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David Gross: science will survive Pope Urban, Stalin, Hitler, and Trump

Just a comment about some weird statement by a famous guy at a prestigious event.

As Time Magazine told us, in Spring 2016, David Gross started a Trump supporters' dating site, Gross was originally worried that people would think it was a joke or a parody site. But finally, people appreciated that "they can finally go on dates without worrying about political differences".

OK, that was the David Gross who cared about good people, especially the Trump supporters.

Then there's the other David Gross who doesn't seem to care whether people – such as Trump supporters – can do science without worrying about their political affiliations. They look like two entirely different David Grosses, don't they? ;-) When something looks in a certain way, it's sometimes what it looks like, indeed.

If you can find 7.25 spare hours in the following ten minutes ;-), you may watch the 2017 Nobel week dialogue in the video above. Assuming that you can't compress that much time into such a short period, you may still listen to David Gross' 15-minute-long monologue about the scientific method – approximately between 36:30 and 50:00 in the video above.

He mentions some dictionary definitions of the "truth" – a key topic of the event – as something that is true, not to mention other circular stupidities. Gross offers a bolder, less circular definition: The truth is what is revealed by the scientific method. Well, I wouldn't quite agree with that – the results of the scientific method are just the approximations of the truth and all of science depends on the passionate belief that the current results are just (quantitative or qualitative) approximations of the truth, not final answer, while the exact truth is deeper, sharper, and more robust than our present ideas.

Gross probably says some usual things about the empirical basis of science, why it works, and how it works. But he ends up with some optimistic slogans. He believes that science will triumph. What's his evidence? Science has survived
  1. Pope Urban VIII's attacks on Galileo,
  2. Stalin's attacks on Darwin (Stalin's name is misspelled),
  3. Hitler's attacks on Einstein and Jewish science,
  4. and it will probably survive Donald J. Trump and his ilk.
Needless to say, the hall was crowded with tons of leftist extremists who literally and overtly want the U.S. president to die which is why the applause following Gross' talk was extraordinary. They love to write mock articles such as the 2013 article by Donald Trump, "When You're Feeling Low, Just Remember I'll Be Dead in About 15 or 20 Years."

If you think about the detailed formulation of Gross' point, you will realize that it's even scarier. Science has survived attacks by Pope Urban VIII, Stalin, and Hitler. Gross didn't talk about the death of these three villains personally. But in the case of Donald Trump, it won't be Trump's attacks that science will survive. The word "attack" doesn't appear on that line. David Gross thought about the death for Trump and his ilk even though the Pope, Stalin, and Hitler escaped any similar treatment. It's only Trump and his ilk – and I can't imagine how I could not take such comments personally – whose death is eagerly expected by David Gross and his ilk.

David Gross is a hero of physics but from some perspectives, his thinking is nearly isomorphic to that of the brain-dead violent Antifa savages who have been destroying the Berkeley campus because they're sick pieces of šit – although their officially stated reason was their hatred for Donald J. Trump and his ilk.

OK, I am obviously convinced that Donald J. Trump is much more compatible with the scientific method than his predecessor Barack H. Obama and his ilk and it's manifested in many situations. But both of them are politicians so I don't primarily rate them as scientists. And Donald Trump hasn't declared any war against science which is why Gross' remark about the "survival contest" was a malicious unprovoked attack. On top of that, John G. Trump, an uncle of the U.S. president, was an engineer, inventor, and physicist, however. On the other hand, Barack Obama was the greatest scientist among his relatives and his greatest contribution was a comment he was thanked for in a footnote in a crackpot paper about the curvature of the constitutional space.

I don't know whether David Gross hates Donald Trump because of other topics at the intersection of science and politics (maybe the taxes from the graduate students' tuition?) – but I believe that the main problem is that Donald Trump is a climate skeptic, like your humble correspondent. I obviously think that according to any sensible and also Gross' definition of the truth, Trump's propositions are mostly true and the climate alarmists' statements are overwhelmingly false. But these statements aren't really rigorous and they're not quite scientific, either – as Lisa Randall admitted on the same day when Gross gave his talk.

OK, so the punchline of Gross' talk is that he wants the U.S. president to die soon enough – because it's needed as a testimony for the viability of science. Can you imagine how creepy it is? I would really love to know: Are voters of the current U.S. president (Trump's ilk) allowed at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics in Santa Barbara? Can they safely "out" themselves at all, despite this literally lethally combative attitude by the KITP's most famous scientist? Are there any KITP plans to bring their death closer in order to make science great again? Or does David Gross have more ambitious plans that will deal with 100+ million of Trump's ilk, the deplorables?

In total, a decade ago or more, I've spent more than half a year at the KITP in Santa Barbara. During a workshop, I was a selected grad student who also had some scheduled discussions with the director in his office – and yes, the director's name was David Gross. And yes, I've had extremely similar opinions about politics since my age of 14 if not 8 and I have never been hiding them. Don't you think that it's been a miracle or an act of heroism that I was able to survive 10 years in these far left environments in the U.S.?

Surely some leftists won't like it, maybe even David Gross won't. But the truth – as resulting from the scientific method – is that people like myself or my reincarnation in the past are the true contemporary counterparts of Galileo, Darwin, and Einstein who spoke the truth to the power. I was a courageous hero over there and if I knew about another overtly conservative physicist on this blue, not green planet who is still there in the environment defined by Gross' punchline, she would be a heroine, too! ;-) Sorry to say, David, but it is you who is the heir to the fathers of the Aryan Physics, Lysenkoism, and other movements that try to "purify" science according to the ideological criteria. That's why you support the deceitful climate fearmongering and that's why you enthusiastically expect the death of 100+ million Americans as a proof of the grandness of your twisted and sick generalization of "science".

And that's the memo.

P.S.: David Gross' call for the speedy death of Trump's ilk as the punchline of his talk at the Nobel week may be considered a weird anomaly that isn't representative of the actual hatred towards Trump's ilk in the U.S. Academia. The only problem with this hypothesis is that Gross' view mostly is representative. Last June, just when the Time Magazine wrote about David Gross' pro-Trump dating site, I discussed Leonard Susskind's tirade against Donald Trump. Aside from ad hominem assaults against Trump that were similar to Gross', Susskind also prescribed detailed extreme left-wing political opinions that the scholars must share.

These two chaps are the two most famous theoretical physicists at Stanford and in Santa Barbara, respectively. It's more or less similar to other places. During a dinner in the Harvard Society of Fellows, a senior fellow told us that the Republican philosopher Tom Kelly could have only been hired as a new junior fellow because they honestly had no clue he was a Republican. Well, they clearly didn't have any real clue who I was because I was not just a Republican, basically a RINO, like Tom. ;-)

And it's everywhere. According to many benchmarks, I am pretty sure that the political intolerance and ideological polarization in the current U.S. Academia is worse than the atmosphere in the church-led science during Galileo's time, the German physics in the 1930s, and Lysenkoism in the Stalinist USSR. But in a sharp contrast with your deceitful – according to the facts and the scientific method – claims, you are the villains, not the heroes, dear (in Gross' case) extreme leftist comrades.

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