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Czech public shocked by gender programs at schools

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Three weeks ago, I discussed the politically correct indoctrination at schools. The number of subjects without any real beef – which just downgrade the pupils to stupid and obedient politically correct sheep – is growing every day. But lots of people keep on reporting that it's "not bad" at actual schools. Children and other witnesses don't report everything we may want to know. It would be interesting to see a whole week at contemporary schools.

Yesterday, readers of center-right were shocked by the article
Ministry of education teaches its employees about the genders, the project costs millions
We learn that the Czech ministry of foreign affairs has hired various experts – including a woman from an Olympic organization, Ms Knorre, whose "expertise" about anything related to education seems non-existent. How similar female outsiders may become "de facto bosses" is something I can't possibly understand. A particular project costs $300,000 which is not negligible but it's not a lot – I am sure that much more money is being wasted for similar junk.
Monty Hall: Off-topic: I noticed that Dr Roy Spencer wrote about the Monty Hall Paradox last month. Nicely enough, his solution "it depends on why Monty Hall does what he does" is exactly the same as mine in 2006. ;-)
The employees at the ministry, principals, teachers, and children are told that "children are choosing occupations according to gender stereotypes" and that should be changed. So hundreds of comments mock this attitude. The most popular comment simply says "it remains to milk the billy goat now". An overwhelming majority of readers is against this kind of stuff, they point out why it's natural for men and women to do different things – we could say "to have different statistical distributions in diverse occupations". The article mentions that some "gender equality experts" have been put in charge of censoring and editing all textbooks and they have the power to chastise all employees of the ministry who realize that this whole gender equality stuff is stinking garbage. These attitudes only exist because "these employees haven't been sufficiently educated to appreciate the gender equality". What an outrageously arrogant statement from these deluded despicable parasites.

I am pretty sure that all these programs are basically forced upon us by the European Union because I think it's obvious that in any larger, sufficiently random group of Czech citizens, you will find an overwhelming majority that opposes this kind of gender orthodoxy. The number of feminists in Czechia could probably be counted on one hand – it's plausible that I have already met most of the Czech feminists in my life.

As many readers point out, most animal species display sexual dimorphism. Male and female members of every species do different things. They surely play different roles in the reproduction cycle but also in the care about the young. Among children, we observe the differences from a very early age.

It's great that kids and adults have in principle access to the "jobs that are characteristic for the opposite sex" and it's desirable for them to have the actual freedom to do things that are unusual for their sex. But they should still have the freedom to avoid things that are normally and sanely "almost reserved" for the opposite sex. They shouldn't be forced to do unnatural things. Statistically speaking, it's obvious that many more children could suffer because of the latter because a majority of boys prefers to do the usual boy activities; and a majority of girls prefer to do girl things.

A topic in these broader discussions is the gender pay gap. A week ago, reported that in the EU, Czechia has the second highest gender pay gap after Estonia. Estonia has 26.9%, Czechia has 22.5%, the EU average is 16.3%. I don't know what the "right" number should be but I am sure that there exists absolutely no reason why it should be zero.

Men and women have about the same strength of leg muscles but men's upper body muscles beat women's upper body muscles 2-to-1. In total, men have about 25% greater strength in the body muscles than women. The average man's brain weighs over 10% more than the average woman's brain – 1336 vs 1198 grams – and the gap in the number of neocortical neurons is around 20% – 23 vs 19 billion. The mental abilities of an individual can't be accurately assumed to be "proportional to the mass" and this problem is complex and other variables play role. But if you think about some statistical averages, it actually makes a lot of sense to assume that the amount of mental work in dollars could be proportional to the total brain mass for a large, random, and representative enough brain mass (of many people).

Because some occupations that demand some skills and virtues may be more widespread in one nation or another, it is virtually impossible to calculate the expected gender pay gap too accurately. But differences of order 10%-30% are obviously possible. What is wrong is the ideology that penetrates the media and various self-appointed committees suggesting that countries like Estonia and Czechia that lead the gender pay gap scoreboards are "villains" or they are "worse" in some sport in which everyone should participate. If it is a sport, it is an extremely stupid one. The statement that Estonia and Czechia are the "best ones" is at least as plausible as the opposite statement.

Well, a poll at shows a 60-to-40 victory for the idea that the "gender pay gap should be considered a problem". But I am pretty sure that the "yes it is a problem side" are mostly women who simply voted to support their interests – and women were more likely to vote in such a poll – but they don't really believe it's right from a neutral viewpoint.

Even ODS – with Václav Klaus Jr, the ex-president's son, as the shadow education minister – had a very superficial program in education. The things that should be canceled were just "a dainty regulation" and "inclusion". But this whole politically correct indoctrination hasn't really made it to the top 100 of the items in the ODS program. I think it's a huge mistake because there's actually a rather big demand among the Czech voters who want to fight against these devastating trends. It shows a lack of flexibility of parties including ODS that they haven't embraced these modern topics yet.

I am not sure whether one should have any hopes that the fight against this cultural Marxism at schools could be one of the "silver linings" of the probable minority government led by Mr Andrej Babiš, the billionaire, criminal, and communist snitch, that is going to be created in coming months. Babiš himself has absolutely no ideology. He always adapts his policies to any relevant power. He says to be anti-mass-migration because most Czechs are. Can he be against this PC indoctrination because most Czechs demonstrably oppose it?

Well, I just don't trust him. Mr Brabec from Babiš's party has been an outrageous minister of environment who has fanatically adopted the Paris Agreement and some of the most radical alarmist positions associated with it. On top of that, Babiš himself is getting billions in subsidies for rape – the yellow junk covering 20% of the Czech fields that is used for biofuels. The European Union – as well as Al Gore – have actually admitted that this support for the biofuels has been a giant mistake and the EU plans to abandon it. But Babiš actually said that he will fight to preserve these biofuel subsidies!

This conflict of interests is staggering. And I am also disappointed e.g. by the attitude of ex-president Klaus who fights against the climate alarmism but apparently tolerates one of the largest and most far-reaching economic consequences of the climate alarmism, billions in biofuel subsidies for Mr Babiš.

Just like Babiš cooperated with the communist secret police and adopted lots of diverse things later for his interest, including the climate alarmism in practice, he may be expected to embrace the PC indoctrination or anything as long as the EU gives him any advantages. I am afraid that he is a spineless piece of šit and he will always be one. Well, we'll see.

I am afraid that "gender equality experts" and similar scammers have flooded our education systems by so much junk at so many places that if I were the minister, I would probably restore e.g. the curriculum from the 1990-1991 school year, with some isolated technological updates. I think that things must have been OK then. Communist garbage was removed and the other, tougher, cultural Marxist garbage hadn't replaced it yet.

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