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A shameful betrayal of Windows Phone

I bought a product for CZK 3,499 ($160) today which turned me into a traitor. Since May 2014, I was an enthusiastic user of Lumia 520 – with Windows Phone 8.1 for almost all the time. It works great, it looks beautiful, it can do miracles with 512 MB of RAM, and is much better at saving the battery life. And the name is great, too, it almost sounds like Lumo.

You could have heard your humble correspondent as saying that I would only be separated from Windows Phone with the help of a flame thrower. Well, I exaggerated a bit – let's not call it a lie. Some two years ago, I picked the best Android phone for my father by picking the #1 at Smartphones category at It was Xiaomi Redmi 3 and it's worked great. Octacore, 2 GB RAM etc. A fascinating aspect is the 4100 mAh battery.

OK, so I did the same for me. The #1 is Xiaomi Redmi 4X. It's almost the same except that it has 4 GB of RAM.

Leaders at Microsoft don't appreciate how loyal user I have been – far more loyal than most of them. In the newest edition of Windows 10 for PC, there are settings to deal with your "Android or iPhone". There's no named support for Windows 10 Mobile at all. Some folks at Microsoft have used non-Microsoft phones. These Microsoft employees clearly don't know the name of the best producer of these things – it's called Microsoft.

Before Apple managed to reach $1 trillion in capitalization, dissatisfied users are suing the company because it was apparently deliberately slowing the older iPhone models in order to encourage the iPhone users to update to the newest model. The dissatisfied users demand $1 trillion in compensations, good luck to them. They should wait for the day when Apple reaches $1 trillion and then overtake the company.

I imported my SMS messages using this Android app, special Microsoft-based contacts using this app, and sacrificed the call logs. Pictures should be there by simply moving the files in the file system – I haven't done everything yet.

Swype is my keyboard – on my tablet, I have optimized a special personal dictionary with some extensive idiosyncratic vocabulary. Be sure that some string theory jargon and names of physicists and people around me are included in all cases etc. It's really effective to write without leaving the display.

Now the phone has updated some MIUI Chinese user interface software twice etc. It's time to try some Windows-like launchers because I find the normal Android layout (and even the iOS layout) to be incredible cheap. Computer launcher that turns the phone to a Windows 10 desktop ;-) should be better. At least Microsoft should buy makes of these rather successful launchers and do the Windows-like environment on Android (and iOS?) professionally.

BTW I hope you had as full and exhausting Christmas time as your humble correspondent. I do hope we will return to some serious business soon.

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