, so you would think that at least, she would be demanded not to increase the size of the existential problem she is bringing to Germany, to make things better in the future. Instead, she basically says that the laws of physics prevent us from stopping the divergence of the illegal immigrants to infinity – and she will be re-elected the German chancellor, anyway, not to mention that her main competitor is probably even more insane in these matters. The Germans' fanaticism or stupidity is just breathtaking.

In my country, it's hard to believe that a European nation may become so utterly f*cked-up when it comes to the content of their skulls.

On top of that, we can read tragicomical news reports about "mass deportations" that Merkel successfully realized. So far, she has deported about one hundred Afghani men. Imagine that. The influx is of order one million but she is only able to fly dozens of illegal immigrants by an Airbus out of Germany. Germany has clearly lost the control over these matters. The number of the immigrants who should be deported because they're not refugees is clearly around 1 million just from recent years. What difference does it make if you deport 100? Even if you deported 10,000, it's a totally negligible amount.

1.2 million people in 2015 was a huge number that has already created lots of problems, extra terrorist attacks, 250,000 complaints against asylum decisions that have flooded German courts, and lots of other things, not to mention huge payments in welfare. But it's still negligible relatively to the potential supply of the exterior world that may provide Germany with new immigrants. There are 1.2 billion people in Africa. Another one billion and something may be found in the rest of the Muslim world. And these numbers are in no way final. Instead, the population growth is huge over there and by 2050, Africa's population is expected to double. Will all these people be welcome to Germany without any limits?

Does she really mean that she doesn't want to – and she is literally unable to – impose any barriers or even pressures that would prevent a significant fraction of these people from moving to Germany? Does she want hundreds of millions of exotic citizens in Germany? Or maybe even in other countries? She just threatened Hungary once again – Hungary's immigration policies are not your business, stupid lady. Hungary has sort of followed in the foot steps of Slovakia and it said that it has heard the European Court of Justice. But the countries won't do anything beyond hearing. Thankfully, the European Union doesn't really have any enforcement capabilities for such nutty decisions – e.g. the quotas – so listening to the verdicts is the end of the story. Get used to this fact, Frau Merkel, or study the fate of your predecessor Adolf Hitler. Also, Merkel has questioned Hungary's membership in the EU. I don't think it's Merkel who may decide such matters.

The revelation that a top driver of the immigration, Ms Merkel, thinks it's "impossible" to impose any upper bound is a big lesson for us who could be playing with the idea that we accept a migrant or ten migrants. To say "Yes" means to support someone who really wants to import an unlimited number. That's why we must work hard to refuse every single migrant – given Merkel's and similar people's plans, a single migrant is way too big a step towards infinity and national suicide.

As long as the size of a minority is really small, its problems may be solved in certain special ways. Some very special treatment may be paid for them. At the same moment, their political opinions may be largely neglected because they're really anomalous. So whether they would prefer the Sharia Law is just irrelevant. But once the number of members of such groups grows to millions, they acquire the political influence that simply cannot be neglected and that becomes comparable to that of particular big enough parties of the original population.

Many of these new exotic Germans will want to bring lots of their relatives – and fake relatives – to Germany as well. So the number of such people is expected to grow exponentially, especially because it's becoming increasingly impossible politically to ignore these people's wishes. The process of Islamization of Germany has its own momentum and the forces that the German government is capable of exerting are becoming small relatively to the forces exerted by the immigrants and their fifth column.

Even after these years, Germany lives in the state of complete denial of the fact that they have made some fatal mistakes when they invited the Muslims to Germany and did lots of things to make this dream come true. I find it very hard to imagine that this insane evolution won't lead to another big war on the European continent, another big war caused by Germany. Just like she has lost all her ability to even consider some limits on immigration as proposed by CSU, most of the German voters have also lost the ability to impose any limits on the insanity of their reasoning and the insanity of the politicians they are willing to vote into office.

At some moment, Germany – well, the country may already be called "al Mania" to make it more Arabic – will become such an existential threat for relatively sane neighbors such as Czechia that we will have to build some coalition and either beat Germany and turn it into a safe neighbor again, or risk that the Western civilization will cease to exist on the European continent. I don't know whether our side will start this war on Germany or whether we will be attacked by Germany but if Germany will successfully realize the plans to restart the mass immigration in some way (fortunately, another problem for that plan is that countries in between Germany and the Muslim world are erecting borders again), the gap between Germany and the sane part of Europe will surpass all conceivable limits and a conflict will be unavoidable.

If you want to play with Google Translate, you may check comments at the left-wing Novinky.cz, center-right iDNES.cz, and mainstream conservative Echo24.cz to see that the Czech consensus about her insanity is basically perfect.

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