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Junk PC subjects at schools spread like fire

Václav Klaus Jr, a shadow minister in the right-wing ODS and a son of the Czech ex-president, has received some mail from a mother of a high school student:
Good morning, I just found out that the gymnasium that my son attends has replaced geography by the multicultural education this semester. I am incredibly upset but I don't know how to proceed. I don't want any action to turn against him at the end... Would you kindly give me an advise? Thanks for your answer, have a nice day
The mother stayed anonymous and I am not sure whether Klaus has given any helpful advise to her. But he used this letter to shout "let us stop it". Many of us, his followers, have looked at some details about this multicultural education and its cousins.

When we were kids, and in the previous two centuries or so, children would learn subjects such as mathematics, Czech (language and literature), "prvouka" proto-science (some basics of geography, biology, traffic, physics, civic education, and social sciences for 1st to 3rd graders), and then geography, history, physics, chemistry, biology (zoology, botany, biology of humans), geology, drawing and painting (creative education), music, some practical works, gyms, and a few more.

The separation of the skills and knowledge to these subjects makes some sense. The content has been updated for a long time and these updates were enough to keep the subjects up-to-date. Computer science ("informatics") was a rare example of an added subject that the modern era needed. But in recent years, and especially since Czechia's entry to the European Union, a revolution in the subjects has been taking place. Completely new subjects that have nothing to do with the knowledge and skills have spread rapidly.

This document from a basic school website clarifies lots of details about the subjects that are being taught these days and they include the following:
  1. personality and social education
  2. media education
  3. environmental education
  4. multicultural education
  5. education towards thinking in the European and global context
  6. education of a democratic citizen
We have seen a letter indicating that at least the multicultural education is really taught as a full-blown subject, at least for half a year – instead of geography. To some extent, I believe it is the case of all these six parasitic "cross section themes" i.e. would-be subjects although I don't really know whether these would-be subjects are treated on par with mathematics at all schools or just some schools and what is the average percentage of time that is being dedicated to this garbage.

But there's no doubt that all this garbage may be classified as indoctrination driven by extremist left-wing NGOs that want to cripple the children and degrade them into brain-dead zombies analogous to the members of these NGOs themselves. You may have doubts e.g. whether the "media education" should be counted but yes, it should. Children are supposed to learn how to mindlessly accept P.R. and propaganda in the media and how to create it, too.

These six would-be subjects are "cross section themes" and I think that this status actually makes their impact worse because, if you kindly adopt the idea that these would-be subjects are tumors, the "cross section theme status" means that the teachers are obliged to perform metastasis of these tumors throughout the education.

So look at the multicultural education. In the document of the basic school that I have mentioned, you find the word "multicultural" at 18 places. The information carried by these appearances is a bit redundant. But a remarkable table appears on page 23. The multicultural education should get to proto-science, Czech language and literature, music education, civic education, geography (and/or its Czech clarification, "vlastivěda" i.e. "homeland science"), and about four more subjects.

Imagine that the old-fashioned subjects are "organs" of your body and the "multicultural education" is cancer. Clearly, the cancer has spread to so many places that your kind physician will recommend you suicide. These schools have become unusable.

And the multicultural education is just one sixth of these politically correct "cross section themes" that are meant to constantly indoctrinate the kids. So you should multiply this absolutely toxic stuff sketched two paragraphs ago by another factor of six. In some cases, most of the subjects are listed in most of the years for some "cross section themes". In effect, the children are being indoctrinated by this outrageous garbage all the time.

This junk is mostly something that the membership in the European Union has brought us. Those who defend the European Union shouldn't forget to mention that the European Union has basically crippled the whole curriculum at our schools. And I am not mentioning tons of additional disgraceful postmodern modifications of the old-fashioned subjects such as the "feel good" methods to teach mathematics.

Czech member of the EU commission Ms Věra Jourová (billionaire's ANO, the Eurosoviet commissar for justice, gender equality, and consumer rights), middle, with her Hungarian American friend (middle) and informal boss (and with deputy Stanislav Polčák of TOP 09, left) met in Spring to discuss methods to stop the propagation of politically inconvenient information on Facebook. The lady on the right side seems to be just Soros' placeholder.

If I were the minister of education, I would probably fire every teacher whose classes have included more than 50% of this junk. I would ban this stuff and order the restoration of the subjects according to the school year 2003/2004 if not 1989/1990.

I have also found several guides how to teach the multicultural education – for the kindergartens, gymnasiums (liberal high schools), and inclusive schools. The stuff is absolutely disgusting. The children are effectively told what they should think about anything that is related to any national, religious, or another kind of identity and all the relationships between these concepts. I am sorry but this is not how the Western society deals with these things. In the Western society, one has the right to decide whether he considers the Slovaks or Muslims (different answers) to be people basically like us or something else and whether he supports these or other policies, among hundreds of other politically loaded questions.

When did these things start to get out of control? I mentioned our 2004 entry to the European Union but that's too optimistic. I think that these fake scholars and outrageously stupid and dishonest NGOs were preparing their unstoppable march to schools already in the early 1990s, shortly after the fall of communism.

I actually remember reading some articles in the mainstream media about global warming in 1990 – when this industry was very small. And I remember complicated votes in the Academic Senate of our department of the Charles University, where I was a deputy for several years, when we were deciding e.g. about the creation of the new Faculty of Humanities at the Charles University. Almost all of us – representatives of mathematics and physics students – were voting against it but that stuff already had some really powerful advocates and it was probably unstoppable. (The Faculty of Humanities was only formally created in 2000, three years after I left Prague, but it had been a done deal when I was still in Prague, I think.)

In particular, while I usually found Václav Havel's talks marginally acceptable if not good, I think that he was already a key authority that guaranteed that this stuff would grow out of control. Havel has also supported pseudosciences of many kinds. He has used the credibility of the Prague Castle, his office, to promote conferences on homeopathy, Karl Pribram's holographic brain, and other pseudosciences.

These new fake scholars and the NGOs – that felt justified and energized by the ongoing changes and even by politicians such as Havel – have filled the "power vacuum". And for long years, the gradual transformation of the schools wasn't considered an important political topic by almost anybody. So the pernicious far left activists and fake scholars have simply hijacked a majority of the education system – they faced no natural enemies. They didn't need to persuade any voters. The voters just didn't care. It's questionable whether a substantial fraction of the voters cares today.

Needless to say, my pride about being a "teenage player" of the Velvet Revolution is greatly diminished by the realization that while the Velvet Revolution has improved so many things, it has basically replaced the old-fashioned working-class-based Leninist Marxism with this Western cultural Marxism. I feel "somewhat guilty" for the rise of this cultural Marxism myself. The Leninist Marxism really used to be controlling the whole society and all aspects of it – so in this sense, it was worse. But the intensity of its grip was smaller at some places such as schools.

I am almost certain that the degree of indoctrination and ideological distortion of the education of schoolkids is worse today than it was in the 1980s, in the era of our "advanced socialist society". The Bolsheviks had basically allowed the list of subjects to remain what it always was. A full-blown new subject was only taught at some colleges, Marxism-Leninism, and the civic education was understandably tendentious. But the other subjects were basically kept what they used to be before communism. Well, geography could have "suggested" that the Soviet bloc had some advantages over the capitalist countries but it was never extreme. History could have painted communism as the "purpose" of the events but the hard facts, not ideology, were always the focus.

The politically correct, cultural Marxist NGOs and similar filth are vastly more aggressive at schools than the communists were in the 1980s. Some really powerful weapons will probably be needed to undo all this harm and neutralize this toxic filth.

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