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Cottbus, Germany says Nein to Merkel's Islamofascist government

Most Germans are still brainwashed by the political correctness that has run amok – the current degree of Gleichschaltung in Germany may surpass the levels from the Nazi epoch. However, whole regions start to emerge where majorities are disapproving of the multicultural policies. They're mostly located in East Germany and Bavaria.

Cottbus, a city of 100,000 people Southeast from Berlin, 100 km from Bohemia, and 10 km from Poland is a great example. It's been considered a cultural center of Sorbs, a Slavic nation that has been largely assimilated to Germany and culturally disappeared. In 1367–1445, the city belonged to the Lands of the Bohemian Crown – so was under Prague. We still use a nice Czech name for that city, Chotěbuz (Khotyebooz, literally Wake-your-spouse), which is ready for the liberation of the city by the Czech military sometime in a foreseeable future (we use Czech names for a majority of the important German cities) and its reincorporation into Czechia.

I really need to promote these imperial plans at some moments because almost no one is doing this important job in my country. ;-)

Top Czech daily MF DNES (YF TODAY, YF stands for Youth Front – it evolved from the official daily of the Socialist Union of Youth; the addition of "today" was a trick by which the editors collectively stole and spontaneously privatized the whole infrastructure by the daily by formally establishing a new daily LOL, those were funny times after 1989) currently owned by PM Babiš's trust brought us a very frank and insightful report from Cottbus which was praised by most readers.

A quick translation is added below. I don't have time to streamline the English, I hope that it will be comprehensible enough.

"Are we still in Germany?" inhabitants of Cottbus are asking after the attacks (CZ)

Fear, anger, and despair took over after recent attacks among the young Syrian and German folks in 100,000-people city of Cottbus, the second largest city in the Bundesland of Brandenburg. The degree of tension in the atmosphere of Cottbus was being investigated by female reporters of YF TODAY who came there.

[Video, see the original page]

The situation deteriorated at the very end of 2017 and early 2018 after a series of confrontations and attacks placing the incoming young Syrian men and the local teenagers against each other.

At the end of 2017, a young Syrian man murdered a female pensioner, in January, three Syrian teenagers attacked an older married couple. Once the woman entered a shop, they demanded her to express the respect towards them and to allow them to enter before her. When her husband was defending her, they threatened him with a knife.

On January 23rd, Syrian folks attacked a German man in front of the Blechen-Carée mall and they cut his face. Another brawl followed on the same day.

Four days later, 18-year-old Syrian attacked cops who had to act on a private celebration and a few hours later, the police had to solve the conflict in which aliens used a pepper spray against a German man and they disappeared.

That's a list of violent acts from Cottbus as they were reported by some German media.

"I am not scared but as long as the migrants will have knives in their pockets, no one can do anything about it," a man in the outfit of a worker explains, using hand gestures, who didn't want to reveal his name, just like everyone else whom we have interviewed.

Courts have to solve the attacks, mayor says

"Only economic migrants are coming here now, they want the money. Those who were escaping the war could have been coming some 5 years ago. After I work for 38 years, I get a painfully modest pension while they get everything now and without any effort. And all of this is being done by the black devil of the CDU," another German whom we asked added, referring to Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The mayor of Cottbus, Holger Klech, sharply denounced the attacks by the Syrian refugees in the middle of January. However, he's been silent since that time. He hasn't responded to YF TODAY's requests for an interview, either.

"There exist people who clearly cannot learn our order, our laws, our rules and values. That must be solved by the courts," he simply stated in a text posted on the municipal website.

One can't say that the German courts don't know what to do with the migrants but it takes some time for the punishing verdicts to be announced.

On Monday, according to the rbb24 radio, a 40-year-old Syrian man who came to Germany in 2015 was sentenced to 8 years in prison for attacking the female owner of a hairdresser saloon, shortly after he came to Germany, after she offered him a job. Last June, a Chechen man was sentenced to 13 years in prison because he cut his wife's throat.

We are incompatible cultures, a young man says

"We're simply incompatible cultures and no one can change this fact. When police accidentally confiscates their knives, they immediately buy new ones. How can the society defend itself against that?" a man is angrily asking near the Netto shop on the city border.

However, the attacks were mostly localized to the historical center of the city, mostly close to the Blechen-Carée mall mentioned above. It's enough to walk in this area and you can see the aliens everywhere. According to the official statistics, Cottbus hosts 8,000 aliens. About 1/2 of them are from Syria who came in the last 3 years. In 2 years, the percentage of aliens grew from 2% to 8.5%.

"Our city's capacity is already depleted. In the evening, I am unbelievably frightened to walk home from the work. And when I don't have to, I don't go anywhere," a young woman on the square told YF TODAY. She was just going to her workplace.

