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German interior minister: let's celebrate Muslim holidays

Czech readers were shocked by yet another dose of staggering news about the Islamization in Germany. The German minister of interior, Thomas de Maiziere, has recommended to introduce Muslim holidays in Germany. Shockingly enough, this man is a member of the "Christian" Democratic Union, CDU, the strongest party in Germany.

The proposal was criticized by some other politicians – especially those from Bavaria's CSU – but immediately praised by Martin Schulz, the leader of the Social Democratic Party, Germany's second most powerful party. Incidentally, the Czech party with the same acronym – SPD – is led by a Czech-Japanese nationalist who wants to completely ban Islam, among many other things. ;-)

According to the proposal, up to five Muslim holidays could be celebrated locally, in Bundeslands, districts, or cities where the percentage of Muslims is higher. But everyone in those regions would have to observe these holidays!

I am not the only one who finds it increasingly crazy that given this frightening political situation in Germany, we still have open borders with Germany. My feeling is that this anomalous situation cannot last for too long. While most Czechs would probably agree that the threat of Islamization is Europe's gravest political problem in the medium or long run, top politicians in Germany not only fail to recognize this threat. They are actively working to make this nightmare come true.

Maybe in coming weeks, the proposal will be defeated. But that's clearly where this ill German nation seems to be going. Similar insanities are increasingly becoming a part of the "German mainstream".

Top-voted reactions at

I am convinced that Germans will soon integrate themselves among the Muslims.

I officially ask the admin to reintroduce the vomiting smiley face.

So this is the hard core of Europe that we can't allow to escape from us?

Now, he is proposing to introduce Muslim holidays. In ten years, he will be proposing to abolish the Christian ones. Thank you very much but I don't want that.

The very fact that this is being proposed by someone from the [Christian] CDU is... decadent.

This is approximately what the symptoms look like when a person loses his survival instincts.

The chairman of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany Mr Aiman Mazyek has welcomed the proposal. [Source.] It's the same chairman who screamed before the elections that if AfD would get to the Parliament, he would return to Turkey. So now he should keep his word, pack his belongings, and kick himself out of Germany.

We should consider the introduction of border checks and visas for the crazy Germany.

Germans can no longer be helped by anybody.

I recommend Germans to abolish the Christian holidays. Another move could be the reintroduction of work on Saturdays. Otherwise Germany will face the threat that they won't be capable of earning enough money for the bunch of the freeloaders.

Yuup! Especially Ramadan. That's the holiday that will teach you to starve and thank God-Allah for the starvation on top of it. Given the number of the recipients of welfare, it will be a useful training for your future. :-))

Nothing good has come from the Germans in the recent 1,000 years.

Do good to the devil, he will reward you by Hell. That's how the proverb has it, right?

Where did the comrades from FRG make the mistake? [The famous movie quote from the Cozy Dens originally had comrades from GDR and maybe it could be more apt here because of Merkel, too.]

This already looks like a diagnosis.

And Islam is already being taught in 7 out of 16 Bundeslands.

But this is a Renault from a fish.

It's already here. Germany is lost and it's unfortunately our neighbor.

Do introduce the Sharia Law, too. But please, don't try to impose it on anyone else and build a fence around yourself.

Are the German brains' already raking [are they going nuts] or is it due to fear from the rising Muslim population?

I can see that Germans are integrating increasingly well.

He's visibly a Christian Democrat like a leg. [smiley with a tongue]

I don't know what he smokes but he should interrupt it.

And Mr Vaněk still wonders why I don't want to become a welcomer.

The same opinions appear at Echo24, Novinky, iDNES, Lidovky. A poll in Novinky shows 98.4% of the readers against the Muslim holidays.

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