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Morgan Freeman declares war on Russia

Yesterday, actor Morgan Freeman – who has starred as the U.S. president in some movies – was hired by a bunch of pro-Hillary and neocon, anti-Trump operatives and recorded an incredible monologue. America is at war with Russia because KGB agent Putin, grumpy about the fall of the Soviet Union, has hacked the U.S. computers and attacked 241 years of the U.S. democracy. This is no movie script.

Paul Joseph Watson and Marty TV gave some sensible responses.

Mr Freeman, this is indeed no movie script which is exactly the reason why you shouldn't have agreed to play it. It's no movie script, it's plain war propaganda. You've been an actor so you should play according to movie scripts and not according to war propaganda recipes. And if you and your comrades in the "Committee to Investigate Russia" – what a stupid and Soviet-like name for such a gang – managed to kickstart a big U.S. war against Russia, you should be treated as war criminals and probably killed.

You've been a great actor but the peace between the U.S. and another world's nuclear superpower is much more irreplaceable than you, Mr Freeman.

Now, are the statements right? Yes, Putin has been a KGB agent. Does it unavoidably imply some crime? If you have watched the James Bond movies, you must have noticed that the Soviet agents – who were often female in order to fit into Bond's bed and for his pal to fit into... and so on – were often doing the very same kind of work as James Bond 007. They were just doing certain special tasks requiring the training of an agent that served the national interests of their country.

Was Putin grumpy about the dissolution of the country that he served? Yes, he was. Is it a crime? Or is it understandable? The U.S. has won the Cold War. Was the dissolution of the Soviet Union in which America was assisting necessary? A justified punishment? I am not so sure. The defective, undemocratic, unfree, economically ineffective social system in the Soviet Union was an independent question from the question of its territory etc.

If you ask me, the Russians have treated other nationalities on the Soviet territory – with the possible exception of the Baltic states that shouldn't have really belonged to the Soviet Union – very well. Unlike in the U.S., the minor languages were really allowed. Not only that. Scholars in Moscow worked hard to create official rules of grammar and other things needed to keep those languages alive and usable in the contemporary world.

There was a lot of chaos when the Soviet power structures began to collapse but you simply can't be surprised that even rather sensible people in Russia simply have to be rather annoyed by many things that have happened but didn't have to happen. I think that numerous people in America and elsewhere should feel some bad conscience. It's simply not true that Russians always deserve any punishment with any justification.

Most importantly, has Putin attacked America? There isn't really any evidence. As far as the evidence goes, the claims about the Russian attack on the U.S. in 2016 is just another hateful conspiracy theory spread by unethical people. These people are grumpy – much more than Vladimir Putin is grumpy – about the inability of their candidate, Hillary Clinton, to win the White House. They don't want to admit to themselves that Clinton sucked as a candidate, she sucks as a human being, and that most of the American voters have simply run out of patience with people like Hillary and, perhaps more importantly, like themselves.

Freeman's movie script is right that Putin disliked the dissolution of the Soviet Union but it's wrong when it says that Putin has attacked the U.S. or the democratic system in America. On the other hand, I am right about both things: the anti-Trump neocons and leftists are grumpy about the so far partial collapse of their warmongering, politically correct empire; and they did attack the American democracy because of that. This is not just a movie script, this is also the truth.

Also, the Obama administration has wiretapped Mr Manafort of the Trump campaign, despite their lies to the contrary – and this is the truth, too.

Most of the American voters don't want any war against Russia – otherwise they would have preferred Clinton over Trump. They don't really want to listen to these conspiracy theories, even if they're articulated through the influential loud voice of a famous 80-year-old actor. Despite his fame, almost no one has watched the original video on YouTube and almost all the votes were negative. Trump was elected the president and you have lost. Get used to it quickly enough, stop trying to delegitimize the U.S. president, and stop being a threat for the U.S. democracy, otherwise you will have to be treated like classic villains in those Hollywood movies. And I can assure you that most villains like you don't survive through the end of the movie.

Freeman also mentions another "crime" of Putin, namely that Russia has its own media and the people in the West have access to them – and these outlets sponsored by Russia (often featuring mostly American hosts and American thinkers) became more convincing for lots of Americans than the U.S. "mainstream" media. You know, Russians have the right to speak and Americans have the right to listen to foreign radio and TV stations, right? What if you tried to imagine something that so many people have figured out – that the MSM media in the U.S. are trusted less simply because they're deceitful and full of šit? What if you try to search for the problem inside yourself at least once?

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