"Ms Merkel keeps on saying that Germany can manage that. But already 8,000 migrants are living here. That's simply impossible to manage. After all, I believe that the number is higher. That's despite the fact that Cottbus urgently needs money to repair lots of things. Just look around," her older colleague added. According to the Brandenburg media, Cottbus' debt is some €240 million.

Even the police is pointing out the dangers of the attempted integration of the aliens.

"The number of attacks, robberies, and blackmail is going up. Since 2015, the number of these crimes has increased by a factor of 10 or so. Last year, we have recorded about 100 of such acts," the police spokeman Torsten Wend informed.

The situation helps neo-Nazis

These events have the other side of the coin as well – the neo-Nazi movement is getting stronger. Their rallies attract an increasing number of participants. The last protest rally, one on last Sunday, attracted 1,500 angry Germans to the downtown.

Brawls and an attack against journalists couldn't have been avoided. "I don't like neo-Nazis but they're being strengthened by the government policies that overlook the German people. These days, they've been downgraded to 2nd class citizens," an 18-year-old Cottbus student told YF TODAY.

And that's why, aside from the attacks by the migrants, the police must also work on their safety against the German extremists. For example, a student from Egypt was murdered. On the New Year's Eve, three Afghan men were beaten.

Last year, the city hall asked the government of Brandenburg to stop the import of additional migrants to the city. The regional Brandenburg government complied but only after the violence in January.

"Temporarily. But what is going to be next? The government doesn't realize what it's doing. The rules for the asylum must be clearly defined. The government is only retreating and violates our laws when it even allows bigamy to the incoming people. Are we still in Germany?" a young Cottbus man is screaming on the pedestrian's zone.

According to his girlfriend from Berlin, the integration is just a chimera. "It's enough to look around. Migrants only live in their closed communities, they don't talk to Germans. Even their children only play with themselves on the playgrounds," his girlfriend was arguing.

My family will arrive, I need an apartment, a Syrian man demands

On the pedestrian zone near the Blechen-Carée mall, you can really see just groups of Syrian people who talk to themselves. Meters away, you may see women with scarfs and baby carriages, others are shopping with their kids.

"We are satisfied, we don't have any problems," a Syrian man whom we asked responded in nice German

He may have memorized that sentence because he couldn't understand the following conversation too well. That was also the case of his two friends who were sitting with him on the pedestrian's area.

"I know about the brawls between aliens and Germans from my friends. It's no good. We're not in Germany to cause problems," a Syrian man argued. He doesn't want to stay in Cottbus because he doesn't like the place much.

It was the same with another Syrian man whose German skills were solid. "We've been hear for half a year and when I learn the language well, I want a job. That can't be found in this town. I also have a wife who takes care of our 1-year-old son," a man said.

"I have a question for you. In one month, my family will arrive. Could you find an apartment for me?" his friend asked us. He didn't stop his requests after we have assured him several times that we were from Bohemia. "How can you help me? I need housing for my family," he insisted.

Meanwhile, a streetcar came in front of the mall. In the front part of the vehicle, there were lots of Germans. The rear of the tram was left empty. You could find two expanded men on the seats who were holding unspecified bottles and were blocking the lane. Germans were using different doors to get in and get out.

None of them works, local people are complaining

Even though a larger number of state policemen were supposed to arrive to the city after the January 23rd attacks, the editors of YF TODAY haven't met a single one in the streets during several hours. Only one police officer who was inserting a report about a fine behind the windshield wiper for breaching the time limit for parking.

It makes no sense to reproduce a long sequence of complaints by the locals, with one exception: "Have you seen how many aliens – migrants are working in the city? Have you seen a single one?" an older married coupled was asking. No, you haven't seen any. In the shops, bakeries, or small fast food or refreshment shops, none could have been found.

"In most cases, they can't read and write and they can't learn the language even after five years. Without German, they can't find work and their wives can't even leave the house. Whole families live just from the welfare. And are Germans supposed to pay for that? On top of that, they have lots of children and the authorities are consolidating their families. For example, their children are getting bikes from assorted organizations while the kids from poor German families get nothing," a female pensioner complained.

According to a married couple, Germany is making a big step in the negative direction by its pro-migration policies. "When East Germans, or even you Czechs, used to emigrate to West Berlin or capitalist Germany, they had to spend up to two years in the collection camp, before they learned the language, found the housing, and a job," an older man remembered the past.

"These migrants don't have to do anything of the sort. The government should say how many available jobs exist in the country and that should determine how many aliens may be accepted – and it should be aliens whose lives are really threatened. It's necessary to help others but this is too much," the senior man concluded.

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