Friday, December 22, 2017

Catalan separatist win was almost certain

The regional elections to the Catalan Parliament took place yesterday. You must remember that virtually all Spanish TRF readers – plus TomVonk – were constantly repeating the meme that the support for the separatist cause and separatist politicians in Catalonia is below 50% and they were going to lose the elections.

I was reminding them that they were totally detached from reality and they were full of šit. The election results have been announced and they prove that I was right and the pro-Madrid kibitzers were totally detached from reality and full of šit.

In the new Parliament which has 135 chairs, unionists and separatists got 57 and 70 chairs, respectively. The first group includes Ciudadanos (37), the nominal winners, Catalan PSC socialists (17), and People's Party (3).

The separatist camp involves JxCat of Puigdemont's (34), ERC Republican Left of vice-president Junqueras (32), and Riera's CUP (4).

CatComú-Podem (8) is neutral – against the declaration of independence but also against two the big unionist parties.

The pro-independence parties also defeated the unionists in the popular vote, 47.5% vs 43.4%.

So the elections have confirmed a pro-separatist majority in the Parliament. You may probably get as many results like that as you want. Catalonia has experienced too much of too bad treatment and its desire to leave Spain (and maybe the European Union as well) has probably become rather persistent.

The separatist majority's leaders demand the autonomy to be returned to Catalonia. They will surely restart the efforts to achieve a genuine independence of Catalonia. It's up to the Spaniards to decide whether they want to keep on denying the reality.

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